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Guest Elizabeth K

First Time Shaving Your Legs?

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Guest Elizabeth K

New to Shaving?

Girls, I've been doing this since before most of you were born (I hate to say).

(1) first few times will be rough because your skin is not toughened yet, there are layers of dry skin that tend to be removed along with the hair, and you will nor be familiar with shaving your legs, which is NOTHING like shaving your face.

(2) Practice will help. But on the first few tries you will cut and maim, even using the utmost care - you won't understand the terrain of your legs until you have done this four or five times.

Your knees are not the same texture as the smoother areas because they bend and have folds of skin - also every scab you had as a boy-girl (whatever you thought you were when a kid) will be there ready to snag that blade in your razor, until you know where they are. Also, ankles have the folds of skin like knees, so watch out there too. The flat area on top of your thighs (you will probably shave up high - it looks and feels too good not to) will probably have had years of suntanning, maybe some skin damage, and will require a more tender approach than the super-white areas elsewhere. So remember each area is different and requires a different pressure and direction.

(3) Direction of the razor pull. I cannot make a recommendation on that. The closest cutting stroke will be against the grain of the hair growth, but it cuts more skin with the hair. Drawing the razor with the direction of hair growth keeps us girls from developing ingrown hairs (somewhat) and reduces rashing afterward, but is not as close of a shave for many. I can only say try it both ways to see what works best for you.

(4) Please do NOT use regular soap or lotions as they clog the razor blades (I know you are using the multiple blade razors - they are so much better). Soaking you legs in a luxurious bath feels great, but can water log the skin a bit, which can cause a less close shave and perhaps a nasty nick or two. If you are a lay down in the tub and shave type girl, shave your legs early. If you shower, well, it can be more difficult to reach where you want to shave but it works well for most of us, especially if there is a shelf or ridge to support us when bending for the ankles and feet. I suggest using a regular man's or woman's shaving foam or cream. The Aloe ones for sensitive skin - or something similar - are particularly good, especially for those just beginning.

(5) You should understand that once you start the routine of shaving your legs, unless it is a once-in-a-while thing, you have to maintain it.

Stubble (yuck) begins to appear within about a half day for most of us. Our first reaction is to shave it off again, but it will only encourage rash and cuts. If you initially have any signs of rash you really need to wait a minimum of a couple of days before shaving again - at least until the rash COMPLETELY disappears.

Cuts? Well, they tend to scab over and beg you to hit them again, so the can become ugly scars. You should learn to shave around old cuts until the are COMPLETELY gone - which may take weeks - sometimes months?

But the point is, once you start and can keep your legs free of rash and cuts (well the best you can, anyway) then you SHOULD maintain the shaving routine. Every other day usually is okay, but shaving everyday is taking a risk. Usually I have to restrict shaving to no more than three times a week to keep my legs healthy and cut free. That can be hard on your en femme time schedule if you don't plan it correctly, and if you are full time, you will just have to have stubby hair legs some of the time, just like every other woman - and deal with it!

If you abandon shaving and then return to it, you will have to retrain your skin, so it is actually better to just start, accept it, and deal with the problems it causes - like a woman does everyday of her life.

(6) Please - never bear down hard, it doesn't help make the shaving closer. Use a very light, feminine touch. Closeness in shaving comes from repetition. I suggest you shave at least three times in the same session, varying the direction and length of the stroke slightly each time. This light touch, repetitive approach eliminates cuts and scrapes.

(7) There are after-shaving lotions available, if you have extra sensitive skin you might need it, but I find almost any lotion works.

After you finish shaving? use lotion. I strongly suggest that you never attempt to shave using lotion, instead of water and a good shaving cream. Many of us use a body lotion every night because we like the smoothing effect. If you didn't shave before applying lotion to your legs, please avoid the temptation to shave afterward - this will cause you to cut and scrape your legs. NEVER dry-shave - goodness gracious, no - a woman never dry shaves as it destroys the beauty of her legs.

(8) Cuts? They make you bleed and bleed - I think leg cuts are much worse that those on the face. Many a time I can remember turning the bath water red...

The tried and true method stopping bleeding - of using a tiny piece of toilet paper on the cut - usually works unless you have created a gusher. Styptic pencils can be used, but I avoid them as they seem to encourage scaring- but sometimes a styptic is the only solution, if you are in a hurry to finish dressing.

Hosiery tries to become a part of any scab if you rush first aid too fast. Even if you are staying bare legged, bloody spots on your clothes or the sheets can be hard to explain if you are still being subtle, as it will be obviously from you legs.

