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Guest Juniper Blue

An Gender Neutral Bhodisattva on the Alter

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Guest Juniper Blue

Hi All,

I have been volunteering at a Zen Monastery (of the Chan tradition). Today, I was helping to polish the main alter where three large Statues stand. The volunteer who was with me is also new to formal practice and asked me who the statues beside the Buddha were. On the right there is a Guan Yin , who is genderally described as the bodhisattva of compassion, and is generally depicted in a feminine form. On the left there was a Bodhisattva which neither of us recognized and so we asked the Shifu (Teacher) about this. Our Shifu explained that the second Bodhisattva was neither male or female (and that ultimately, there is no gender because consiousness has no gender and we are our consiousness, not our bodies)... she went on to say that the Bodhisattva was called "Earth Treasure" and that this Bodhisattva vowed to not achieve Buddahood until all hells were emptied.

I went on to read on-line about both Guan Yin and Ksitigarbha ( Earth Treasure) these Bodhisattvas are depicted differently in vairous traditions. I saw one post where Guan Yin was described as being male ( yet had a female body) and several sites where Ksitigarbha was called "he" and one where the pronoun "she" was used. One site said that these Bodhisattvas were considered twins. There were many diffenrt eporceptions of these Bodhisattvas and many contadicted one another... or at least appeared to. It was clear that the more I looked the more varations I would find and so, I decided to let it go and stick with my Shifu's explanation ( which I prefer.)

So .. at least at my little Temple ... the main alter has a clearly gender neutral Bodhisattva ad the teaching is that we are utimately gender neutral in regard to our consiousness. The body, our gender, and our physical appearance does not seem to matter at the Temple that I attend.

(It is interesting though because there are seperate areas to sit for men and women and we have different cabinets for our shoes, as well.) I was told that is is because there is often sexual attraction between the opposite sexes and that we therefore sit seperately to reduce the potential for distractions during our practice.

I resisted the urge to ask if I should then sit in the middle ... (probably a good choice. )

Anyway .... I just wanted to share this conversation.

Bes to All,


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Bows to you...

Yours in the dharma,


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Guest Juniper Blue

Bows back to you my dear Dharma freind. :friends:

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    • Charlize
      The first time i was mam'ed was in the south going into a convince store.  He even held the door for me.  I was floating!   I hope your journey works out for you Sara.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Cyndee
      Good luck with the appointment, may it go well for you....   C -
    • SaraAW
      I have my first endo appointment today. So nervous.   My wife is hoping they will find something wrong with me and that I won’t be eligible for HRT. She is still very much against anything that even hints I’m a woman. Hoping she comes around eventually, but I can’t keep going on the way I am now.    Have a a great day everyone.    *hugs*
    • Cyndee
      You will always remember your first. It's a great feeling.....   Congrats !
    • Raven1981
      I still wear my breast forms whenever I feel like that I need a little help.  My natural size is a 38B and my breast forms are a B cup so it does help me when I am feeling like I need a little help.  But there are some times I sleep in my breast forms and some times I dont.   But to me it is all about comfort and how realistic you look.   What is the difference between a Trans woman and a Cross Dresser?  The Cross Dresser can't wait to get home to put her bra ON, a Trans woman can't wait to get home and take her bra OFF.            I love Vicky's quote here and I guess that I am a Trans individual cause I will admit that I love wearing a bra but OMG it feels so good to take it off when I get home.
    • Kirsten
      A year in and I still don’t mind wearing a bra. At the start I liked the bralettes best. There still my go to for pjs on super hot nights too. Underwire isn't comfortable, but it sure does a great job of pushing everything where it belongs.  I use the little add a cup chicken cutlets still at times. Usually with something that shows a lot of cleavage cause the rest of the time I just don’t care. 
    • Kirsten
      For me it’s one simple thing. No more being fake. I get to meet people and be myself. I get to dress walk talk act and be myself. That’s it. 
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,   Happy Birthday Gwenivere0819!🎂 Happy Birthday scress19!🎂 Happy Birthday Uncouthguru22!🎂 Hope you have lots of fun today!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      I'm not out to the world, but I am to my family, and to my family I am Carla. It is so nice not to have to hide from them.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • tracy_j
      I am in a bit of a twighlight zone as I am not really sure if I am out or not. This is maybe partly due to not (at the moment) intending hormones, surgery or legal changes. That said I am pretty much out and relaxed in it. Yesterday I had a chance meeting with one of my partner's sisters (who knows) and her new boyfriend who she has just moved in with. Interestingly it was a good meeting quickly relaxing, although he was obviously initially surprised (actually he was so attractive I think the body language kicked in lol, a good catch for her). It is seldom, if ever, I get embarrassed when I chance meet someone I know when wearing a skirt or dress these days as it is me. A good point to me about coming out is not really having to think much about it any more.   Tracy
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      luke_b was available.  Done deal.
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    • Debra Michelle
      I am,family and friends are helping out too including my employees.
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      I forgot to post this yesterday. I got Ma'am d. Or at least I hope it was.   I help out a lady customer with some parts. As she walked away I swore I hear her say, Thanks, Ma'am. It is my first. With my hair in a high pony tail (girl style, to keep it off my neck in the heat) and my fingernails painted + my ladies Minnie Mouse watch.   It felt good.   Kymmie
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