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Unexpected Affirmation

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This Monday I went to work as Jennifer, and therefore living full time, for the first time. I took a chance and something happened I did not expect.

It's not something you can really describe without feeling it yourself. The best way I can describe it is a feeling of my soul filled with joy. The happiness I feel is indescribable. It's not an overpowering feeling, more like an inner comfort that radiates all over. I read it as telling me that it likes who I've become.

It's true I actually like myself now. I do not ever remember feeling this way. Others have noticed too. I've had a couple comments already this week on how much more confident I look. I feel confident. Even though the restrooms are a big annoyance, it seems like a small problem now in comparison to all the worry and fear.

All the self-doubt and lack of self-esteem is disappearing. I go to work in full makeup and will go tomorrow in some of my favorite female clothes. I'm living now how I've needed to live, and willing to take the lumps that go with it. Even if there is discrimination, it's amazing how light that load is when I am able to live as me. I'm actually taking a stand, for the first time, and consequently finding my courage. :) I told the policy makers what I felt, that I am a woman, and that there is no way I will do anything that feels contrary to this. At the end of our conversation I was told that the company might have to reexamine their policy on transgender guidelines. :) I didn't know I had the power to make a difference alone, especially at higher levels.

The wisdom I'm finding is when you are true to yourself, the fiery darts thrown your way may be smaller than you realize.

Is it worth it? YES! YES! YES! To put it another way. I find It far better to live true to myself with all its struggles and discrimination, and have to fight for my rights, than to live in fear and have to live a lie. The price of living in fear is too high.

With Love,


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Guest Krisina


It is nice for me to read your success as you move forward out of fear and doubt and have growing confidence. I know you had wanted to transition around December/January but that wasn't possible.

I am so glad that the company has to re evaluate their policies. You are making them realize how they are making people like yourself feel. If the policies don't work change is on its way.

I am very happy for you Jennifer :)


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Guest Lacey Lynne


Permit me to chime in with Krisina and offer you hale and hearty approbation aplenty!

You're exactly right about everything you say, in my experience anyway. Most likely, you'll be okay at work. The bathroom issue will actually settle down once you become "old news" with everything. I've yet to have a single problem with using the ladies' restrooms, and, as you know, nobody on here was more concerned about that than me. It's been a non-brainer.

Carolyn Marie always said most of what we fear never happens, and, of course, she's right.

That joy you're talking about? That deep, visceral and spiritual joy? THAT'S the real deal! If you're feeling that, and you ARE, then this is right for you ... totally! That REALLY rocks!

Many of us on here know EXACTLY what you're feeling, and we can so relate!

Jenny, you're really rocking! Like you say, it IS worthe it! We're elated for you, girl!

Congrats, Jenny :friends::thumbsup::friends: Lacey Lynne

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Yay for Jenny!!!

It warms my heart to read such things, Jenny, you have come so far, you deserve this joy...

Drink it all in, girl, this is your new life beginning!


:) Svenna

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Guest rikkicd64

Jenny, your the greatest, I am so happy for you, I wish you all the happiness in the world,for you have overcome Yea!!!


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Guest Risu


This is incredibly good news! I am thrilled to hear how things turned out! Eventually the bathrooms probably won't even be an issue! And I totally agree with you that living true to yourself with the discrimination and struggle is so much easier, happier and just plain better than living a lie. Living a lie is not living at all.

Now you are finally living.

I knew you could do it! Keep up the good work!



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What a wonderful feeling you have given me. I'm so glad for you. The chance you took only brought peace and an inner comfort. wow, it can't but will get better. I've begun to experience the same thing as i travel in a world i used to dread.


Hugs, Charlie

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      Great news!! And what a wonderful birthday present. I hope the process is smooth for you, with nothing major to get in your way.   Gwen
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      I agree that we may well not be much better off here in the US.  There is definitely a backlash and in some areas or with certain demographics our safety doesn't exist.  Fortunately there are also many who are much more accepting than ever.  I have to look at that bright side. A bit of a Pollyanna ?   Hugs,   Charlize
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      Sad to say, this is running about the same as it is here in the U.S. and may not be as bad in a couple of places, but still it is pretty bad overall.  Great Britain has about the same stats on H8ers, minus the KKK of course, but the Fundamentalist and Roman Catholic influences are used as the same excuses to just plain hate from what I have heard.
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      https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/washington/articles/2018-01-19/senate-passes-conversion-ban-transgender-bullying-bills   Carolyn Marie
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      https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/third-transgender-people-victim-hate-crime/   This is very troubling, but given the very negative press and public opinions, hardly surprising.  The question is, what, if anything, will be done about it?   Carolyn Marie
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      Seat belts are not required but highly advised.  Actually i took me time to feel much and even then changes were slow and subtle.  Enjoy your journey!   Hugs,   Charlize
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      Oh my gosh, I love it! Like stepping into a bygone era!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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      This is my other baby.  It's a "52 chevy 1 ton flatbed that we use mostly for farm markets.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Cbxshawn
      Congratulations, get ready for the ride and hold on. I started HRT about 14 months ago at 41. I have loved every minute of my journey thus far. I won't lie, it's a roller coaster. Good luck on your journey and do keep us posted.    Hugs    Shawnna 
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