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HRT and hair...

Guest V4lentin4

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Guest V4lentin4


I saw that Kyla asked for the same thing basically, but i just would love to hear more witnesses... :)

Especially i would like to have a more precise idea about the times...

I wanted to know:

when (on HRT)

1- You first noticed a marked decrease in body/face hair...?

2- You had the maximum decrease in b/f hair...?

And also:

1- When did the hair lost ON your head started to regrow...? (i lost some, although not SO much :/)

2- When did you get the maximum regrowth of it...?

One last thing:

...is it right if i say that Dutasteride is the substance that helps best to have hair back on the head, and away from body/face...?

Thank You all, and hugs!

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I started HRT last Jan 20th 2012 so I'm really close to six months. I am also prescribed avodart (Dutasteride) and a low dose spiro. I've been taking Avodart for the past couple of years for enlarged prostate. I used to be pretty hairy both chest and back. Now their are only fine hairs and most of the hair is gone, I still shave my thighs, but below my knees, most of the hair has gone very thin and light colored or not at all. Hair on my arms and underarms are growing really slowly. Under arm hair grows so slowly, I want to say a month goes by before I shave.

I've been using over the counter minoxidil on the temples where I had some thinning hair at the temples and it is growing back now . It isn't as thick as the rest of my hair, but it is showing some really nice improvement. I've grown out my hair in a pageboy\bob style haircut and had the stylist cut it in layers.

I've had to break a lifetime habit of showering and washing my hair everyday. Your skin isn't as oily as it used to be and you only need to shampoo and condition every 2 to 3 days or your hair become too dried out and unmanageable. I've also learned to leave conditioner on my hair for at least 3 to 5 minutes whereas a minute or two in male mode used to suffise. So hit any bare spots with a cotton ball and a little minoxidil once a day and hopefully your experience will be like mine. Also buy moisturizer for your face with sunscreen and regular lotion for the rest of your body as your skin is mucher drier in female mode and is less oily. You will need to moisturize your skin. Kathryn

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Guest V4lentin4

Great Kathryn! I have read your advices very carefully and i will do my best to follow them.

I'm glad for the nice results of your therapy and wish You all the best for the rest of it.

Thank You so much!

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You are most welcome. The changes came pretty quickly. Kathryn

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Guest V4lentin4

Thank You so much Joanna! Very interesting informations... i saved the .pdf and started reading it... it's great.

Well, hair is a problem but nowadays it seems there are some good ways to remove it, if ht doesn't work for it... we'll see...


bye and take care!

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