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What are you listening to today?

Guest LizMarie

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I love it!  So many songs that burned their way into my mind as this hippie sniffed the tear gas in anti war demonstrations.  FM radio was just finding an audience as most were listening to AM.  Somehow music brings those days back like nothing else.  "The times are still a'changing".  May dawn come soon.





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somewhat enigmatic but really striking lyrics. It speaks about futility of trying to keep things the same. 

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Wait a while

We’ll figure out our lives 

Hold your breath

The wolves are in disguise 

Don’t need your dirty hands 

Don’t need to take a chance 

Go stand in behind the fence 

Can you feel that bleeding neck 

Can you feel that now 


Close the door 

Take a walk around 

Hold your breath 

In these rivers you might drown 

All alone you live inside 

It’s alone you came and went 

In the shadows the bounty rides

A love that makes no sense 

It makes no sense...


You could beat a cat in the rain 

Losing all that you gain

Working hard but you know 

All things will change 


The world it’ll spin and stand trial 

While they spit and draw blood 

from your smile 

We’ll all make it back to the stars 

But it’s ours for a little while 


Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo

Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo


Brace your heart 

In this rich and colored plinth 

Hold your breath 

It’s a key and a killer in your hands

All I want is bells and whistles 

All I want is fancy dreams 

And you live and learn 

And soon discern

Nothing’s ever what it seems 

Never what it seems 


Beat a cat in the rain 

Losing all that you gain

Working hard but you know 

All things will change 


The world it’ll spin and stand trial 

While they spit and draw blood 

from your smile 

We’ll all make it back to the stars 

But it’s ours for a little while 


Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo

Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo


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Debra Michelle

It reminds me of what happened before I started my  transition in 1999.Ex girlfriend decided to tell me the bad news.Pregnant telling I wasn't the dad and an ex boyfriend of hers was the dad.I was hurt bad and she did it to me.Lied to and cheated on me.I walked off telling her it was over,asked me to take her back and told her no.


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Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache


A solo effort by Rush's Bass player and vocalist.   A nice counterpoint to Rush.

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Maid In Bedlam

Its no secret im a big VNV Nation fan.


This song is no exception.. Beloved


Lyrics: Are about losing someone very close to you.


The beat may be a little fast for some . It always makes me think of those people who i have known and are no longer on this astral plain.  I do think of the good times and try to leave the bad to history.



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Journey - Walks like a lady (live)


Such a sweet groove.....



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Xanadu - Rush (1977)


Bless you Neil, one of greatest of all time




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Amen!  A fantastic drummer and lyricist.  We're losing all the greats of our time.  

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Angels Among Us,Alabama.Fits my stepdad well since he always been there for my mom,3 younger sisters and I.My bio dad died when I was 7 years old and we fell on hard times after that.It is going to be a tribute song to him on his birthday this weekend   



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magical realism

Devin townsends empath album,of all the albums hes made so far this is my favourite, some really emotional moments for me. My favourite track is here comes the sun,the last song on the album on the compendium track,then probably genesis.

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This morning it's Led Zeppelin "whole lotta love" live recorded in Madison Square Garden 1973 (released in 76) on the "The song remains the same" movie release. It's sooo heavy


"Has anybody seen the bridge ?"



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I think Robert is still looking!  


Talk about a genre shifting song from a band known for blues.  Those were the days.

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This little number by Paul McCartney and Wings from 1971  sums up the moment. "It's just another day". Beautiful song....



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Ghost of a chance - Rush (1991) "I believe there is a ghost of chance"  Spiritual, and poetic, Neil Peart lyrics, just so significant....


"Like a million little doorways
All the choices we made
All the stages we passed through
All the roles we played"




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Digging up a classic from the LA Area 1971, I have this "45" in my collection, they were 79 cents back then....


Redeye - "Collections of yesterday and now", great vocals, love the arrangement, and guitar tracks, speaks to the era....I think they channeled Crosby, Stills, and Nash :)



The A side was  "Games", it's groovy, makes this girl swirl and twirl ;-) It was a different time....



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I may be in the minority, but I love some good country music. 

Currently listening to the the best: Eric Church, Some of It.


