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What Religion Is Right

Guest debo

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ok im just staten my opinon on this stuff cuz it really buggs me ok like the christans sit there and say they dont jude ppl thats gods judge ment well thats what my church tells me but ok then my preacher sits there and says that cathlics and a bonch of other religions r going to heaven for what they belive ok well in my opinon thats judgeing if im not right ok then say say bout wiccans and cults ok christans starten in cults and the holidays christans celibrat r wiccan holidays so yea and then there tellin me that the bible dose not condrudict itself well it dose i have foulnt plenty of verse in there that do u know so i mean what am i soupose to belive in

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Guest Karen-1954

I don't think that being a member of any particular religon gets you to heaven. Rather, I think we are judged by our acts, deeds and heart on an individual basis. I also don't think that any particlar religon is excluded from heaven. Just my opinion.



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Much like you I don't believe that because you are a member of the wrong church that you will suffer and as a rather fiery preacher once shouted from the pulpit, "'Burn in Hell-fire and Brimstone with much wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth!" From the congregation someone shouted, "What if you don't have teeth?" "Teeth will be provided!" :lol:

That is about how seriously I take organized religions - I believe in God and that there is a better place in the next life, but I don't believe that anyone here has any better insight to what it will be like or how to get there than anyone else. There are hundreds of religions with their sub - catagories, sects and cults - it is not my place to determine who is right or wrong - I'm not supposed to judge. I can tell you what I believe and if you agree then we are of the same 'religion', if you don't I don't believe that it hurts either one of us.

Does that make any sense?


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Kia Ora Debo,

You have the right to think and believe what you like-if it feels right for you then go for it - Unless that is someones put a gun to your head and forces you to believe what they want you to believe....Most importantly to get on in this life - you have to believe in yourself...

Heaven can wait...From what I gather the ticket into the Christian heaven[organised religion that is - not necessarily the personal belief of all followers of Jesus] is repentance...The Christian god is suppose to forgives all those who repent...So don't sweat it...

Happy Mindfulness-"Most importantly to get on in this life - you have to believe in yourself!"

Metta Jendar :)

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Guest Amanda L Richards

Salvation is our own responsibility, no one elses.

Anyone that stands before you and says that you are in the wrong religion, and that you will suffer hell for this doesn't know anything but their own ego.


Amanda LR

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Guest angie

I am an active member of Unity Church of SanAntonio.

I had been searching for God since I was just a teen.Tried many,even invited any willing

to talk to me into my home.One of my former therapist's had recommended my church

when I told her I was needing a spiritual home.From the moment I walked into the sanctuary,

I knew this was my home.I may have done this the wrong way though.I asked for,and received,

permission to attend as my true self.Ah but there were stipulations.I had to attend classes,

as my old self,become a member,then I could attend enfemme.Big Mistake.Looking back,

I would have walked in femaled for the get go.I was all ready living female,the only place

I went maled was to service.So the ladies and gentlemen saw(him)at the start and not(me).

It has been a long at times very moving,very emotional,journey trying to get the men and

women to see me as just another woman.I'm not there yet,but am getting closer by the week.

When the day comes I am invited into the circle of women,a great need will be met.I will have

found that personal peace and a centered spiritual core,that only acceptance by natal women

will give me.That will be a wonderous day indeed.

Peace love light and compassion,


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Guest julia_d

Religion is an unimportant fantasy.. a crutch for people who for some reason need crutches.. A stick for those who like to beat others .. A way for evil people to make themselves look good by attaching labels to good people then attaching the same labels to themselves. It is a deception designed to create a certain way of thinking.. It dehumanises the individual and their actions by claiming everything is caused by some imaginary higher power or being..

Whatever you want to do then do it.. To be yourself and to be free is the whole of the law.

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Guest April63

Ahh, Julia, why do you have to be so negative? And why do you love bashing religion?

Religion is only the belief in where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going. Yes, it can be like a crutch. It can help us through tough times, but that is not what it is ultimately.

You believe in what you believe. What some guy says really doesn't matter. It's either true or false. And in the end, your opinion is what will either save you, or condemn you.


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Guest Joanna Phipps
Ahh, Julia, why do you have to be so negative? And why do you love bashing religion?

Religion is only the belief in where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going. Yes, it can be like a crutch. It can help us through tough times, but that is not what it is ultimately.

You believe in what you believe. What some guy says really doesn't matter. It's either true or false. And in the end, your opinion is what will either save you, or condemn you.


OK fixing to put my neck on the block here but I dont think 'religion' works. Faith does work, a belief in a higher power no matter what you choose to call that power or how your prayers get to that higher power. There was an old bumper sticker that read somethin like"My karma just ran over your dogma" kind of quirky but its true, dogman will kill faith since it expects blind obedience.

