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Some more stuff I wrote

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Living in the shadow of the could have been

the seathing burn of regret salted and laid bare to the rays of the sun

steaked into the ground that is my hart over and over again

The voluminous echo of a childs cry

my dream has been taken my dream has been destroyed

I have been there many times

The plot of land that the prospecter planned to build

ate up by the briars that lay thorns in his soul

In this land one doesn't plan

because he knows fate will teach him otherwise

victim of delusion set by the clergys lies

left with a brittle mask to hide his hatred

hatred of the state

hatred of the lies

hatred of the hands who worked against him

It's the spark that ignites a fire of rebellion

It's the beckoning of the monster

Who left the heard and got past the fence

The man who chose to Get over it

and get over for good

Oh Job I love

where might you be

Oh Valkyerie who I Imagine woman I can love

where are you

Oh Happiness

where have you been

It doesn't matter because I willl find you

and I will keep you

Ciggareta and booze my death of choice,slow and cool or tragically hip, the sunrise of a hard life,they can see it on my face,pack years cut me down while my peers shed tears, i live a half life with have nots, no release so i walk in between ever so slowly,dreading the damage of a plunge, i will take it one day when i'm free from the grasp of the standards, i suffer in silence while i wave my banner of oppression born of necessity one day i'll clock a grip and move far away, to enjoy the finer things hidden behind the mask of the brute, the articulate intelligent vulnerable artist, impassioned and at peace with the fringes of his being a free spirit an oakie a slum dweller a bohemian a Jew a he a she a lover a fighter all held together by the walls of Cigarettes and booze

Who Am I,

I am a series of vibrations

A note in the composition universe,

waiting to be played

a body of bouncing electrons

a soul

The child left to learn through life itself

The being guided by the harbor seal spirit totem

home on land home at sea and protected in between

The by product of a guru and a blues singer

I am the noble who lived among the hill folk

and the slum dwellers

The princess loved by crack whores and guarded by thieves

I'm Dostoevsky's Idiot

too sweet to see things as they are

I am the Slav who broke away from slavery

to Live free on the steppes With the Kazakhs

I am a spark from Makhno's Tachanka

Thrown into the chaff to start a fire

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Hi Emilly,

<<< hug >>>

Not sure what to say :(

a little sad am i

guess we can't fly all the time

here swee'heart

have another

<<<<<< hug >>>>>>>

:wub: vanna

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But I know that whole thing.

My path is different but yet it is the same in the dark places we both have gone. I do wish you better, but I donno?

Do YOU wish you better?

I won't judge, of course. I don't judge.


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Wishing u brighter days filled with warmth . Take it easy Emilly . I used to write poems when I was younger was so soothing so healing now I find it hard as the yrs have gone by and more grey hairs arrived which I'm sure affects my brain cells.;)


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First of all like any one else did here was to hug soo <<<HUGS>>>

WOW! Nice poem! Really felt the emotion.

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