"Some of it you learn the hard way

Some of it you read on a page

Some of it comes from heartbreak

Most of it comes with age

And none of it ever comes easy

A bunch of it you maybe can't use

 know I don't probably know what I think I do

But there's somethin' to

Some of it"

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Holdin My Own, Eric Church



"Always been a fighter, scrapper, and a clawer
Used up some luck in lawyers
Like Huck from Tom Sawyer jumped on my raft
And shoved off chasing my dreams
Reeling in big fishes
I had some hits, a few big misses
I gave 'em hell and got a few stitches
And these days, I show off my scars"


"And when my time on Earth is done
I want they write it on my stone
I lived, loved, and died holdin' my own"


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    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Victoria, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Jackie C.
      You're not wrong. Peers that know what you're going through are very helpful. I can't help feeling that your sons are in good hands though.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Luck! May it be everything you dreamed of!   Once the bandages come off anyway, the first week is a little rough. 😘   Hugs!
    • Victoria94
      Im trying to take one day at a time. But like I said, I have a lot of connections all around up here north because work takes me to other places and our law given breaks usally ends up on a truck stop along side of each others. So the big scare is changing the reality when so many have gotten in touch with who I am at this point. I try to tell myself that my personality and morale is still the same no mather how I look on the outside and that it these thing people like about me. Still uncertain roads to take are always scary.   Thanks everyone for such warm welcome Victoria❤
    • Berni
      Thankyou again everyone for your kind words. I am very happy with how it looks so far ... though I can't wait to see what it looks like with the stitches and tape removed.   It's a bit scarey ... despite having been on HRT for the past 5 months ... I feel like I've really nailed my colors to the mast now.   Im trans ... and I'm taking no prisoners!
    • Berni
      Every time I read something like this I just imagine how unhappy she must be. I can see no other reason for the persecution she is undertaking. It's not like she needs the money, or the fame ... it's just pure hate.   And hate usually comes from a deep unhappiness iinside one's self.    So, my plan is to just be happy. I am a transissioning transgender woman and I am happier than that spiteful petty woman.   She can keep her money. It obviously hasn't brought her happiness.
    • RhondaS
      Yes, FaceApp was pretty much what set me over the edge from 'thought CDing would be the answer til the end' to 'must transition NOW'.    Seeing 'myself' 'outside' did it. And seeing 'myself' in everyday mode as opposed to a made up for cocktail hour mode.   I use it now with the eraser function to see how the hair I'm growing out looks if my face was more feminine, do the gender swap and erase the hair it adds. 
    • Robin.C
      Oh wow, that looks awesome Berni ❤️   Hugs Robin    
    • Berni
      Thanks @DeeDee. That's exactly the advice my wife has been giving me ... its nobody's business. Pretty sure I'll wear a scarf ... the stitches and tape are pretty ugly.
    • DeeDee
      It's no one elses business, but I would deflect with humour. Tell them you got it fighting off a ninja assassin or being Black Widow's stunt double for her new film...  Or wear a loose but llight neck scarf x   
    • Berni
    • Berni
      Its The Mirror of Erised that App. I have spent hours under its spell.   (Apologies for the reference to She Who Shall Not Be Named)
    • Berni
      Yeah. Fingers crossed for November. Even here in Australia we're on tender hooks waiting to see what happens.
    • MargieK
      Because they aren't entirely sure themselves. They asked us to refer to them as we normally would He/him/his for now. So on here I will use probably use a mixture of different pronouns. It is helping get my head around it too. 
    • Berni
      Hi @Susan R,   I've had a bit of swelling ... even after the second picture was taken ... so I had a bit of a fat neck for a day or two. This was kind of uncomfortable for a while and made Swallowing food (but thankfully not breathing) difficult. The swelling seems less today (day 3) and I'm much more comfortable and eating is easier.   My neck is a little sore and itchy where the stitches are and quite sore inside where, I guess, they had things poked down my throat so that they could see exactly what they were doing (the procedure was called microlaryngoscopy) ... so my throat is sore "inside" as if I had a normal "sore throat" and my voice is a little hoarse ... again like when you have a traditional sore throat.   By far, the worst part of the procedure, was the effects of general anesthetics .... which always affects me very badly making me I feel  very nauseous for hours afterwards.   The odd thing I feel, which I wasn't expecting, is this feeling of really "outing" myself. Since the operation,  I've been hiding at home a bit because I can't really "explain away" what I've done. I had my Adam's apple removed and its going to be super obvious for weeks while the scars heal. There isnt really a "non-trans" reason for doing that.   So ... here I am with nowhere to hide.   The day after the operation, an old work friend invited me to a party at their house next weekend. There will be a combination of old friends, who haven't seen me for 12 months or more, as well as people I still see at work each day.   There WILL be questions.   I'm a little nervous.
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