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To Stuff or Not To Stuff (Part 1)

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So i was on a camping trip last night (that is another post.) and was very open to the group about myself. Oddly enough the question that seemed to crop the most interest was "do you stuff your bra when you go out into the public?" I had to tell the i never tried it, considering i haven't been out in public yet. But it peeked my interest none the less.

So this morning after a bit of self pampering i decided to run an experiment. Does stuffing help you look good? Luckily for me i picked myself a bra a few days back to become accustom to wearing them. After doing my research, i decided to share my findings for anyone who finds themselves asking the same question. So without further ado i present 'The Art of Stuffing!' by Kyu.

PLEASE NOTE: this is purely a cheap alternative to breast forms, as as such will not feel realistic. This is purely for aesthetics and your cover will be instantly blown should someone move in for that perverted groap. Sorry girls, but i'm going for looks right now.

Ok so to do this i tried four different styles of clothing, i'll explain the steps i took to test this theory over the first style.

So the fist style i chose is tightly fitting clothes, for this i used my white dress which hugs my body nicely. The hypothesis is, the tight fit should grip the overall shape of the bra giving the illusion of breasts.

First thing i needed was a benchmark so i modeled with no bra, so you could see the difference each step made.


As you can see i'm very flat chested. Now it's time to change that!

I'm using a 34A bra, because that size seems to fit my natural chest area without leaving a obvious, floppy gap.


Just the addition of the bra alone begins to give the illusion of breasts, but needless to say i still look very flat chested. To give it some fill i carefully stuffed it with a pair of socks (one sock for each side.), i was insanely carefull and attempted to replicated the shape of actual breasts. Here are my results.


This took some time to replicate, but the results were really shocking. I was able to replicate the shape of breasts with a self devised stuffing technique, which i will try to upload another time. There is one flaw that becomes more noticeable the bigger you, which is the lack breast skin that is not covered. Luckily for me, the dress covered that are and i didn't go large enough to make it noticeable.

From here i moved onto something more lose, so i threw on a baggy t-shirt. i'm not even going to post a picture of un-stuffed, the only way this will work is if the shirt is tight fitting; otherwise nothing can be seen. Stuffing however is a completely different story.


(i don't know why this picture didn't shrink like the rest) The shirt hangs off the bra nicely, giving off a nice illusion.

For the fourth i tried a low cut lose top, if you wish to wear one, either just wear the bra un-stuffed or don't wear the bra at all. This turned out hideous, just take my word for it.

(Continued in Part 2)

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(Part 2)

Finally i tried a more fitting t-shirt that covered the chest completely.


un-stuffed look's really nice with this top, the way the bra hugs the body is enough to pass you off as a natural flat chest. Now for the stuffing.



this was by far my best attempt, because it was my last and i got the hang of it. But out of all four tests, covering the chest gives unbelievable results! i was shocked and amazed at this attempt, which was by far my favorite.

In conclusion!

Stuffing can give some unbelievable results if you are crafty with it, but it's not a miracle tool and it is no where near breast forms. If you want to show of your chest then get a pair. But stuffing is a great alternative. It comes with it's downsides though, one being the stuffing i used will not move at all, it's just too light. So it won't get realistic bouncy movement with your body, but it will contort with your chest IF you are wearing a nicely fitting bra. It's no biggie, just try to avoid running. The biggest worry is the feel, it is no where near realistic to the touch. Also if it misplaces itself, it WILL be noticeable. But apart from that this is a cheap alternative to forms, and could really save you some cash on that night out you have been planning.

So i guess it's time to awnser the question, to stuff or not to stuff?

Granted i was pleased with the results from stuffing and just wearing a bra in general. Stuffing is a suprising weapon to any MTF's arsenal and should not be overlooked. But it can't be done with every outfit so choose wisely.

Also try to keep time in mind, stuffing takes some time and a few attempts to get right. Just keep in mind these two questions, "Do you have enough time to stuff?" and "Can you go somewhere to adjust it, should it go astray?"