Sometimes your only solution to stopping bleeding is to grab a wet facecloth and apply pressure! Remember that spot or scratch the next time you use a razor, or the same thing will happen again.

(9) Oh, and putting concealer over a new cut is a terrible idea. Try putting a good clear type antibiotic cream to help prevent scarring - it usually speeds up healing.

(10) There are also scrape type cuts - they don't always show at first but they can burn like fire. It seems they are usually caused by shaving in a hurry, too close, or using a damaged or worn out razor.

I NEVER use the same razor twice, it can be expensive to do it that way but I believe it is worth it. I never use an old razor, or someone else's razor. AND to do the job right, I never shave other areas of my body first, then my legs last. Leg area is huge compared to other areas and demands its own razor.

(11) Unless you are hooked on pink, or like "cute" razors, a regular man's disposable razor works fine. They are less expensive and can be bought in bulk.

(12) If your leg hair is long, I suggest you use a trimmer first. There are electric trimmers and razor comb types. CAUTION: stay away from the water if using the electric type trimmer. Also I suggest you remember that the longer hairs are going somewhere, so it is neater to put down a towel ( I sound like my mother), a paper towel seems to work best.

Hair 1/8" or less is easier to shave, and does not clog the razor as quickly. The best way to shave is to keep that darn razor clean. Shaving cream residue needs to be washed out, which takes the debris with it. A hint - avoid wiping the blades unless absolutely necessary as it dulls them.

(13) Hummmm. a difficult recommendation here, how to be delicate? Remember women do NOT shave certain areas when shaving their legs. The main danger is the different type of bacteria on other parts of the body. If you have the inclination to "shave all over", use a separate razor - or better yet, a separate time.

You may also want to remember that all stubble itches, so shaving certain areas can lead to much misery as the hair grows back. Would it be better to just use a trimmer on some areas?

(14) BEST recommendation of all - if you can afford it, buy a depilatory "shaver. " These pull out our leg hairs using machine tweezers.

I find I can the groom less often, and have super smooth results that last much longer - about a week for me - I touch up each Saturday.

If you chose to use this hair removal method, you will have to accustom your legs to a different type of hair removal. You may want to also "touch-up" with regular shaving, afterward. Its fun, and works - at least for me!

Please - don't even think of buying a cheap type depilatory "shaver". You will need the big two blade rotor unit that retails somewhere at just under a hundred bucks. These WILL wear out relatively fast if not properly maintained. As with most everything else, you can probably find them cheaper on that certain computer auction site. There are several types of units and several brands, but my favorite is the big white one with the yellow trim.

May a smooth and well groomed set of legs accompany you on your journey!

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Guest SuzanneF

I've been using disposable razors (for men) that i have ...I guess the one thing I should get is a nice after shave gel..

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Guest Kelly Ann

I have to agree with this wholeheartedly,,,especially with the very last part...about the epilator described as that sort of big white one with yellow trim and double heads. I use it once a week and a ladies wet/dry shaver between times. It is a little painful until you become used to it...but an epilator is the way to go. A few things really do help though...

1) shave the night before! These things can yank out extreemly short hairs and the shorter they are the less painful it is...the electric works great for this 'trimming' and I use any sort of shower/shaving liquid as long as it has moisterizers in it.

2) take a nice warm, not hot shower, the next night, pat dry and before exfoliating use a loofah in circular motions all over your legs. First one direction...then the other.

3) go SLOOoooOOOoooOW with the epilator, it takes me about 20 minutes for each leg. I generally hover it back and forth over a 4" area slowly until no more hairs pull out, trust me you'll feel it when they're gone. Yes it is a long process but the hair becomes somewhat finer over time and it does take so much longer to REALLY come back. My electric takes less than 5 minutes between times for both legs.

4) when doing bikini/sensitive areas put it on low speed, it's counter-intuitive I know, high speed is for large surfaces only. I do have a single head re-chargeable that works with a cord for those spots and it works ok for that as it will stall out before it 'grabs'.

5) use a really good moisterizer afterwards. Don't be surprised if you have red marks and/or bumps where the follicle comes out...it will quickly fade...and you skin does become used to it over time...after all you are pulling hair out at the root if done properly. Showering your legs afterwards in water as cold as you can stand it will help that out too.