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Guest rayne1

I think I will have to agree with Karen 1954. God is looking for people who want to be restored into his image or character. What religious denomination you belong to will not save you only being a follower of Jesus. Those who study God's word and ask for the guidance of the Holy spirit will receive their answer. That is one prayer that God will always answer. There may be some denominations that follow the Bible more closely than others. It is up to the individual to look to Jesus first and if the religious denomination fits then that is the one you need to be in until you find another one that fits better.

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Guest Jessie05

We have yet to know which religion is correct, but in the mean time just be a great person and make others and yourself happy!

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Guest Djeridoo

The way I see it, everyone has a right to find out the truth for themselves, and the truth for one person is entirely different than the truth of another. There is no one single "truth" out there, and no person, group, or religion has any right to have a monopoly on the truth.

I used to be very "religiously atheist". I was very spiteful towards religions and the idea of spirituality and scoffed at it all. A few years later, I now consider myself to be a very spiritual person. However, I am not at all religious. I follow no dogma, no book, no doctrine. I am not Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, Wiccan, etc. I have found what is true to me within myself and am at great peace because of it.

I thought for a long time about what I believed in, setting aside religious and spiritual labels. I never concerned myself with identifying as either Christian or anything else. I didn't look to an existing religion to figure out what spirituality was to me. I think too often people want to be told what to believe in, when really the only good way to go about figuring it out is by searching within yourself.

What are you supposed to believe in? Only what you, yourself, wishes to believe in. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Guest chngnwnd

Personally, I am a Christian. Also, I am aware that many Christians do judge those of other faiths and proclaim that they follow false prophets. I don't. I do not agree with religions that deny the divinty of Jesus; however, I know that I am human and limited - so it would be arrogant on my part to even speculate what God's plan is in regards to other religions and those who follow them because there are countless good and decent people who are not Christians...

That being said, atheism does present some problems for me - I see it as a very arrogant point of view. It basically says that we are the alpha and the omega.... With all the strange and wondrous things I have seen and experienced in my life, I know that we are not - and there is more to creation than we can currently perceive...


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Guest sarah f

I go to church on Sundays but I also believe that it is the person not their religion that makes them who they are. You can go to church every sunday and not be a good person. I think in the end, you will be judged on how you acted toward others and how you lived your life in a whole.

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Guest Donna Jean

Well, for the most part, I consider every religion the RIGHT one...

All of them profess the laws of mankind living together in peace and harmony and a belief in a higher being to help us understand why we are all here and most give us an afterlife....

Donna Jean

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Guest RachaelAnn

You have gotten a lot of good advice here. People have spoken of their experiences and views. Me personally I am a long standing member of the Church Of Lucifer. I personally feel that you shouldn't believe in religion. You should believe in what makes sense in your own head and/or heart. And if you find a church or religion that teaches what you already believe, then good for you. But don't waste your time trying to find someone to follow. Follow yourself.


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Guest ma-head-a-spinnin

Simply believe in the voice of your conscience.

No matter how loud, or soft it is, compared to your mind. Your conscience is always right, even if it is drowned out.

Actually, I've heard of situations where someones conscience caused the person to die. Either by suicide, or by a fatal heart attack.

So maybe there is some truth in your heart being able to stop helping you live, if it decides you're not worth living.

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Guest CynthiaRussu

There is no right or left or wrong religion. It is which ever one you can relate to, i personally hate all religion, but i still respect people for what they choose upon it. I don't convert people to mine, no one really know what mine is, i leave it at that :D

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Guest Orva26
That being said, atheism does present some problems for me - I see it as a very arrogant point of view. It basically says that we are the alpha and the omega....

Huh? I have always heard atheism in true form to be defined as a lack of faith or belief in god(s). Not having faith is different than insisting deities don't exist. To me both insisting that deities exist and insisting that they don't are equal arrogant because neither side has shown me data based on fact.

Personally I like working with what I know. I have this physical existence and that is definite so during its duration I should seek both enrichment of myself and others.

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Guest Julie T


We don't censor, but we do caution? The Spirituality 'general' section is open, but these 'specific' sections are protected. We will not allow disrespectful posts, and especially no personal attacks, so please keep it easy here. Discussion is encouraged, but it must be on a friendly level.


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Guest Alexandra89

I don't believe in any religion, nor am I a true atheist. I'm an agnostic atheist, so I reject hardline atheism for the same reason I reject theistic religions: I don't know what's out there, if anything, and pretending like I do would make me feel arrogant. But I really don't think there's anything beyond this life. Everything seems too random for that.

I don't think we are the alpha and omega. Just the opposite: we die, and the universe moves on regardless of our will or beliefs. I don't think there's a special place beyond this world created just for us to reward us for the way we lived our lives. I don't see how such non-belief could be considered arrogant.

No religion or non-religion can really bill itself as "right," in my opinion, since both rely on faith to fill in where knowledge fails. This can either be faith that there is something or faith that there is nothing. The only people who might know for sure are pretty much necessarily dead.

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