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Sex drive?

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This may be a little off topic for this part of the forum, but one thing about MtF HRT has always confused me. Why does your sex drive go down? I mean, natal females with the exact same hormone balance have a sex drive, so why do many MtFs lose theirs on HRT? Sorry for the off topic, but I'm just a little confused.

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Sexual 'PERFORMANCE" - and a bit of sex drive. On HRT many of us MTF lose erection capabilities. (I have to say 'many' because there are MTF who claim they do not lose erection capability - and I don't argue anymore - maybe they don't?)

Women react to stimulation differently. It is a bit crude to say it this way, but the 'urge to merge' is changed. As a woman I just crave the long and tender touching before intimacy.

As a male - dang, my motto was? "Lets getter going!" BAM. (of course that is a generalization - men can be and often are so very tender and considerate.

But the urge I had as a man was terribly compelling! I don't have any of that now.


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A bio male sex drive is normaly way bigger then a bio females sex drive. When a bio male starts taking estrogine and spiro to block testosterone the dropping of the testosterone will drop the sex drive quite a bit. Usualy the most sexualy active woman are the ones with a higher T level then other woman. I have been on hrt for over 3 years now and while I still have limited sex drive left its nothing near like it was pre hrt. When one is so used to the male body being able to be arosed for any or no reason at all. Then all the sudden have that go away well thats a huge sex drive drop. The male body wants sex for the sake of sex while the average woman body desires sex on a more emotional level. So when a male body begins to be more in the female range of hormones her new biology will make it so she responds on a more average female range. A average man can but mad, upset, happy, sad, ect and still have no issues with still wanting sex but a average female needs to have her mind in the right place for her sex drive to even want to turn on. So basicaly it not just the dropping of testosterone that will drop the sex drive but also a changing of body mind cemestry that will be a factor as well. On a side note many transwoman have issues with the certain bits that are still there and that as well will contribute to a drop in sex drive. Self image can and does play a part in sex drive. Being comfy in ones body has huge impact on sex drive. Hope this helps you understand a bit better..

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I have to agree with Lizzy.

My sex drive isn't gone, just changed. After about one full month on HRT all of my sexual drives and impulses ceased. Skip ahead to 4 or 5 months on HRT and suddenly my female libido awakened. At first I just had this unquenchable desire to be touched all over, just to be close to someone. I rarely have to deal with the constant nagging of any sex drive anymore. It's not gone, the drive and desire is still there it's just feminized like everything else HRT has changed.

While becoming aroused the way my old male self did is still possible after 9 months of HRT, it takes a lot more work to achieve that level of arousal and keep it. Frankly, it's a lot more work than it's worth, especially considering it's an area of my body I'd like to pretend doesn't exist... or at least, exists differently.

Some Trans women may find they have a total lack of sex drive and it usually isn't a problem. In natal females Testosterone is one of the hormones that stimulates a sex drive and as MtFs we usually try to suppress our T as much as possible. Sometimes this can be balanced by our prescribing physician if it is a problem but the chances are slim that we can somehow maintain our male sex drive while also maintaining the benefits of HRT. It usually tends to balance itself much better post SRS or Orchiectomy when our HRT dosage isn't so extreme anymore.


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I could never understand the "male sex drive" thing that other men around me were always talking about. So I did what I thought they were doing. I lied about it!! The problem was that I lied to myself, and that was the HELL of it.

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