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Guest JoannaSydney

finding the right shampoo and conditioner

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Guest JoannaSydney

Ok so recently ive been concerned with my hair falling out on on fineseride to try and help that.My hair gets so dry now i need coditioner but it seems when i use it i get alot of hair that wants to fall out.I use suave coditioner and shampoo.I dont know what to do.It only seems to come out in the shower though.Also i cant say if its falling out or break off.either way thats bad falling out is worth of coarse.I have to call the lady who does my eyebrows cuz she knows hair too but i figured i ask what i should do any sugestion on a diferent shampoo and conditioner?This really bothers me

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Hi Joanna,

It is hard to know what hair products to use. I remember a while back telling my hairdresser that I was using Pantene and she nearly became ill. I guess that's off the list? Now, I'm using Nexus shampoo (because Costco has it). My hairdresser didn't become ill when I told her that. I think it's better?

But, in my pre HRT days, I washed my hair daily. Now, it's more like once every 5 days. I'm not so sure that the shampoo has as much effect on my hair as the hairspray and flatiron that I use.

When I do wash my hair, I do notice hair loss. But it's been a lifelong cycle - occasional increase in hair loss and then it goes away agin. I don't think it's anything to be too concerned about. But, I do share your concerns!

Love, Megan

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Guest Melissa~

Finasteride IS working on hair-loss, I can report that with just a few weeks of use. In my shower today before work I had maybe ten hairs come out, vs a good thirty I had been losing each shower. I know that 50 a day is supposedly okay, but I was alarmed because I thought I could be exceeding even that.

Matrix-total care-sleek is what I had been using, my wife took my entire supply when she skipped town.

Currently using herbal essences touchably smooth.

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Guest Velanna

Hair falling out in the shower happens to everyone! Although I'm sure you probably mean it falls in excess...?

If that be the case, then I'm not too keen on how to help remedy that. But I can throw my two cents in their based on my experiences! Being born a male one has to concern themselves with hair falling out in excess eventually! It's a testosterone (I believe) thing! In my experience with hair loss, I'm still too young (based on my family history) to be going through excess hair loss. But I did go through a time where my hair was falling out (not in excess but enough so that it drew concern, BIG concern for me because I LOVE my hair! lol) What my dermatologist recommended was trying a different shampoo/conditioner. I found that Tresme (sp?) shampoo and Dove conditioner works best for me! Been using both for about 8 years and haven't has any major problems (except for when I started bleaching my hair. But in that instance I just simply starting using Dove conditioning for colored hair which worked surprisingly well for me!)

All in all, it just depends on you! Maybe you could try to switch shampoo/conditioner? Experiment a little and see what works best for you! :)

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Guest Sascha

Some shed a lot of old hairs in a transition, while other don't. Not sure why this happens, but it can happen due to hormone imbalance. Please note that finasteride can increase T by 10-30% in some.

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Guest angelvice

As a GF, ive ALWAYS had extra fine hair and it comes out in handfuls... it does grow though, so never worrysome, but i asked my hairdressers too, and they said it was usually due to stressful periods in life and unless there were literally PATCHES of hair falling, it was nothing to be worried about... now... if anyone has a shampoo that actually WORKS on greasy hair, im all for it, because i don't like having to wash my hair every other day because its shiny and yucky. BLEH! i thought greasy hair was a part of being a teenager but NOOOOO.... then someone told me it was hormones and i would be fine after childbirth but NOOOO.. I even tried washing my hair with baking soda and doing the vinegar rinse every other day with shampoo on the 4th day and after a month it did ziltch... if female hormones make your hair dry, can i take an extra dose? LOL.

