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Drag #1

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Drag - #1

Monster comes in the room

"are you the only one here"

"as far as I know"

I like the black gown,

not the one June likes so much,

the other one,

it's pretty

I'll wear the silver sandals

with the three inch heels with it

in drag, 3" heels are like flats

but they're pretty

I have to be careful walking up stairs

the gown is so long the heels can catch

the hem of the gown

and rip

I had to sew a three inch tear

the last time I wore this gown

Nina comes in the room

in guy mode

I don't know her guy name,

so she's Nina to me,

"any one else here?"

"Not yet"

She doesn't say anything

but she's not thrilled

I'm not a drag performer

even an amateur drag performer

I'm a musician

who wears a dress

they tolerate me here

but I'm not one of them

I'm different

that's the one constant in my life

every where I go,

every one I meet

I can always say

I'm different

Lucy Furr arrives

all ready painted

in her new black vinyl body suit

and platform heels,

she projects confidence

and power

She wears black lipstick

with glitter on her lips,

oddly, it's very pretty

I'm wearing hip pads and

a corset under my gown

the corset is pink and black


it ties off in the back

even with the corset, and girdle and

boobs and make up and wig

and every thing,

I look like a guy

but I walked over to the bar

in drag

in public,

a guy helped me carrying my stuff

and I let him kiss me on the cheek

in the bar

and that felt nice

I cinch up the corset

I ask Lucy for help tie-ing me off,

and I thank her

it's odd,

standing around in my girly under things

but I'm trying to be "one of the guys"

getting ready with the other performers,

letting them see me in various states

of undressed,

perhaps even with my wig off

it's a small crowd and it's just Nina,

Lucy Furr and me

after the first set I'm upstairs in the dressing room

with Lucy Furr

"Well at least you'll win the fifty dollars"

I say as I help her out of her black vinyl

body suit, her shoulders sweaty,

she's still panting from her last performance

it's small consolation

but it's all I have to offer

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Nice peom Stacy :)

I feel like i was right their

<<<< hug >>>>

:wub: vanna

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