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A Wonderful Therapy Morning

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Hey Laura's! I actually talked in therapy today!

I told my therapist I'm trans. She said that it was time to confront it. Time to get on the right track, take control of my life and get the help I need.

It was totally painless, and we're going to get together for the next six weeks until school is over and do everything we can to help me out. I'm really, really happy. I haven't been this happy in forever.

Although now I'm mad at myself for presenting super female. Long blond hair? dresses? Thank goodness I'm back on Laura's so I can remember who I really am and what I need to be working on, not hiding away.

The only problem now is finding a summer therapist, but if nothing else, I do have this site to help and motivate.

Thanks for being here!

And if anyone knows any Wisconsin therapists? That'd be great.


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I remember you well and am very glad to see you back.

And grinning ear to ear about your therapy session. You have made real progress. A start on this journey.

It is a slow step by step process. Just because it has resurfaced you don't have to rush from here. As far as super feminine When I lived as a woman I was determined to be the best woman I could be. My thick silky hair was an asset and looked best very long-so I wore it that way much of my life till I went full time. I got tons of compliments on my eyes so I wore makeup that accentuated them as well as long as I presented female. And if some unimaginable circumstance forced me to present female tomorrow I'd be reaching for the makeup again. It's the kind of person I am. I want to present myself the best I can according to whatever gender standards I am meeting. And maybe that was part of it. As a woman I was striving to meet gender standards. As a man I'm not striving to meet anything-I just live. Much more comfortable.

Take it easy and take it slow. You have made an enormous breakthrough telling your therapist. Enjoy that accomplishment and plan the next step instead of feeling like you have to jump in with both feet.

So glad you are back!


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Hey JJ thanks for writing!

It's not a resurfaced problem so much as that I've gone a year without therapy, still feel rotten most days, still think about this every day and if I can think that every day for three years... time to stop whining, and as you said, just live!

I'm really ready to just live and not be worrying about what feels wrong all the time, and this time around, because I know that, therapy is going to be awesome.

Time for class, but I'll be back to talk later!


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"I'm really ready to just live..."

Oh Kit! That is soooo significant!

So glad to see you back here.


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Congratulations kit.

First move is always the hardest. When put into prespective; with these Apollo space missions, 90% of the rockets fuel load is dissapated on the launch pad without the rocket even lifting off it. The remainding 10%, takes the vehicles from the pad (Its first inch) to outer space.

You have just lifted off.

Before you finish with your current therapist, ask her if she is aware of another TG therapist that can provide assistance over the summer period.

Keep up the great work and momentum.

Be safe, well and happy.

Lotsa huggs


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Thanks all for writing!

Your encouragement through this is going to be so much help. Today I feel much better, much more optimistic, and much more willing to try to get out and live to the best quality I possibly can.

I like this rocket analogy! Thank you friends!


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