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Where do you get your clothes from?

Guest Sandra

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I've mentioned this before, try Goodwill.  I find name brand styles at great prices.  Often there are new items with tags still on them.  I have also found a number of wonderful purses too.  You can buy a discount card for $10 that gives you a 10% discount for a year plus a few other benefits.  



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I have found I like Victoria Secret’s cloths line and Newport News. Occasionally Target has something cute but they are low quality.

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I also buy some clothes from charity shops, I've bought some tops and dresses from charity shops before and they're usually pretty good quality.

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I have bought from Charity shops before, but these days here in the Uk the clothing is pretty expensive at times in high street charity shops. I have seen clothes from budget brands that are more expensive in the charity shops than they were originally sold for as new. Sales in original stores are ideal, and be prepared to haggle if the item is not perfect. A loose thread is easily repaired!



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When I finally had enough of ill fitting clothes I got up the nerve to shop in male mode.  No one pays attention if you shop with confidence.  The one bad experience I had was at Walmart, I was looking thru the bras and they broadcast over the speakers that the "cameras were rolling".  I could only assume they thought I was shoplifting.  And when I went to check out, none of the bras would scan so they had to send someone to check the prices.  They kept me at the checkout for a long time.  I was dying inside, but I had the courage to discuss how they were embarrassing me.  I think I was successful guilting them.


Now everyone should know the best part of shopping at popular stores is that you can return anything that doesn't fit. When I had this revelation I started buying a lot and would try them on in the privacy of my own home, and return the rejects.  My wardrobe improved dramatically in fit and style!  Returning things is actually less embarrassing than the shopping.


So with my great wardrobe what do I do?  Go shopping of course!  Well I shop, but rarely buy when in girl mode.  I am not entirely comfortable face to face with the sales clerks, especially if I have to speak knowing my voice gives me away. Thank goodness for the self checkout lines.   


Now what does everybody think of using the dressing rooms in the women's department or taking women's clothes into the mens dressing rooms?

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When I shop I use the ladies dressing rooms. Since I shop in womens clothes, I have no problem using the ladies dressing rooms; the ladies restrooms are a different matter. I'm working on that ?

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The highest level stores are the only ones that freak me out, not the treatment I get these days but the styles they expect me to wear, and THE PRICES.  My two favorite stores are Lane Bryant and Dress Barn for my every day clothing, although Wal Mart and Target due for the plain cotton underwear and flannel pajamas that I like.  None of my fears about Fitting Rooms or restrooms have ever materialized, and I feel so darn lucky that has been the case. 

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On 10/21/2012 at 7:00 AM, Guest kira66662 said:

when i first started shopping for wemon clothing i was extremely nerves, but as time went on i realized i really didn't care what they thought, if you afraid heres a trick, text your self a shopping list, look at your phone here and there they will think you shopping for someone eles if you like to try it

I've done that too

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On 11/26/2012 at 3:03 AM, Guest Rosabella said:

I'm getting less uncomfortable going into my neighborhood Walmart and buying female clothing in guy mode. Today I bought a cami, a bra, and nail polish. I don't think anyone cares. But I do have some discomfort if others I know saw me picking out things from the female sections of Walmart. Normally I travel a number of miles to a store where I am not liable to see people I know. Today, I just dealt with it and did it anyway at the home store. I know my size so I don't have to try it on. I can return it for another size if it is the wrong fit.

Most decent store assistants wont ask who it's for, as it's none of their business.  They are just only too pleased too help you.   I had one ask me once and i replied sure it's for me.  I said wirh a curious but confident look, why are you asking me....!?

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I'm currently doing a lot of shopping online. Poshmark is fun and affordable. And I also LOVE Uniqlo for affordable well made basics that still have some style. 

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Lately, I've been doing more online shopping.  I'm buying more ladies clothing now because I'm slowly attempting to rebuild my ladies wardrobe. My retailer of choice is currently Zulilly.  Their prices are very good and they have great selections too.  There are ways to obtain free shipping on orders if you know how they work (msg me if you use them & want that info).  If you don't get free shipping it's about $5-6US per shipment on average. As long as you know your sizes and you don mind 2 week waiting times from order to home delivery, it's great.


