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Guest MiraJ

Transition Soundtrack

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Guest MiraJ

I was wondering if anyone has a Transitioning Soundtrack.

A song that you love that reminds you of your journey and good things to come....

I sure do and i love it. Makes me feel good.



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Guest Shari

Okay Mira, I have to know. What is your song?

Me? I listen to so many different genres of music, I can't pick just one song. I have found that I can't listen to the same music I listened to in the beginning because it brings back some bad memories.

"Better in Time" by Leona Lewis was one that seemed to speak to me.


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Guest MiraJ

Well, it is one specific song because i kept on playing it on researching about me possibly being TG back then.

Today it reminds me that i found out of my trueself. :)

The song is: The Rippingtons - Bandol

I love to listen to Smooth jazz in general, it helped me alot to get through the hard times in the past. Still helps me to overcome dificult things. It relaxes me and helps my mind to calm down.

My genre is also all over the place, besides that.


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Guest AzureSkyline

I'm not typically the sort of person to listen to lyrics to find meaning. That's why I really enjoy music without lyrics. I particularly love techno/dance that has a mystical flow to it. Those tend to allow me to think the most, and my favorite pass time is just that, thinking.

In the end though, music is all personal preference. It's how you react to it.


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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

The lady I used to live with used "Breakaway" as her transitioning song. I think that was Kelly Clarkson who sings it? It's been a long time.

Let's see, transitioning songs, transitioning songs

Aerosmith, Dude Looks Like a Lady

Shania Twain, Man I Feel Like a Woman

Wizard of Oz, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

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Guest angels wings

My partner loves the song Born to be alive by Patrick Hernandez . U know the funny thing thinkin back in time way before I knew about my partner I used to always play Shania s song man I feel like a woman . Her face used to always light up I thought it was because it was just a gd song now I know differnt. ;)

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Guest Guest_SL

Alien, Atlanta Rhythm Section

Circle Game, Joni Mitchell

Evening of My Best Day, Rickie Lee Jones

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Guest Leah1026

From way back in the early days of transition:

You Tube

"I'm Okay" by Styx

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Guest Talon

Sorry for intruding, ladies...

I am not sure why, but I really like listening to

Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

Strange Currencies by REM

Old 55 by The Eagles

Victim of Love by The Eagles

Don't Worry Baby by Beach Boys

Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees

Immortality - Bee Gees

... and many more. Really, everything by The Eagles, Beach Boys and Bee Gees is the soundtrack of my life because that's the music I grew up with (My parents were very reluctant to let us listen too much to all the "crappy modern music" so they constantly fed us old stuff and I love it). The lyrics to all this stuff seem to fit a lot of trans situations too :)

Immortality makes me cry because it reminds me in particular of having to let some friends slide out of touch because I'm trans even though it hurts so bad to say a slow, painful and involuntary goodbye.

Beach Boys mostly makes me feel really good :)

Also, my brother went to high school with a band called The Blue Van. They ended up doing pretty well for themselves and I think there's some of their stuff on the internet. I was obsessively into their music when I was younger and still love a lot of it. It also reminds me of some of my earliest serious trans feelings when I was a young teenager.

Anyways, I'm rambling. That's the stuff I love. Great topic by the way :)


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Guest MiraJ

Thank you Talon. I didnt think it would receive that much feed back.

Music is my very essence of everyday life. Too me its getting through everything easier, somehow.

I do have some songs that remind me of sad things in life, also.


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Guest Lacey Lynne


Early Transition:

"I Hate Myself for Loving You" by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (official video).

Present Transition:

"Happy" (from Ladies & Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones) by (obviously) The Rolling Stones.

Rock On :friends::thumbsup::friends: Lacey Lynne

Of Note:

Joan Jett! Yeehi! If I could have transitioned in my teens, I'd have been Joan Jett. Got her spirit. Got her physique. Got the same home state. Dang, I love her. She's a lesbian too. Works for me! Okay, I wouldn't fit in with anybody else here, but, I am what I am ... just like Joan Jett!

The Rolling Stones! My band of choice! Greatest frontman ever in Mick Jagger. Greatest rhythm section in rock history with Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards with that way-sensational drone and that pile-driving rhythm. Greatest rhythm guitarist in rock history by way of Keith Richards ... the heart and soul driving rock's mightiest engine of down and dirty rock and roll. Nobody did it better ... nobody.

