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Guest V4lentin4

HRT and hair...

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Guest V4lentin4


I saw that Kyla asked for the same thing basically, but i just would love to hear more witnesses... :)

Especially i would like to have a more precise idea about the times...

I wanted to know:

when (on HRT)

1- You first noticed a marked decrease in body/face hair...?

2- You had the maximum decrease in b/f hair...?

And also:

1- When did the hair lost ON your head started to regrow...? (i lost some, although not SO much :/)

2- When did you get the maximum regrowth of it...?

One last thing:

...is it right if i say that Dutasteride is the substance that helps best to have hair back on the head, and away from body/face...?

Thank You all, and hugs!

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I started HRT last Jan 20th 2012 so I'm really close to six months. I am also prescribed avodart (Dutasteride) and a low dose spiro. I've been taking Avodart for the past couple of years for enlarged prostate. I used to be pretty hairy both chest and back. Now their are only fine hairs and most of the hair is gone, I still shave my thighs, but below my knees, most of the hair has gone very thin and light colored or not at all. Hair on my arms and underarms are growing really slowly. Under arm hair grows so slowly, I want to say a month goes by before I shave.

I've been using over the counter minoxidil on the temples where I had some thinning hair at the temples and it is growing back now . It isn't as thick as the rest of my hair, but it is showing some really nice improvement. I've grown out my hair in a pageboy\bob style haircut and had the stylist cut it in layers.

I've had to break a lifetime habit of showering and washing my hair everyday. Your skin isn't as oily as it used to be and you only need to shampoo and condition every 2 to 3 days or your hair become too dried out and unmanageable. I've also learned to leave conditioner on my hair for at least 3 to 5 minutes whereas a minute or two in male mode used to suffise. So hit any bare spots with a cotton ball and a little minoxidil once a day and hopefully your experience will be like mine. Also buy moisturizer for your face with sunscreen and regular lotion for the rest of your body as your skin is mucher drier in female mode and is less oily. You will need to moisturize your skin. Kathryn

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Guest V4lentin4

Great Kathryn! I have read your advices very carefully and i will do my best to follow them.

I'm glad for the nice results of your therapy and wish You all the best for the rest of it.

Thank You so much!

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You are most welcome. The changes came pretty quickly. Kathryn

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Guest JoannaSydney

I think results may varry Im 31 and had a tough time blocking my t.I didnt notice any hair getting thinner until i dont know i was very hairy and still have hair i dont want after almost 2 years hrt.My understanding of this is about 3 years plus you can look at the endocrin guide lines to get a real view of all this http://www.transforlife.com/tfl/documents/Endocrine_Treatment.pdf

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Guest V4lentin4

Thank You so much Joanna! Very interesting informations... i saved the .pdf and started reading it... it's great.

Well, hair is a problem but nowadays it seems there are some good ways to remove it, if ht doesn't work for it... we'll see...


bye and take care!

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    • KayC
      Happy things turned around for you, Heather Shay!  every storm cloud hides a rainbow waiting to come out 🌧️🌈❤️
    • Jackie C.
      Joan Jett is awesome, so yeah, perfectly understandable.   Hugs!
    • KayC
      Congratulations, Kylie!  so happy to hear that everything went so well and your recovery is going smoothly.  You're an inspiration to everyone here❣️
    • Jackie C.
      T-Shirt bras are super soft and comfy. There's a bit of give in them too, so that's lovely. Good choice! Doesn't come in my size though. <pout>   Hugs!
    • Shay
      That is super great news. I am excited for you. I am waiting for news therapist to get my referral letter and want to see if my old psych will also help me. Congrats. Shay
    • Jackie C.
      Hey @TransMex! I'm glad to see that you're still with us.   Real talk? That's your depression gnawing at your ear. It makes it harder to focus. It makes it hard to love yourself. It makes it hard to pursue your dreams. I get it. I've been where you are. You feel hopeless. Alone. Afraid. You just want to put your burden down. You need the hurting to stop. I let that go on until I was forty-eight. Don't do that, it was a terrible idea.   So yeah, the first steps are the hardest. You need to be talking to a therapist. They don't have to be a gender therapist. That would be ideal, but learning to love yourself is a very important step on your journey. I realize that the depression makes it very hard to take care of yourself, but that first step: Talking to a therapist, helped a lot. Hormones helped a little more. Every step made things just a little better. It got a little easier to take care of myself. It got a little easier to pursue my dreams again. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting better. Every little step helps. After you force yourself to take that first step, every step after comes just a little easier.   HRT should help with the mental static too. Once you can think again, it will be easier for you to plan and work towards your goals. In the meantime, we're always here if you need to talk, OK?   I can see that pretty girl looking back at me in the mirror more often than not. It's a great feeling. I want you to have that feeling too.   Hugs!
    • Sophie Watson
      I actually did get the Diagnosis I was expecting!    I made a video about the experience which is here      But obviously any questions you have I'm happy to answer here no matter how personal.  
    • Lexi C
      Hey Mex your only 27. I didn't start to full transition until 3year ago. I am 57. Your young which is the best time I think to start transition. I am not sure if you are American Citizen or not. Your grammar is well verse. But if you are and you live in Cali. I would look at trying to get on The Affordable  Care Health plan or Obama ( Heath Care L.A) plan . They will pay for HRT , Gender therapist  and if you qualify they will pay up to 80% of all your surgeries , which included, Female Fascial Feminization , Vocal, Breast and you bottom.  Regardless, Hardest part ( for me) in my transition is moving forward, not giving up or in to my  dysphoria. The easiest  part is giving up. Be safe, BE Proud and KICK ASS
    • VickySGV
      Sad that it happened, good that some justice is being done, and there will be some closure.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.fox5dc.com/news/montgomery-county-man-pleads-guilty-in-killing-of-transgender-woman     Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      Southwestern University School Of Law, (Los Angeles)  also 1974. 
    • VickySGV
      This page on Trans Pulse was developed to address your need @HollyNoel   https://www.transgenderpulse.com/clothing-size-charts/   At least it is a start. 
    • HollyNoel
      Thank you Sara. You are an angel. I will check the websites to see if they have fittings.
    • HollyNoel
      Elizabeth, i really do like your name. It's so pretty. Anyway thanks for the heads up, I wonder if Target carries my size. Would be sweet to pick up several bras and matching panties. Thank you so much
    • HollyNoel
      SaraAW, the band fit nice around the rib cage. It wasn't snug so I'm guessing it might have been a bit too big but not by much I think. I could get 3 fingers between the band and my chest. The cups were definitely to big. My breast wasn't even clots to filling either one. The calculated said 54DD was my recommended bra. I'm thinking that since walmart has fitting rooms maybe if I explain to the attendant maybe she will let me try on a few different sizes. I can ask, all they can do is say no and if that happens I'll just buy a couple and return them if they don't fit. Most business like to work with trans people and the ones that don't like trans people do work with us out of fear of getting sued. So the next time I'm in Wal-Mart I'm going to grab a few that I like and ask the attendant.
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