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Just as an introduction i've been sober and clean for a little over 5 years now after a lifetime of drinking and hiding my gender issues amongst others. I came out to my AA group at the beginning of last month as the speaker at a speakers meeting noone had met Charlie before and had none Chuck for 5 years..... I got only love and support. When we were talking after the meeting i started to tear up. One of the women gave me a beautiful cloth hankie with flowers etc. I felt wonderful!

Fast forward... last Tues. a young woman came into the meeting who i had given a big book to the two weeks earlier. (cute kid ,great fashion sense). I was privileged to give her a 90 day coin. I shared about her and several others did as well before she shared. When she started to tear up out of my purse came my hankie,,,,, "pass it on" . I just got a batch on e-bay to be prepared.

Hugs, Charlie

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The passing of a hankie is such a simple gesture but as you know it can mean so much to the recipient.

Love ya,


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Cool story Charlie! We do learn to play it forward and pass it on in Recovery... Your story of acceptance by the group is very reassuring for those who find themselves in the same position.

Thanks foe sharing!


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A lovely story Charlie.

hugs rita

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I actually told my wife this story, Sitting at the table in a skirt and wig. We talked and then made cookies together to prepare for our grandsons visit this am. I will leave for my AA meeting tonight in one of my wife denim skirts but most important i'll be leaving from the house after having dinner together. Honesty and acceptance is beginning to come into my life and i'm living a life beyond my wildest dreams ....SOBER



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