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Sickness or disorder?

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I have problems with eating, not because I care about weight, but because food often gives me stomach pains.

Being sick makes the pain stop instantly, so usually I have to force it out...

usually anything that could be called "a meal" makes me sick, while snacks are usually ok (especially sugary things)

I don't think this really counts as an eating disorder... or if it's just illness

I haven't ever heard of anything like this from anyone else so I don't know what to do.

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It sounds like you have some type of physical problem and really need to see a doctor. There are a wide variety of gastrointestinal problems that need to be considered and eliminated before it can be classified as an ED. Please make an appointment soon.

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I agree with Vicky

You need to see a Gastro Enterologist. It could be Celiac Sprue, It could be diverticulitis and a whole bunch of disorders my tired brain is not picking out right now. I worked as a Pathologist Assistant in Histo-Pathology for 18 years and tissue disease is what we duagnosed. Look, there are several disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract that can really hurt you if left untreated, so get diagnosed, please, for your sake.


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Eating disorders are incredibly complex! They might start for any number of reasons, body image being just one of them. But, once they start to become entrenched patterns they develop into gastrointestinal problems that drive them even further from normal. It is often at this stage when we seek help for the secondary problems that we discover we have a greater problem.

I can't say for sure that you have ED, but you are feeling "sick" after meals which could be a sign of low motility in the upper GI causing you to purge. If I read your OP correctly. There are medications that can help with this problem and bring you back towards balance.



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