If you like what you see and want to try for yourself, then here are a few tips i found.

  • If you are going to use socks be sure none of it is hanging out of the bra. This will leave unattractive lumps in your clothing and will make your 'breasts' look uneven.
  • Stuffing takes time to get right, with every attempt it becomes natural (rather quickly) but it takes time none the less.
  • It's difficult to judge without a mirror, just keep that in mind.
  • A badly stuffed bra is a bigger give away than a flat chest, be sure it's right before you go flaunting your new found pair of breasts.
  • Try to avoid open chested tops, if you try it you will soon learn that pokieoutiesockboobs are NOT attractive. If you want the illusion with these kind of clothes, just wear a shaped bra DON'T stuff.
  • If you want to make it a regular thing, then practice practice practice! It will become natural and save you half the time to prep.
  • Keep a mirror handy and give yourself a check over whenever you go to the loo, always good to make sure they aren't lopsided.
  • AVOID BIG BOOBS AT ALL COSTS! The ONLY way you will pull this off, is if A. they suit your body shape and B. you hide your chest. Just remember big boobs draw attention from pervs (as bad as it is to say it's true), and it's not always good attention. As an MTF i find it's not always good to attract too much attention to yourself; if anything it's looking for trouble.
  • Lastly DON'T fidget with them! If it's not broke don't fix it! You may even end up making it worse. If push comes to shove then go somewhere privet to readjust yourself comfortably.

I think that's all the bases covered, tell me what you think of my research. If you like it i may follow it up with ideal items to stuff with (as opposed to socks :P) and how to make them move/feel as realistic as possible. I hope this will be of use to others who have the same questions!

If you would like to see all the pictures i took from this experiment you can find the album here: http://s1152.photobu...tuffing%20Test/

PASS: stuffing

Hope you enjoy! (sorry Mods for the stupidly long post!)



(sorry if i don't look my best. i WAS getting in the bath, then i had this idea.)

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I'm a bit on the husky side, so I use breast forms (to a 44C...looks a lot better than nothing or just a padded bra). If I were skinny, I might be ok, but I don't like having boobs that don't come out past my stomach! :)

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Well, I can recommend what I'm currently using.


For quite a while now I've been using these foam breast forms (in fact I just ordered two more sets, as the one pair I own are many years old now). And they don't cost much at all.

I have also fallen in love with the Genie Bra (also worn in these pictures). They include a thin shaping shield which can be removed through a slot in the fabric of the bra. I leave them in, otherwise the nipple is too obvious.

That slot in the fabric also means that a foam breast form can be inserted right into the bra itself. This helps ensure that the forms don't show, move around, or fall out.


I'm 37" without, and 42" with -- using a size L genie bra (their sizing is goofy).

I feel really good about how I look in these, and confident too. Hope that helps!

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There are a lot of things to stuff a bra with. Search DIY breast forms lots of info. Ive seen or tried most of them. Everthing including birdseed, beans and sand. For tight tops I prefered triming them, making the nipples bigger and glueing on. Also, padded panties would realy look good on you.

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Sorry, I need to retract my recommendation for the Dr. Leonard's product I recommended above. More about it on my blog posting for today.

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This may sound nuts but i have found that stuffing with Tights works really well and provides a good look just something to try if your interested. also a great way to recycle worn out pairs

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Great idea! I think they'd fit pretty well tucked into a bra with a pocket. And they might even launder reasonably well.

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In my personal opinion, since you're so skinny, I actually like the unpadded look better with the tight white dress. I mean it gives a little bit of shape but since you're so skinny, it looks okay and I don't think anyone would expect anything above a B on you. Padded bras might give a little extra oomph, too.

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Yeah, i don't really like the look of anything over a B. None the less, thanks for the great replies everyone!

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Whatever works best - just try to look natural for your age group.

I did it for years and years. Nothing wrong with looking like your target gender!


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