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Hair, face, and hiding shoulders tips?

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So first off, I know I'm not passable at all right now, haven't put any work and practice into it other than some hair removal. I just want to know where I should go from what I'm working with, ( my dude nose, and rat's nest hair).

Here's my face dead-on, in profile, and 3/4. I know I need to do something with the eyebrows and slay the 5 o'clock shadow, but have no idea what to do with make up, (do know I don't want to wear heavy stuff) or my hair, (been looking at some neat asymetrical/androgynous cuts, not sure if that's a good idea if I'm trying to pass).

I also wanted to know if anyone here had tips for hiding the shoulders without using padding. I know a lot of it is stance and step, and my godfathers are going to help me out with that after finals, but are there any other tricks you can use to hide triangle torso?

Thanks bunches,


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Well DeGrave, I have a few observations. You're young and your skin is good. Can't tell how old the beard shadow is.

Neck isn't too thick so its ok to let it show. I think many would suggest loose flowing garments will hide the triangle and shoulders better than fitted. Continue to let your nice hair grow to create flow lines. looser armpits, 3/4 sleeves, skirts and tops rather than dresses since the upper and lower body can be individually sized and most dresses wont fit right anyway. No bare shoulders obviously. Shave the chest if you wear scoopneck, v neck and jewelry. I believe necklaces and larger earrings with long hair draw the eye and thus diminish the visual impact of the shoulders. Same with attractive hair. A skirt with swish or flow lines will help create the illusion of hips. Maybe a belt to tighten the skirt at the waist causing it to flair alittle below the belt. No very *friendly* person shoes, ie, keep it real.

The full lips and indented nose bridge help create a feminine look... Those are assets. Natural lip color tends to lend to earthtones rather than pinks, but its fun to play with all. I started out buying "kits" at christmas when it was an easy purchase for a guy to make. Always had multiple colors of everything. People here say go to sephora or Mac or a counter but i didn't have the confidence when i started out. I would buy inexpensive and play alittle unless you have a female to help with application and color suggestions. If you do have help, follow their advice. You have a good start on the hair so keep going on that!

And...have fun doing it!


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NO PADDING on the shoulders!! V neck blouses in soft patterns, or solids but not stripes!! When hair is chin length or longer, have it curl in a bit toward the jaw to frame the face and focus the view on it instead of the sholders. Women have wide shoulders too so don't obsess about them. As far as the beard and make-up, yours looks like about two days worth of growth, not just 12 hours, so you may have to carry touch-up supplies in your purse, and just sneak away and use a razor at about the 8 hour level, and retouch your foundation. I use Derma Blend, and have found it to be comfortable and covers well.

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