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An FTM Poem

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Really this poem can apply to either MTF or FTM except for a couple specific references. A friend needed a poem for her Pysch class based on different various mental disorders and dysphoria. So, I offered to help (she new my true identity anyways) and wrote this for her. I didn't mind that she used it even if it wasn't exactly scholarly of me. :poster_oops:

What if your entire life was contained behind a one-way mirror

You are invisible to the world and you try to swallow the terror:

The realization, a revelation, that not a single soul can see you

You only exist inside your mind, your own mother doesn’t know you

The name you were given, it doesn’t feel right

The clothes you are supposed to wear itch and feel tight

The Outsiders say you’re pretty but you only feel disgusted

So this is why, in everyone, you always have mistrusted

And as you peer down, gazing upon yourself, reliving your worst fears

You don’t recognize the body you’ve been living in all of these years

It isn’t yours, it never has been, you just don’t understand

Why the Hell you weren’t just born a man.

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I can relate to those feelings coming from the opposite direction.

You have expressed them so well.

Very nice work.

Love ya,


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Very well done.


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Dead on for me. Very, very good.

Five stars.


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Hi John,

<<< hug >>>

OK you weren't given the gift of a mans body

You were given another gift though

One that some might argue is a far greater gift indeed

you were given the gift of poetry

Never take that gift lightly

For you will go far with it

:wub: vanna

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This is amazing, the mind/your mother doesn't know line fits me really well, since well... it's true :P

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