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Guest Nova Maria

Today I had my first laser treatment!

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So my lovely esthetician gave me first laser treatment today!!!

It hurt so much, I thought I was going to die. The great thing is, the pain didn't last a second longer than the procedure! My face was a little bit red for about fifteen minutes, but no blistering or anything!

Did it hurt? Yes. Was it worth the pain? Absolutely. Would I do it again? I've already scheduled my next appointment.

Goodbye, beard!

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I LOVE to hear these kinda things, I really do!


Cuz I'm about ready to start looking for a laser place to get mine zapped soon, too.

It would have to hurt a terribly horrid amount to discourage me from getting rid of the nasty stuff, lol..

Thanks for the info, please let us know how well it worked..

Thanks! Svenna

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Good to hear. You will love it when you can say the beard shadow is gone! :)

About pain control. Tylenol extra strength and Emla cream.


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My tech gives me an ice pack to put on my face after my treatment. I usually go through two of them before she gives me the okay. Then I put aloe on the treated areas. Aloe that's been in the fridge over night feels especially nice.

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Great news, Nova! I'm happy for you, well, for the progress, not necessarily the pain.

I can tell you that the increased self confidence it gave me to get rid of my beard shadow made a world of difference. You're going to love having a smooth face. :D

The ice packs work well, and my center put a lotion on my face right after that cooled and moisterized it. I got a jar to take home, too, and put on 2-3 times a day. Expensive stuff, but worth it. One thing to look out for, especially at the beginning, is foliculitis. It's nasty and embarassing. The lotion helped with that.

Carolyn Marie

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I can't wait to remove my facial hair. Unfortunately I'm years away from that due to location and finances even though I go full time next month. :(

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