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Drag #7

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Drag #7

I posted an ad on Craigs list

Cross dresser looking to date

there was a photo and everything

I know it's a little dangerous

and the guys are all creeps

but its clearly spelled out

it's just a date

and we'd meet in a public place

if I wasn't so broke and lonely

I'd agree - girl you're crazy


I got a response!

from the guy who stood me up a couple weeks ago

there was a photo and everything

I couldn't believe it

he didn't recognize me,


I had on a different wig

I wrote back

"you're kidding me, right?

you're an idiot."

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Sad in a way.....that it was the same guy......

Good that you knew.....

Dee Jay

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I have to wonder why he stood you up

any way

<<< hug >>>

love reading your posts :)

:wub: vanna

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