Susan R?

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Omg posh mark is awesome! A girl down the street turned me on to them by showing me some designer shoes at Payless prices. And Payless has the nerve to put up a commercial where they pretend that they can actually fool rich people lol! Anyway zulilly is good too. I’m surprised at some of the quality on Zappos too lately. My bookmarks are overflowing with clothes and shoes. For makeup check out shopmissa. Makeup is cheap but very good quality. And their brush selection is wow!

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Just now, Josietg said:

My bookmarks are overflowing with clothes and shoes

Lol, this is so true Josie. I need a day just to get mine organized into separate folders...it's getting ridiculous.


Susan R?

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I’m still very much not out, so always in male mode when shopping. I have had lots of success asking employees for help buying my wife some clothes. I have an idea of what I want in advance and I think that helps.  I also shop at thrift stores, though not for intimates, and have lots of success.  I have been adding lots of stuff to my Zulily basket but haven’t yet made a purchase, but their deals look amazing. Not fully out to my wife so worried about the delivery. 


Where I’ve struggled is shoes, now thanks to some wonderful people on another thread, I have several options I will be trying. 


Happy shopping! 



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  • 8 months later...

Any good size charts or reviews on brands and trends on say does there size 7 run large or small or better for people who run tall . 

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Huh. I am reading everyone responds and it occur to me that most of me cloths and shoes (90%) were either gift to me from past lover, Friends who have adult girls that moved out of there house or Girl Friend that know I am trans. I am petite with a ladies size 8 shoe...The only thing I really shop for is pants and bras....usually go to target . Forever, HM their cheap Not a big V.S girl super price and they quality is spotty.. But Ross is  also cool..I used to go Good Will until I found out that it's not a charity but a family run bus that dose not treat their employs well because they hide under the no profit tag..their creeps and they support Trump...Oh thanks for the head up Shopmissa and Zulliy def check then out.

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just realize that my answer to this question..sound arrogance not my attention...Just amazing on how far I gone...from all male wardrobe to all female in less then 3yr, on 8months of HRT, and I am a full time woman even though I still sound like a man and sometimes look like one...But I am living a dream...wow 

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Most of my female wardrobe came from Ebay. Some from Wally world, Target and Kmart. I have been wearing panties for decades. In the last 10 years started with other garments. Now most of my wardrobe is feminine. Except for my works shirts, which I hope will be able to get the female shirts soon. I do have common t-shirts which I believe to be androgynous. 



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On 9/23/2012 at 11:24 PM, Guest Sandra said:

... Anyhow, I'm wondering how you ladies manage to acquire all your clothing so perhaps I can do the same, but I'd like to be very discreet about it.

This is the best time of the year to browse through the female side of Wally World, and buy frilly things with lots of straps. "My wife/gf/mistress told me she wants a new _____ for Christmas." If it doesn't fit, "surprize her" by exchanging yourself after Christmas for a better size. Realistically, they're too busy to care about anything except getting off ... er, work that is, not the other.

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Priya Sweet

Mine is mostly only like Amazon or fashion nova. I bought a lot of clothes from Wish. It hasnt come yet but hopefully they all fit :)

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 I have purchased from several online crossdresser sites. They often have a complete set of  clothing, wigs, makeup, corsets and shoes which make it easier to shop. One I've had some success with is En Femme. They will also ship to you in unmarked packages. But there are other sites that are good. ❤️

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  • 3 months later...

I'm in the UK so stores may be different here.


Physical shops are rare for me. If it's near Christmas or Valentine's I'll buy underwear in the supermarket - Asda or a Tesco - on the assumption that if anyone sees me they'll assume it's for a girlfriend/partner/wife as a present. I'll still do the sell-checkout though to avoid questions...


Online, through trial and error, I've found Select is good. Decent prices and fairly regular for sizing. They're cheap enough that I've worked out what size I need for tops, bottoms and dresses without needing to try things on in a physical shop.