I have something else that I use, but I'm not sure if it's even made anymore, that really exfoliates. It was made by a company with the same name as an old Nick Cage <sigh> movie about prisons/airplanes. There were two rotating discs that were sort of like sandpaper that REALLY lifted those recalcitant hairs that start to grow back in the wrong direction. The problem is that if you press even slightly too hard it becomes a device that would have fit in perfectly during The Spanish Inquisition. YEOW! But it does work well with the right touch about once a month and really makes youe legs soft...the first time I used that I almost fainted at all the dead skin powder that covered me...but it really felt nice after it was washed off and moisterized.

I'm not into pain...believe me (-; but I do like my gams cleaned up and not looking llike Sasquatch...so if there's minor pain, to me, it's worth the gain in time and lack of cuts. I do have to admit I haven't ever been exceptionally hairy so this has worked extreemly well for me. Hugs

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Guest April63

I looked on the internet for those epilators, but they look expensive. About $70 each. I guess it might be cheaper in the long run due to not buying new blades.I've started shaving parts of my legs, and moisturizer and exfoliating are the best things to do.


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Guest Elizabeth K

:rolleyes: I have had to buy three of those depilators - they wear out and I don't want the company to go out of business - hee hee.

But you can find them on ebay if you are patient. The first one I bought (from a store) was $89 US (had to add that - just like they do on Ebay - the "US" I mean - grin).

:P The last one I bought was $32 and exactly the same time. The come up fairly often - but you will get outbid most of the time if you are cheap like me. Just keep bidding (watch out for unreasonable shipping).

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Guest Rayne

I can also add that you don't have to shave. You can use creams that take the hair off. You apply, wait a few minutes and them wipe.

The best way to look at shaving your legs, so that you don't get cut, is that you're not shaving your legs, you're just "combing" the hair. You just happen to be doing it with a very sharp object.

Looking at it that way means you apply less pressure.

And remember, it's easier to cut yourself with a dull razor than a sharp one.


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Guest amie

Noxzema's a real sweatheart on this dealio. It can get kinda expensive though, I suppose.

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Guest Cait

i do all mine in the tub or shower

probably have done this quite a few times

i do my arms too

i don't do my under arms as often tho

i like a good warm bath and to be able to take my time.

lately, i use an electric shaver to take away most everything but the stuble.

then, i go to town

when i was young i certainly got cut to pieces

alot of my shaving was almost "ritualistic" as i stayed home on family vacations to watch the house

i used this week or so to dress like a chick as much as possible without discovery

and so, i would usually shave my legs the first day/night alone house sitting

now, i don't give it much thought...

i have thought of getting waxed lately. i inquired about having my nails done and that got some funny looks...

i will say women seem more into providing these services for MTF

probably you could figure that out, but that's my observation

at these prices, why does that nail guy care why i want a french manicure?

cause it is pretty...that's why!!!

$23.00 too!!!

sorry i got off topic!!!!



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Guest stephphorever

I always shave in the tub...no electric shaver, just a razor

After that I use Victoria's Secret lotion to smooth everything.

I shave everything btw

Love ya,


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Guest Elise Vahl

Meh, I pretty much have had to figure out the best shaving methods for myself over the... two or so years I've been shaving... I've pretty much come up to the same conclusions... (Excluding the special shavers of doom... Cheepie Mach3, dime-a-dozen razors are my weapons of choice. :P)

Meh... I haven't been using any lotions/moisturizers at all... X( Probably should do that sometime no? XD

Oh! Random, but... I absolutely hate the product Nair... only because of the stupid name... Nair... N-air.. N hair.... no hair... SRSLY? That is almost as annoying as Miles "Tails" Prowr... Miles... Pr... Owr.

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Guest Emily1
That is almost as annoying as Miles "Tails" Prowr... Miles... Pr... Owr.


Okay, maybe I'm missing something, but what are you saying?

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Guest DianaTS1

Thank you I have been doing it for years but some of the long answers are here. I love stubble free.

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Guest brain(katie)

i have been shaving for almost 20 years and getting a good cream has been difficult. But i must say that this stuff works the best. Dont let the name fool you or die laughing at it its called Coochy Cream. You can get it threw any Slumber Parties distributer. Its 8 dollars a bottle but works great. I use it on everything from head to toe. May seem expensice but its worth every penny. I never break out any where so girls try it if you never have youll ove it

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Guest Emily.SoCal

First of all, thanks to Lizzy for such an informative post. I was never too good at shaving and the tips I picked up here finally shave my legs in comfort.

