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Carolyn Marie

The Choices We Make

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Carolyn Marie

I know this Forum is meant for folks to post their own work, but there is no rule that says you can't link to someone elses. This is my favorite poem, dating back to high school. Nowadays it has taken on such a profound meaning to me, because of the choices I have made in my life

But I agree with many who say that Frost didn't mean to imply that one choice is better than another, but that each choice we make is good in its own right, and that regret of our choices is folly.

Anyway, here it is, Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken."


Carolyn Marie

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Guest ~Brenda~

This is one of my favorite poems too Carolyn. I often quote "path less travelled" in reference to this poem.



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Guest angels wings

I have never read this before . Thank you Carolyn :)

Angel :)

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Guest Robin Winter

Not my favorite, but I've always been fond of this one :)

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Guest miss kindheart

Thanks for sharing it

<<<< hug >>>

:wub: vanna

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Quoted it to myself since grade school. And it has acquired more and meaning as I made choices and went further down the roads I chose.

Thank you Carolyn for reminding me.


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