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From friends when they clean out their wardrobe,second hand stores and certain transgender,crossdresser friendly places.

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On 5/5/2020 at 6:04 PM, TheMatthew said:

They're cheap enough that I've worked out what size I need for tops, bottoms and dresses without needing to try things on in a physical shop


There are some stores here whose fitting rooms are unattended (you can bring as many things to try on as you wish, and no one is there to check).  Prior to the virus shutdown, I made great use of these to find out what fit and learn how sizing varies by manufacturer, etc.  Looking forward to the day when that's possible again!



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    • tracy_j
      It's a bit tricky for me to answer you directly on this but my take was to look around at cis women, their shapes and what they wear. I was thinking that I do tend to wear slightly wider tops as they look better and, having a very quick search, found this page which seems to support my view: http://bodyshapestyle.com/2011/04/28/what-to-wear-tops-for-broad-shoulders/   A lot may also depend on what women wear in the places you go to as well as it is obviously easier to fit in.   Tracy
    • Heathick
      I know I'm getting WAY ahead of myself with this at this point, but I'm the ultra-ultra-cautious type: I have issues even starting down any road where I don't feel I already fully understand the destination.   For cis-males, the "glans" ("head") has a particular extra-sensitivity that is not always entirely pleasant. It tends to be more the shaft's erectile tissue and the foreskin that are the big genital erogenous zones, not so much the glans. But, AIUI, for typical penile inversion vagiplasty, all the exterior portion of the erectile tissue is removed, and the neo-clitoris is formed from a portion of the glans.   But since the clitoris tends to be the main female genital erogenous zone, rather than the canal, (or at least for cis-females anyway???), that makes me worry: Does that mean that the post-SRS sexual experience for M2Fs is limited to the awkward sensation of rubbing the male glans?  Or does HRT change things somehow?
    • Heathick
      I had a little bit of a theoretical panic just thinking today. I know that one of my favorite things about women's clothing is the possibility of strappy, shoulderless tops. I hate collars and sleeves, even short sleeves, and (in private) absolutely love the freedom of low-cut, shoulder-less spaghetti-strap tops. (Such as my favorite nightie!)   But I'm close to 40, I went through full male puberty, and I'm a bit on the large side even by "guy" standards. Obviously, FFS and SRS (and presumably HRT) aren't going to have any effect on masculine "broad shoulders".   So, are tops like this something that are just a fashion no-no for people like us, or is there any hope?
    • Heathick
      Wow! I think that's incredibly cool!   There's a part of me that always wished I could discover that I was born some form of genetic intersex, because I felt that would give me a perfect excuse to embrace and embody the femininity I desired.   But in any case. I've always been fascinated by, and drawn to anything nontraditional-sex/gender related. So I sincerely hope i''m not crossing any uncomfortable lines, but FWIW, I for one think that's seriously cool!  Congrats!!!
    • Heathick
      If either my adult OR high school experience is anything to go by, a LOT of men are just stupid! (No offense intended to our F2M brothers, If you're even at the point of questioning, you're clearly highly evolved and enlightened if you ask me. And hey, it goes for just as many women, too.)   Seriously, from both an insider AND outsider point of view, I think masculinity is in desperate need of a similar "refresh" and "reawakening" as femininity got a few decades ago. In far too many cases, masculinity is still stuck in the same cro-magnon swamp that femininity was stuck in up until the 1960's.
    • KMTAL
      Undercover Angel By Alan O'Day
    • Berni
      A book that truly allowed me to accept myself is Whipping Girl by Julia Serano.   Heres an excert:   In the years just prior to my transition, I started to express my femaleness as much as possible within the context of having a male body; I became a very androgynous queer boy in the eyes of the world. While it felt relieving to simply be myself, not to care about what other people thought of me, I still found myself grappling with a constant, compelling subconscious knowledge that I should be female rather than male. After twenty years of exploration and experimentation, I eventually reached the conclusion that my female subconscious sex had nothing to do with gender roles, femininity, or sexual expression—it was about the personal relationship I had with my own body. For me, the hardest part about being trans has not been the