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Guest degrave

Cheap waxing?

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Guest degrave

So, went to wax, was not as horrible as everyone makes it out to be, (although tearing up my foot because I didn't realize you go against the hair the first three pulls was awful). I did run out of strips really quick though, and had to shave the rest. Not enjoying the stubble and ingrown hairs that have followed, also to poor to get it done professionally. What are some cheap but acceptable options for getting waxing done, (anyone know where I can buy just the strips?)

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Guest Krisina

Waxing sounds painful, pulling of hairs. I tried it a few times in the past, so long ago I forget.

There should be some folks coming along soon who should be able to help answer your question.


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Guest Risu

Many beauty supply stores carry just the strips, often in a big roll you cut to size yourself or some in pre-cut packs of 100 or so.

You can also look online. I've seen them on Amazon. Maybe ebay will have some cheap deals.

I have a lot of trouble with ingrown hairs after waxing as well, so much so it's almost worse than just being hairy. I'm getting ready to try a product called "Tend Skin" which is sold at a cosmetics store called Sephora, or you can go online, google a home made tend skin recipe and make it yourself. I haven't used it yet so I can't say for sure if it works but the reviews online are all great. It can be a little drying but a good moisturizer after use works wonders. Also, it has aspirin in it so if you have an aspirin allergy avoid it. The Aspirin provides a couple different types of acids which I guess help exfoliate and possibly keep the hair follicles open once the hair is removed.

Good luck!


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Guest Robin Winter

Have you considered an epilator? You can get one for under 30 bucks (though I'd consider paying more for a better one if you can manage it), and it should last you up to 2 years easily. No mess, no strips, it's a one time fee (until you wear it out like I did ;)) It's the cheapest method of hair removal, in the long run, and it gives better results than most other methods as well. The down side of course is that it takes a long time to do what needs doing, I generally take about 2-3 hours, depending on how long I let it go since last time, but it's totally worth it. I just wait til evening when I'm lazing about watching tv.

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Guest degrave

Do you have any examples of chain stores that might carry bulk waxing supplies, Risu? I'll probably need to shop around.

And is there such a thing as a cheap but reliable epilator?

Once I can look at the price of both I can do some numbers and figure out where I can go from there.

Thanks for the tips so far!

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Guest degrave

Just remembered another important question, I shaved everything when I ran out of strips on my first waxing venture, how long do I need to let my hair grow out before waxing will be effective, and how long for an epilator?

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Guest Robin Winter

I believe the general rule is 1/4 inch for waxing and 1/8 inch for epilating.

The epilator I got is very reliable, and I got it for just under 30 dollars at wal-mart. It's wearing out now, but I've more than gotten my money's worth from it when you consider a waxing kit is about 10.00 and a package of razors is about 10.00 (I don't do cheap razors), and I"ve been using the epilator for over a year.

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