Got two biographies sitting right next to me. One is that of The Mahatma Gandhi (the exemplary saint). The other is that of Keith Richards (the unrepentent sinner). Could two people be more different? I love them both equally. Why am I rife with contradictions? Heck, I'd have loved to have been both of them! Sigh. God surely loves The Mahatma. However, I believe He also loves Keith Richards. When you're that sincere about sinning and not out to hurt anybody but simply out to have a rip-roaring great time, well, what can you say? Maybe God will forgive Keef. Besides, nobody would rock out harder with God that Keef.

Keef Riffhard for vice president!!! Who better to be the president of vice?!? When my name change is finalized, I'm singing "Happy" by The Stones ... once I'm AWAY from the courthouse! Yeehi!

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Guest Guest_SL

Keef is the stuff! His musical ability is so underrated. The Stones was Brian Jones band and Brian was gifted and overshadowed Keef until his death. Listen to Keith's lead break on, "It's All Over Now". And if you've seen Rock and Roll Circus, you can how good he truly is. He plays a great bass backup for Lennon and Clapton on "Yer Blues".

Main Offender is a killer album and didn't get the praise it deserved.

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Guest HeatherAnne

I know it is cheesy, but 'Reflection' from Disney's Mulan. Nails me to a T. And on the plus side it lets me work on my feminine singing voice with a song that is totally in my natural range. =)

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Guest AllisonJane

Music has always been an important part of my life. So its really no surprise to me that now,at truely the most defining point in my life, it's a huge source of inspiration to me.

I love virtually all music& certainly respect all musicianship. So that should explain these choices. (big on a lot of the lyrics too).

Underoath - In regards to myself

Moving for the sake of motion

Down,set,go (for strength in yet

another divorce)

Katy Perry- Firework (listen to the lyrics,so fitting)

Part of me

Taylor Swift- Love Story (my hope for the future)

Evanescence- Bring me to life (this song is like

me singing my female self)

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Guest Cinnamon Girl

Anything by against Me! Hehe

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Guest ZenRoots

Little Wonders - Rob Thomas

If you want to sing out - Cat Stevens

If you want to sing out by Cat Stevens just reminds me to be who you want to be, regardless of what others say and think.

And Little Wonders by Rob Thomas, just makes me remember that I've gotten through quite a few rough spots in my life, and that I can overcome a few more to be happy.

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Guest Mayi


There is a song from italian singer Laura Paussini which I love singing everytime I feel the bad feelings are starting to come. The song is called (Live me). There is a part of the lyrics where she says:

Credimi se puoi / believe if you can

Credimi se vuoi / believe me if you want

Credimi e vedrai non finirà mai / believe me and you'll see, his will never end

Ho desideri scritti in alto che volano / I have desires which fly, written above

Ogni pensiero è indipendente dal mio corpo / every thought of mine is independent of my body

I feel that Laura Paussini describes very well the feeling. Our mind if free, it doesn't matter the outer form.

The other song which I love is called (Sky of tibet) by spanish singer Ana Cirré. The song is about how she wants to live to the maximum, not enclosed by routine or conventionalism. "I don't want to perish before seeing the sky of tibet".

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Guest Jenny B Good

I have this one song that really speaks to me. I love the lyrics - This is a surprising one, considering I'm a metal head but

Heard it in a JB-HIfi and soundhound app told me who it was.

Lyrics are quite fitting for a MTF !!




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Hi Jenny

The link had to be removed because it wasn't working and therefore couldn't be reviewed.

With YouTube it usually works best to give the name of the song and group and let people look it up.

Just a reminder-Embedding non trans videos is not allowed -nor is linking to anything containing images or language that are not allowed on this site. Don't know that this did but it's easy to forget so I thought I'd drop in a reminder. Not aimed at you or this link at all :)


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Guest BreanneB

Well I do have a few myself

Lady GaGa "Born this way" well of course not like I have much of a say in being TG

Kelly Clarkson "Behind these Hazel Eyes" thats right the Ex is not going to get me cry over her anymore

Reo SPeedwagon " When Love Dies the Heart Servives" A reminder that no matter how painful the breakup feels Life will go on

Queen "I just Have to Break Free" letting go of the outer shell of being a male and embracing my woman hood!