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      Good memories of a woman I lived with when I was 20-22.  I crossdressed with her from day one.  Everything was new to me, and she was the first other person I really trusted with this. She showed me how to put on stockings, bras, makeup, etc. She was wise and shared with me knowledge of about sex, trans, escorting, porn,  and LIFE....only some of which I could handle.  We shopped and walked about and wore alot of short skirts.  We got in some trouble together, usually her fault We were both size 4 and shared our clothes.  And envied each other's attributes at times. Sounds like heaven, but it wasn't.  But still a treasured memory.
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      I had this friend about two years ago, very amazing girl with a really open mind, and she worked part time at this costume shop. So after having come clean with them and her boyfriend, her parents and the tenant in their back yard flat who is also her band member, they all started calling me Lynn (her sister's name is Caitlyn, and they call her Kate so I got Lynn) and referring to me by girl pronouns, which by itself was rather amazing. So one weekend she invites me over early the morning, asks me if I'd like to get out of the house to dress up a little and I assume it's at their house so I shave nice and clean and then head over. I got there and Kate is there, and I learn that she's actually a makeup artist and has unpacked all her stuff in preparation for me specifically. So she asks about my favourite colours and spends almost an hour on making me look spectacular and refusing that I look in the mirror until she's done, which already blew my mind when I saw it. I thought that was the ultimate.  Then my friend brought up all the outfits and costumes and fantasies I've discussed with her again while gathering her stuff as if they wanted to go out, and then drags me to the car, which made me nervous beyond measure.  She had arranged to do some spring cleaning after hours at the shop on that weekend so she could have the keys and we could all go try in different thins and take photos in costumes.  We spent majority of the day there.  That is my all time favourite memory. I also went to one of her shows as myself after that at a little bar, they had a ladies night special which I was granted to partake in. And I didn't get trouble, looks or lip when using the rest room which was a close second.  Life can be real good sometimes.  I miss my friend. 
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      I've always been attracted to both women and men, and have had many sexual experiences with both throughout my life, pre and post transition. I have always felt more emotionally compatible with women though, and as such the majority of my relationships have been with women.
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      Hey folks!   Recently I've been thinking a lot about my sexuality and how it's changed throughout the progression of my transition. Before I was out as a trans woman, I first came out as asexual, then bisexual, then gay, and eventually bisexual again. Basically, I've been here, and I've been queer for quite a while. Since transitioning though, I've had a couple... encounters with men and women, but for the most part I've been focusing inward to figure out who I am before I commit to a long term relationship. Lately though, I've had some time to think, and I'm pretty sure I'm exclusively interested in being with men. Even though I've dated women before, and I can appreciate their attractiveness, I just don't feel the same when I'm with a girl. I know that sexuality is pretty fluid and that labeling my attraction isn't the most important thing in the world, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to admit that I'm the straight friend. Of course, I know that I'm a woman, and I only want to date men that are attracted to woman. I almost feel as though in some nuanced way that still reflects that, my attraction to guys is still just a little bit gay, and maybe this feeling is somehow related to all the years that I grew up being told it was wrong to like other guys. IDK, if any of you girls (or guys or anyone in-between) wants to weigh in, I'd love to feel like I'm not the only one that's gone through something like this. 
    • Siobhan
      I spent too much time in my life worrying about what was comfortable to other people, and I'm not speaking just about trans-related stuff. You can drive yourself mad trying to make people feel comfortable/happy/pleased. I didn't really focus on how I might make other people comfortable with my transition. But I've been a 'If you don't like it, you can go stuff it' type since I was a kid, which helped.     I worked from home when I transitioned, but would run into the office once a week for materials and stuff. It was a pretty liberal industry in a sense, so I wasn't super concerned with losing my job. Really though, I was presenting kind of andro-femme (which is an oxymoron I guess, but I hope it makes sense), so they weren't terribly shocked when I told them I was officially transitioning. I mean, I was already wearing makeup to a degree and painting my nails and such. They didn't know I was trans (it's not something commonly assumed back then) so I think they just thought I was queer. When I did officially tell them, they weren't terribly shocked. The next time they saw me, they saw me 'as me' and outside of the occasional teasing, it went pretty well. The new name thing was hard for a while but after about a year it was like they'd never known I had a name other than Siobhan. I know that not everyone is that fortunate. I know that not everyone has the same background or experience as me. I recognize the privilege I had from the way I was raised, which was in a poor but liberal family with parents that promoted an interest in the arts and an appreciation for diversity. I don't know how things would have played out had I come from a different background, or had more of a conservative job. I like to think that I'd still more or less be the same person and do what I have always strived to do, which is to be myself no matter what. But who knows? I may have painted a picture of me gliding down easy street, but that's not really accurate. I still had to deal with the public and a few non-accepting friends, external family members, and a brother who I ended up disowning. There were very hard days. I may have a tough attitude, but it doesn't mean I liked being stared at by everybody in restaurant when I walked in, or having to deal with that look people give when they are trying to figure out what exactly you are. It was like that in the beginning until  HRT really kicked in and I began to acclimate to a different life. But I knew at the beginning of this that it would not be without significant problems and pain, so I was prepared as much as I could be. I wish you well on this trip. You are doing the right thing in that you are really thinking about how best to approach it and analyzing how you will handle things to come. Maybe try not to get too hung up on how people will perceive you though, because for good or ill, none of us can really control that. What you have a better chance of controlling is how much you let worry or fear determine your course. Be safe, be sure, and focus on the end-goal and the people who love you when things start to feel heavy.
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