discrimination or ridicule that I have faced for defying societal gender norms, but rather the internal pain I experienced when my subconscious and conscious sexes were at odds with one another. I think this is best captured by the psychological term “cognitive dissonance,” which describes the mental tension and stress that occur in a person’s mind when they find themselves holding two contradictory thoughts or views simultaneously—in this case, subconsciously seeing myself as female while consciously dealing with the fact that I was male. This gender dissonance can manifest itself in a number of ways. Sometimes it felt like stress or anxiousness, which led to marathon battles with insomnia. Other times, it surfaced as jealousy or anger at other people who seemed to enjoy taking their gender for granted. But most of all, it felt like sadness to me—a sort of gender sadness—a chronic and persistent grief over the fact that I felt so wrong in my body.   ...   Unlike most forms of sadness that I’ve experienced, which inevitably ease with time, my gender dissonance only got worse with each passing day. And by the time I made the decision to transition, my gender dissonance had gotten so bad that it completely consumed me; it hurt more than any pain, physical or emotional, that I had ever experienced. I know that most people believe that transsexuals transition because we want to be the other sex, but that is an oversimplification. After all, I wanted to be female almost my whole life, but I was far too terrified of the label “transsexual,” or of having potential regrets, to seriously consider transitioning. What changed during that twenty-some-year period was not my desire to be female, but rather my ability to cope with being male, to cope with my own gender dissonance. When I made the decision to transition, I honestly had no idea what it would be like for me to live as female. The only thing I knew for sure was that pretending to be male was slowly killing me.
    • Rat man
      cavetown and mother mother
    • Rat man
      Thankyou for being so nice I fine myself so thankful that people like you exist. I think I will reconsider or at least no self- harm as much. Thankyou your a great person.
    • Astrid
      Yayyyy! Wonderful  news!! 🙂💃It will be good to meet others who understand what you are experiencing.    More hugs,   Astrid 
    • Lee H
      It takes a modicum of intelligence to rise above stupidity....
    • Lee H
      In my book, growing into accepting myself as a woman doesn't require "rejecting my history of male-identification." That history is as much a part of me as the events unfolding now as I move further into transition. It's not a "zero sum gain" where I need to "reject" a huge part of my life story to substitute the part I'm starting and want to explore on into the future. We are the product of everything that has gone before, and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It's who we are. I don't want to "reject" that. I want to add something new, open the door on a new but previously hidden part of who I am.   I don't want to do this all at once. I want to move into it gradually, learning as I go, savoring every day as a new experience unto itself, not just a "delay in getting there." And I want to remain the same person with the same loves, caring, ethics and values, same experiences, same everything except my gender. I want to be who I am becoming.   ~~With a hug from Lee~~
    • Berni
      Thankyou @Shay, @ElizabethStar and @Jacqui for your kind words. I felt really good today ... having one of those "I know I dont cis-pass but feel pretty anyway"  kind of days. Besides, I think some men are just stupid.   Elizabeth, the double-think involved in what you are going through sounds like hard work. Hopefully things will settle down soon.   And Shay, you too are such a gorgeous person. Take care.
    • Willow
      Hi,   well I had a psychologist appointment today.  New to me Dr (PhD). It went well.  It had been 18 months since my last therapy appointment.  We are going to meet every two weeks when possible.  I’ve been having some unusual bouts of depression lately and felt it was time to get back on the therapy train.     @Jacquii do all my own makeup. my hair is a wig because I am naturally bald.  As Willow I am much less conservative in my dress then I am otherwise.  I prefer bolder brighter colors.  Thanks for liking my earrings obviously I like them too.  I wore a dress today for my appointment.     its been quite a while since I was last misgendered but I probably just jinxed myself.  In fact I think it was my first time out as Willow which was a couple years ago.  My wife complains I have better legs, and that some of her tops look better on me.     @Emily michellehow did your foot get crushed?  I must have missed that.   Willow
    • Jacqui
      @Sally Stone, thanks for your good wishes and encouraging predictions!
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