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Guest Kallum


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Guest Kallum

Looking into the abyss that once was my soul,

Drowning in the secrets that nobody knows.

I try to speak but they cannot hear,

For I am a person thats no longer there.

The fights in my mind can go on for hours,

I wish they would stop they're making me powerless.

I sit in the dark and stare at myself,

Trapped and alone there is no one else.

I scream and I scream to the endless abyss that I am still here,

Though I am not missed.

A solitary tear rolls down my face,

On the inside I'm burning my life's a disgrace.

It cannot go on, it can't stay like this,

But they do not listen to what they can't see.

The pride that was felt has all drained away,

Some days I just wish that they hadn't lain.

For I would not be here,

They wouldn't blame, themselves for what is not in their control.


Together, in love a baby became,

The joy that they felt the smiles that they had.

Are long gone and all that is left,

Is the doubt, the worry, the grief, the questions, the end of the world.

So if all is quiet it cannot hurt,

Right, but the agony inside is tourment itself.

I am afraid,

That I have made irreprible damage to the ones I love most.

I wish that we had the courage to talk,

The silence is deafening.

Yet I fear the tears and the anguish that shows in there face,

I wish that I never existed and came into their lives.

I know I don't tell them so they cannot see,

That I feel like a burden, for just being me.


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Guest Tamar

Wow. Deep. Thanks for sharing Kal.

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Guest Maria_B

Kal, I read a great deal of pain. I know it well.

Sincerest love from me to you.


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Kal, I'm so sorry you feel that way as i know it too well. We all have times of hurt and pain as we feel we hurt others. While at the same time we have to be ourselves Things change dear person. Your tears will turn to smiles if you give them some time. In the meantime please keep us in the loop and know you are not alone.



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Guest miss kindheart

Dear Kai,

<<< hug >>>

The courage you seek is right inside of you

But then It always has been

The ones you love the most surly love you unconditionally

Don't ever give up on that

Instead trust in it, with your whole heart

Your words have the power of poetry

Don't be afraid to share them with the ones dearest to you

:wub: vanna

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    • Carolyn Marie
      I am old (school) so I am usually reluctant to sign up for automatic payments for anything.  There are a couple of exceptions.  I change passwords and credit card numbers often enough to make it very tedious to have to remember which auto payments I'm signed up for and change them out.   So I buy my stamps, lick my envelopes, and pray that the "Mail Goes Through" on time.  Even that is becoming less of a sure thing these days.  Some days I don't get my mail delivered until 9 p.m.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      The last time I read up on it, which admittedly was several years ago, it was considered a cosmetic procedure by the IRS.  I have not heard of any change.  Breast enhancement surgery for MtF and mastectomies for FtM are usually allowable deductions if one gets documentation from medical providers that it was medically necessary.   That said, the cost of medical procedures must still exceed the percentage of income (usually 7%) in order to be deducted, and finally, one must be able to itemize deductions, which is a more difficult threshold to get past than it was prior to Trump's big tax changes from a couple of years ago.   So, as usual, it depends.  Please talk to your tax advisor to be sure.  I am not a tax accountant, nor do I play one on T.V.  🤣   Carolyn Marie
    • Dinaki
      ...and another song called Je Veux
    • Dinaki
      I am listenning at ZAZ   Les Passants
    • Teri Anne
      Playing in a band is wonderful but has its issues.
    • Bri2020
      Anyone know whether facial electrolysis is a qualified medical expense for transgender people for tax purposes?  If i'm going to spend 10s of thousands I am hoping to at least find a tax break
    • Sandra6sandy9sand
      Hi Cris31, My wife and I have been married for over 40 years. I’ve wanted to be female for 70 years. I’ve cross dressed since age 6 but was never able or ready to accept myself as transgender until a few years ago. My wife tolerates my feminine side and I believe quietly accepts me.   I’m not on HRT and I don’t plan on having surgery. As of now, I’ll live out my life the way I am.   I’m sorry your wife feels the way she. Life is still good    Hugs Sandra
    •  Kylie
      @Shay Thank you so much! ❤️
    • Emily michelle
      My wife also mentioned becoming a dental hygienist which I don’t see a problem with I’m just scared because wrenching is all I know. I do agree with her I should look into doing something else I just don’t know what lol. I have time I just need to start looking and figure out what I would enjoy. I’m kind of burnt out on being a mechanic and that was pretty much my fault because my way of coping before was drowning myself in work and now I’m at a point I don’t enjoy it.
    • Cris31
    • Sam S
      This is something I worry about too -- what if I go through all of this and it makes me even less attractive to the people I see as my tribe?   But then I think that at least I'll be my real self. And I can't be any more single than I already am.
    • Sam S
    • KymmieL
      My wife has known of my preference in underwear. She has told me she was surprised when we got married that she never found tighty whitys or boxers in the wash. She says she was shocked the first time she saw me in a thong.   For the longest time she and I for that matter thought I was just a crossdresser. I finally put two and two together about 3 yrs ago. Hey idiot you aren't a crossdresser you are a girl. It was last Halloween when she first saw me dressed.First time for me going out dressed too.  OH, god. the blow up that happened. WWIII has nothing on this.   Kymmie 
    • Sam S
      Congratulations, that's a major milestone.
    • Confusedconfusedconfused
      Definitely know what you mean by imposter syndrome. I woke up feeling very unsure, and I'm sure I will feel that way for some time. But I put on three of my mom's sports bras (temporarily), pants from my male best friend, a t shirt, and I stood in the mirror like a guy with my hands in my pockets. I felt really good looking and confident. I'm taking it one day at a time for the future, but it feels I've finally unlocked the first step of *something*. 
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