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Guest Rhiana

Anime movies

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Guest Rhiana

I like Howl's moving castle, Mononoke, Spriited away, appleseed, and anything final fantasy!

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Guest Jo-88

spirited away is one of my favorites... Miyazaki's films are amazing.

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Guest lostflower

I love all the Studio Ghibli movies

Summer Wars, Cowboy Bebop and A Letter to Momo are good too


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Guest wulf1walker

i'll watch just about any anime atleast once, into manga as well, recently been into loveless, jyu oh sei planet of the beast king, yu yu hakusho, and many others.

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Guest JeepGirl90

Howl's Moving Castle is awesome! and I am obsessed with Final Fantasy, LOL, I also love Astroboy, Doomed Megaopolis and Gundress.

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Guest JohnV

Spirited Away is my favorite Miyuzaki film.

I really want to watch Summer Wars too.

It's not exactly anime because it is 3D CGI, but the film Oblivion Island: Haruka and the magic mirror is really cute too.

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Guest CelesteSky

Anything Studio Ghibli ♥

My top 3 from them would be:

1. Spirited Away

2. Kiki's delivery service

3. Howl's moving castle

Aside from that I loved the Clannad movie, the Full Metal Alchemist movie was all right as well!

If summer wars counts as well I loved that movie. It was exciting and adorable and beautiful c:

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Guest Bellexia

I am of the group that felt Akira was very meh bordering on sleep inducing. Howl's was pretty good, spirited away was alright, Princess Monoke was actually pretty decent. Steamboy I really enjoyed.

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Guest princessofdarkness

'End of Evangelion' is my favorite, but I don't recommend it to most people because I don't want them to get angry at me. And believe me, you'll get angry watching the movie. I hated it my first viewing. But as it refused to leave my mind, I watched it again, and feel deeply in love with the film. It inspires strong opinions.

But uh, for more sane films, 'Kiki's Delivery Service' I absolutely adore (love all of Miyazaki's movies). That I recommend to everyone.

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I like all the Miyazaki films I've seen, especially "Spirited Away" and "Ponyo." I like a lot of the more lighthearted anime stuff too. One of the first anime tv shows I ever saw was Ranma 1/2. I really liked Ranma and empathized with him and how frustrating he found being a girl when it happened.

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    • JustineM
      Thanks Vicky,  I know I have a long way to go, just started this a few weeks ago. I am just so damn happy that it came together as well as it did. Far from perfect, but that’s just me. It’s amazing the amount of relief and happiness I’m feeling right now. And the wife seems to approve so that helps. 😁😁😁
    • Ellora
      Hi! and Welcome!
    • VickySGV
      A word of hope and dread, I began my Transition 20 years ago as a CD, which lasted 12 years, and FULL TIME with all the the work 8 years ago, and I am still not finished.  Don't worry about it though, you are living your truth and that is the most important.  A happy, friendly attitude with people will more than offset any little defects we have, but that is the same for all our life. 
    • JustineM
      For the first time I actually put everything together. From the gaff and false boobies 😁 to all the makeup. I’ve got to be honest I saw  my body profile and almost cried. Still need more practice with the makeup but it wasn’t to bad for my first attempt. Also need to grow my hair more or get a wig. 
    • gennee
      Hello and welcome.
    • lauraincolumbia
      Gooseberries grow best up north.  In fact, a bush won't grow berries, if it there wasn't at least one hard freeze over the winter time.
    • Ellora
      Ive never heard of Gooseberries, I must try them now.
    • Ellora
      Eeeek, Nettle in the nethers! No bueno!   One thing men and women have in common, is they both have need to squat then #2 is involved. 
    • Ellora
      We have heat, and a wide variation. all within a 20min drive. =). In the winter, you can play at the beach, drive 20-30 mins inland and play in the snow =).
    • Ellora
      Eeeek! too hot! AC all the way! 
    • Ellora
      Ace of Base did a cover of Bananarama's song "Cruel Summer." in 1998. The Original song from Bananarama came out in 1984, which dates me back to 18yrs old when it was in the "Karate Kid." Lots of nostalgia for me .
    • Kamarka
      That sounds so perfect I bet you could make a lot of nice desserts with all the fresh fruit!
    • tracy_j
      Except for the sun it sounds good over there. Here we live with a wide variation, but I like the heat better than most. I'm loving it here at the moment picking Loganberries directly off the bush as a snack between meals lol. The redcurrents are at their prime too! A short while ago it was Gooseberries and soon be time for doing the same with blackberries. I love to pick things direct rather than buying at the supermarket.   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      I am not sure it is all post transition. I remember a friend joking at a party we were at that I was typically like a woman and taking so long in the loo. On reading a national newspaper here today I did notice an article about there being loads more bacteria in a mens facillity than a womens - surprise surprise lol. The main thing I miss about going in the wild (apart from beware of nettles etc) is that it is less easy to see approaching embarrasment, being low down in the undergrowth.   My visits to the hairdresser are very similar pricewise. She is not upmarket either is styles or price but I love the local meeting / gossip. I suppose the thing I don't miss is the (often) doctors surgery atmosphere of a barbers rather than chatty hairdressers.   Tracy
    • Timber Wolf
      Good day everyone,🌳   Happy Birthday Snow Princess Sophie!🎂 Happy Birthday JadeyCat!🎂 Hope you have a lovely day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
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