I also wanted to recommend a couple products. I've been using the Schick Xtreme3 ComfortPlus (flexible) razors. They come in an 8-pack for around $10. Pair that with Skintimate shaving cream for sensitive skin and you've got a winning combo. Or at least my legs think so! :)

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Guest Little Sara

Gillette markets both men and women's razors, they are the same except the shape of the handle and the color, they have the same amount of blades, they have the same strip thingy for soothing the skin, and they work just as well. They just look more feminine or masculine.

Personally, I do all my shaving with the same razor (legs, pubic, facial). It's not like I'm licking the blades, and I don't have STDs.

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Guest amie

Some of the better body washes just plain rock on the shaving dealio.

No Nair, Gillette, or Noxema required.

It's rilly something rather beautiful.

Please, lemmee recommend Olay or Dove on this one.

Happy Shavin!

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Guest Geej

Try Aveeno "Positively Smooth", I find it helps to extend time between shaves & does seem to makr the hair finer. I even tried it on my face and I'm getting the same result.

Cheers Geej

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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

2 things I want to add:

I use the Schick Intuition on my legs because it has the shave gel stuff built in around the razor, so it's one less step to do in the shower if you're in a hurry, just need to do a maintenance shave, or are just lazy (like me).

If it's been awhile since I last shaved my legs (and like most women I know, they don't bother during winter because it's cold out!) I pour a bath, get out a new razor and the shave gel, some bath crystals or bubble bath stuff, and just make it a special "getting back in touch" hour. Especially if it's been a really cold yucky winter its important to reconnect with your femininity by doing something special.

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Guest Christie
2 things I want to add:

I use the Schick Intuition on my legs because it has the shave gel stuff built in around the razor, so it's one less step to do in the shower if you're in a hurry, just need to do a maintenance shave, or are just lazy (like me).

If it's been awhile since I last shaved my legs (and like most women I know, they don't bother during winter because it's cold out!) I pour a bath, get out a new razor and the shave gel, some bath crystals or bubble bath stuff, and just make it a special "getting back in touch" hour. Especially if it's been a really cold yucky winter its important to reconnect with your femininity by doing something special.

I totally agree on both parts. I think that the Intuition can just get a little expensive. And I just had that same "getting back in touch" bath the other night. It was wonderful and I still feel great! . . . why is it april and still close to freezing here is my question.

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Guest angie
I totally agree on both parts. I think that the Intuition can just get a little expensive. And I just had that same "getting back in touch" bath the other night. It was wonderful and I still feel great! . . . why is it april and still close to freezing here is my question.

I shave my legs while taking a shower.At two years in transition,that is once a week.

I find it a very sensual part of my bathing routine.I use the Shick Quatro.It gives you a nice smooth,easy shave,with little irritation.I bath the rest of my body, wait until the hot water has softened the hair,lather up one leg at a time,start at the bottom,and enjoy watching my legs get that super smooth finish.Lotion as soon as you exit the shower or bath.Lubricates,stops the irritation,and feels and smells wonderful,and you get to enjoy the wonderous soft soothness,

that only a shave can give you.Part of being a woman.


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Guest cerise

Nothing new here from me but I shave in the shower using soap and most recently some Olay tube thing . Works great detail would be I use a different razor for my legs than my face as the leg shaving wears it out .

Have been trying Moom lately but find this process painful and as I am avoiding doing it , it probably isn't for me . As well for this to work your hair is supposed to be a half inch long so I really don't see the practicality of it .

I have plucked recently but the hairs come back . Plucking works for hands, knuckles and wrist area ie. small parts.

If I have the money I might try more modern methods but for now shave and shower works the best .

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Guest Cericonversion

Oh my...

Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I'm sitting here with thoroughly shaved arms and legs for the first time, and I love the feeling so much.

(I have an immune system weakened by lupus and will experimenting with lotions of different kinds. I started off with Gilette Plus disposable 3-blade razors, Edge sensitive-skin gel, and Gilette sensitive-skin aftershave.)

I do have a few nicks and cuts, but I have had worse from trying to hold the cat still long enough to cut his nails. :)

Wow. This is so great.

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Guest 1charlotte1

I actually started shaving my legs when they first started getting hair... I used my mothers razor! The first time I took a chunk out of my leg! AHH! It hurt soo bad!

Thnx, luv charlotte

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Guest shimmeringkristal

Hi all sorry that I have not been around of late. I have found that the new 5 bladed razors work the best as they create less frictionon the skin. Also a good shaving gellis an added bonus.

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