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Guest Andrew Parker

How do you pack?

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Guest Andrew Parker

I just started packing (well I tried before but not only on special occasions) and I wanted to get some input from other guys. I'm just trying to find the most comfortable way for me.

I use a x-small mr limpy right now but I am interested in buying a sailor soft pack.

If you pack and you feel comfortable answering these questions, answers would be much appreciated.

What packer do you use?

What do you use to hold it on (harness, sock, loose in your underwear ,etc)?

Can I wear it loose in tight boxer briefs?

Did you eventually get used to it so you arent adjusting it constantly?

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Guest CariadsCarrot

I have both a x-small Mr Limpy and a Sailor Soft. I have settled to using the Sailor Soft pretty much all the time because I prefer it.

I wear it loose in Boxer briefs so yes you can do that. It's slightly less secure than using a harness (I made one for myself by copying the design of one I saw for sale online) and so might need the occasional adjustment at times when you're moving about an awful lot ...like I had a bit of trouble the other day when I was wrestling with....um I mean grooming and trimming the hair of my uncooperative labradoodle puppy! but that really is an unusual amount of rather gymnastic movement lol....(Imagine me sitting on the floor with the dog in a headlock pinned between my knees while I try to shave her back ;) )

If you choose to wear it in a harness there are 2 ways I have tried. The simplest one is to take a sock and put your packer in it, then cut a SMALL (do it smaller than you think you need coz it will stretch) hole for the shaft of the penis to poke out through so it's just the testicles still inside the sock. Then just safety pin the top of the sock to the waist band of your boxers.

The other kind of harness I made was by sewing 2 pieces of elastic together and I'll try to find a picture of the instructions I followed and paste it in for you.

I have pretty much got use to wearing my packer. I do occasionally still adjust it...but then I've seen natal guys do the same with their bits too so if anyone caught me at it I don't think they'd immediately think 'there's a transdude trying to position his packer' I think they'd just think 'why do guys always have their hands down their pants!'


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Guest CariadsCarrot

Ok I can't link to the instructions for the harness I made coz the pictures are a bit of the edge of the T&C but I'll copy the instructions for you in case you're interested.

BTW, I don't know where to get the 'Lastin' stuff from so I just used normal elastic...so it's not seethrough like the 'lastin' stuff but I wouldn't chance it in a locker room without boxers and chance that no one would notice I'm wearing a packer rather than having an authentically attached appendage anyway!

Intro & Material:

This harness consists of two parts: a belt and a loop. The belt holds the pack to your body,

the loop holds the pack in place.

The belt is made of 1/2” Lastin (also called ‘clear elastic’. Available at most fabric and/or

upholstery stores). This width gives firm, comfortable security.

The loop is made of 1/4” Lastin. This width provides more stretch and is innocuous enough

to be worn all day.


I Making a Belt

1. Use 1/2” Lastin. You want it below your hips, across the top of your thighs

(front), top of your pubic hair and top of your bum crack. This material is slick so use two

knots: a square knot that slips, a balloon knot that cinches it. It should be snug enough to

stretch comfortably when moving. Remember, blood vessels are our friends.

II Making a Loop

1. Use 1/4” Lastin. Tie one end to the belt at your right hip with a couple of square


2. Hold the other end at your left hip. The loop will look like an un-tucked shirttail

hanging down behind you, about halfway between butt and mid-thigh. Test the length of the

loop by placing the pack (III, steps 1&2), adjust accordingly, then tie a knot at your left hip

with a couple of square knots.

3. The loop knots will slide back and forth along the belt. This is an asset.

III Placing the Pack

1. Hang your pack on the belt: testicles behind the belt, shaft hanging over the belt’s

knot. Position the pack and belt: not so far down it’s between your legs, and not so high it’s

above your pubic hairline.

2. Reach between your legs, grasp the loop and pull the loop between your legs

from back (shirttail position) to front. Place the loop over the top of the pack, behind the

shaft, above the belt. Release. The loop should run from your right hip, under your butt

cheek, between thigh and groin, up behind the pack (and over the belt), back between thigh

and groin, under the left butt cheek and to the left hip.

That’s it! Your pack is secure. Try bending, sitting, jumping, biking, swimming. Move the

hip knots forward or backward to gauge tautness and comfort of the loop. Practice pulling

or pushing your pack out of the way to use a Stand To Pee device (no adjustment needed for

sitting). The harness will be sitting in the natural creases of your legs, front and back. The

only conspicuous place the harness is visible is from hip to hip in back—subtle enough for

locker room changing.

Hope it helps


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Guest ShortyT

I'm considering getting me a Mr Limpy, but I kinda see myself forgetting I'm wearing it and pulling down my undies in a hurry in the loo and there it goes, bouncing into the next stall.

"S'cuse me, could you kick my peener back over here..?"


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I made my Mr Limpy into an STP-STPs are all I have now and I find they work fine with those bikini jockey briefs you can get from Walmart. Never had a problem with them or having to adjust. I hate stuff like harnesses and can't imagine ever wearing one.

There is also a pouch type underwear on ebay that I have. About a fourth the cost of the special made ones for FTM but very, very similar. It's actually my favorite.


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Guest 101remington7

What packer do you use?

Ok so this is a little embarrassing but I pack with a sock. I didn’t really want to pressure my parents into buying me a packer so I came up with my own solution!

What do you use to hold it on?

I just wear a tight pare of underwear.

Can I wear it loose in tight boxer briefs?

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. I don’t own any boxer briefs so I can’t really answer that one for you. Sorry.

Did you eventually get used to it so you aren’t adjusting it constantly?

After about a week, I got use to it. Now, I barely need to adjust it.

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