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Guest candiceh

Father and I are working things out

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Guest candiceh

My father and I are working things out,about my crossdressing I started in January.He did not like it at first and had a few issues about it.My supportive mother and sister including my wife had enough of it and finally convinced my father to know my female side that came out.It was with a therapist yesterday and I came out to how I felt about him not wanting to see my female side to know her.He thought this is what gay men do,therapist said that was not true.Explained to him it is a heterosexual man dressing as a woman that is straight.My mother,sister and wife were there too and doing this as a group.It is going to take time,one step at a time and my father needs to know I love my new lifestyle.Therapist wants to see me come in dressed as my female side during sessions,not just yet doing this and I will do this in the 3rd or 4th session.

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Sounds like your therapist is helping and your dad's learning..Great stuff!

Hugs, Charlie

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Guest candiceh

Therapist is helping out a lot and educating my father very well.My mother,sister and wife had a say to him about this too saying stereo typing me is wrong and I agreed with them on this.

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Guest rikkicd64

Candi, glad to hear your going to therapy, it was and is the best thing I ever did, plus belonging to LP. You are on the right track.


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Guest Clair Dufour

I realy think that this something only you and your wife should be working out. Your wife sounds like she can work with you on this and might even enjoy it.

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    • Jani423
      Yes, this was an uplifting video.   Jani
    • Jani423
        This is something that is most disturbing to me that the GOP would contravene this "contract" we have had for over 200 years.  No good will come of this.     Jani
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      Hi Alex,  I only just got here myself, but the help and love here is amazing... squishy hug, Jae
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      https://www.today.com/parents/transgender-kids-t123436   This is a wonderful mini series of The Today Show and shows parents dealing with their Trans kids in positive ways.  I several families of Trans children that I have met IRL and would love to meet the parents and children in these vignettes as well.
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      Hey Alex, welcome.  There are lots of good comments here.  Most important, be you.  You will be much happier.   Jani
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      Hi Timber Wolf and Charlize,  Thank you for your hugs, I needed on bad this morning, felt like I woke up under the floor- squishy hugs to you both, Jae   PS;   I honestly hope I can change my name to Jae Bunny some day, this road is so long I can't see where it ends...
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      Funny you should mention that, @Shiratori.  We put Discord through its paces and found that it doesn't have a couple of key features we really need.
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      Thank you Cynthia! The time in between will be spent saving money so I can have more then 2 days off work. The summer on Granville island for buskers should prove quite rewarding and my day job shows no signs of slowing down cash wise. i will just put my trust in the process and kee connecting on this forum and at the AA meetings I attend. i guess the big one will be when I am approved for cosmetic vulvaplasty and whether or not I will be able to go thru with that.  Regardless I have been moving along with the approval requirements of that and regardless it has been most liberating.  cheers Rachel
    • CyndiRae
      The road to surgery is a long and complicated matter, so personal.   I hope your outcome is pleasing Rachel.   Best   Cynthia -
    • CyndiRae
      I snickered this morning reading Kenna's comments   Go Vicky, such fun !   C -
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