AC/DC "I'm TNT" hey something to keep the spirits up and how I will feel once transitioning is over



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    • VickySGV
      Sounds like you are doing very well.  Back when I started things out on the name change, I could not do the gender change until after GCS.  Several months after my GCS and all the changes for me made, they changed the laws -- for the better -- so I would not have had the long drawn out  program that I had to do.  Keep your head high and you will make it, and laugh about all of the hassle.  
    • Laura Beth
      Welcome Skye. As many have said it takes time to figure things out so taking your time will allow you to find the right fit for you.    Laura Beth
    • Laura Beth
      I have been wanting to legally change my name and gender marker for close to a year now. I am now divorced and living as a female as much as possible which has it complications. Today I went to see my regular doctor for a refill of my pain killers; I was dressed as Laura as I usually do since starting my transition. I have to go by my male name there because they won't use my preferred name like I do at my gender doctor's office. The doctor's nurse comes out and basically stands next to me and asks the front desk clerks if I had checked in for my appointment using my male name. She is told that I have so turns around and calls my name, to which I get up. She has a bit of a stunned look on her face and leads me to the examining room to wait for the doctor. I get my new prescription from the doctor and leave to pick it up at the pharmacy. When I get to the pharmacy the assistant pharmacist has some fun trying to find me in the system due to me going by Laura there and the name on the prescription was in my male name.    Before I have to see the doctor again which shouldn't be for about three or four months I will have to get the name change and gender marker taken care of.  I should also get it done before I see the psychiatrist this summer some time. I have started to receive mail in my preferred name which I was afraid was being sent back for some reason. As I posted else wheres my counselor has told me I am doing well at picking out appropriate outfits to wear that will help me fit in. The hormones have been a blessing in many ways, from slowing facial hair growth, allowing me to relax better mentally and changing my body physically.    Laura Beth
    • Melisa snep
      i had a 86 toyota 4x4, i so miss it. But needed a bigger truck to tow with
    • ChickenLittle
      Hi Kelly!   Thanks for your help on the chat side of things! I'm Kendall. I have five cats at home, plus a feral in the backyard that I feed every morning. I should probably just say I have six cats  
    • Jennifer W
      Thank you Cat I'm trying..
    • ChickenLittle
      Being safe online is definitely top priority but I think online dating can be done safely. I have a friend who is a cis woman who went on a few dates with a trans guy before he told her he was trans. Once he told her, she immediately called me to tell me about it and she was really sweet, if a little misinformed. She just kept saying, "but he's so HOT. He's definitely a man!" I had to roll my eyes and tell her that yes, trans men are men and can be just as conventionally attractive as cis men. Last I heard they were still dating and it was going great  
    • Gwen
      I love your stories, Charlize! I once had a friend who owned a red Nissan. His had big tires and looked more like a man-toy. I still miss my first Toyota (new), which got excellent mileage and didn't need a single repair in 135,000 miles. The second was geared for towing and guzzled gas. There's a huge auto show going on in Detroit over the next week and I hope to go and caress a few truck fenders   Gwen
    • MaryMary
      I can get why your friend is down. Dating for a cis man is hard (at least according to my own anecdotal experience). i dated with a male presentation for 1 month after separating from my ex wife but before coming out as a trans woman.   How many woman I actually dated? 0 To how many woman I talked online? 0   Dating is hard if you are not super pretty, lol
    • MaryMary
      I find that topic interesting.   Ok, I get that that's dangerous but more and more dating work with online dating sites. I personally make sure the other person know i'm transgender as soon as possible and I chat with this person for quite a bit before meeting in a neutral place with plenty of people. I'm not that active in dating because that's something that confuses me a lot but I had a couple of dates and it worked 1 or 2 times already.   I don't want to mislead people but at least here in Canada I don't have the impression that it's more dangerous for a trans woman then for a cis woman. My ex had a couple of dates too and I would say that she had stranger stories then me.   My feeling is that if you have an active life and you wait to find someone in real life you can wait a lot since there's so much people dating online.   to me the advantage of dating online is that I can put a transgender flag with "proud to be trans" written on it and write that I had the surgery in my description. I call that my "douchebag filter" In real life it can be more awkward and take too much time for the other person to know and ending up being more dangerous.   Dating only trans people, at least here in my local community, do not seem like a realistic option since we are too few. Finding the right person would be next to impossible...   well, that was my 2 cents on that. I,m actually surprised by the comments so far.
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