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Guest Claire-G

What book are you currently reading?

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Timber Wolf

I'm reading a couple books at the moment, unless audiobooks don't count. I'm just finishing up "11-22-63" by Stephen King. Fascinating story! I'm also finishing up "The Magicians Nephew" by C. S. Lewis, part of the "Chronicles of Narnia" series. Next up, "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"ūüďĖ


Lots of love,

Timber Wolfūüźĺ

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The all girl filling station's last reunion - Fannie Flagg


A woman finds out later in life she was adopted by her controlling mother. Her journey of self discovery and quest to find her real mother takes her back to the WWII era and the WASP's (women pilots).


A great story, has many feel good moments, and a nice read by the fire this winter.


C -

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Currently reading A Man Called Ove. Just finished My Grandmother Wanted Me....


I have also recently read a romance series as well as The Well of Loneliness and Tipping the Velvet.


I have loved them all.

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None right now!  LOL  I just finished 2 though.  First one was Never Never by James Patterson.  Exciting but predictable.  Finished it during a very very very long business flight from DC to San Diego.  The second one was The 12 Lives Of Samuel Hawley.  We picked it up at Costco.  Not something I would usually read but I wanted to try something different.  It was interesting but could have been a lot better with a little more character development and focus on the last third of the story.  Or the author set it up for book #2.


I'm going to start another one we picked up at Costco called Lilac Girls.  It's based during the Holocaust. 

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2 hours ago, Swan13 said:

Currently reading A Man Called Ove.

I recently started to watch this movie and had to stop.  I just couldn't get into the story.  Too dark for me.  


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A little different category than some of the recent posts, but I'm currently reading the book below and it's quite interesting, although somewhat academic in style. It's given me a new perspective on the impact of the relatively recent (last 20-30 years) popularization and usage of the category "transgender" and how that has changed feminism, gay and lesbian discourse, political activism and government and the identities of gender non-conforming people among other things.


Imagining Transgender: An Ethnography of a Category
David Valentine 

Other recent reads and highly recommended:
Whipping Girl: A Transexual woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Feminity - Julia Serrano
Transgender History - Susan Stryker
Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender - Riki Wilchins
Gender Outlaw: On women, men and the rest of us - Kate Bornstein

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Daisy Mae

The Sun And Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur(A Book of Poetry)

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Napoleon's last island - Thomas Keneally


A young girl befriends Napoleon on St Helena island, during his last exile...


Enjoyable historical fiction and a nice escape....

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Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Primer - Riki Wilchins

Very readable introduction to postmodern theory particularly as it relates to Gender and Queer theory. Very helpful in providing context and explanation for the primary references in this realm. They can be rather abstract and hard to read if you're unfamiliar with the lingo.

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    • EllaChanson
      thank you all, hugs
    • EllaChanson
      Well these days me and the boys jam in santa margarita
    • Rachel Gia
      The bottom eye portion is not the important and can cause most of the issues. The darker stuff tends to drift downwards anyways.    
    • Carolyn Marie
      I have never worn lace, so I can't answer your second question, Michelle.  The answer to the first question is, yes.  Which is one reason I've always worn short hair wigs.  They still get hot, but not as bad as long hair, and you can get them a lot shorter than mine.   Natural hair wigs won't be as hot, but I have heard that they are harder to take care of, more expensive (not that synthetic is cheap, mind you) and don't last as long.  My mono-filament wigs have lasted me around five years.  I have two, so I can switch them out frequently.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      'LOL!  Yeah, that's a tough one, Magnolia.  I had help from my son's GF when I started out.  Lots of Youtube videos out there, and practice, practice, practice.  I don't try fancy stuff like "smokey eye."  I use a liquid liner, a heavier line on the upper lid, and thin line carefully applied below the lower lid, and no mascara.  That simplifies things.  I gave up on pencils long ago.  They just don't work for me.
    • Michelle F
      Ok... I am bald. LoL I live in the deep desert. Cochella Valley's Summer temps average 110¬į. Last year it hit 122¬į in June. ¬† I have heard that full wigs are very hot. Is it same with lace?
    • Ravin
      I hope they come to a satisfactory settlement that includes good policy for students.
    • Cmattison
      Thanks so much. I think I really do need to talk to a therapist. I dont believe I have any gender therapists near me. I have to travel a ways. That's okay though. I'm willing to do so if it helps me figure out who I am. I just feel lost. I'm hoping that by going through the threads and talking with people here will also help me.
    • Rachael
      What a pretty kitty. I hope things work for you. 
    • Charlize
      Welcome.  I certainly understand the feeling of the coming and then going of my gender issues.  I am a "bit" older and learned at an early age to suppress any desire i had to change gender.  Like you i got married and had a family.  I simply got on with life.  From time to time the need came back.  I finally just let go and transitioned.  Oddly i haven't had any urge to return.  There are certainly things i still enjoy that i learned as a male.  I'm  finally finding acceptance of all of me and am comfortable in myself. It took time.  Being here has helped a great deal.  Therapy did as well perhaps simply because i was able to be open with someone who didn't see me as a freak.   It is great that you the support of your husband.   Try to relax and enjoy the journey.   You are not alone.   Hugs,   Charlize    
    • Michelle F
      I can't remember NOT crying during movies...   I even tried when Luke found out Darth Vader was his Dad and cut his hand off... And when Lia told Han, Luke was her brother I had to stop the DVD. I was in a complete sobbing and gasping, emotional blubbering idiot...LoL   Oh yeah... And especially when Ron said Hermione's name when he was in hospital after the poison he drank at Prof. Slughorn's place...
    • Michelle F
      More COFFEE!ūüėė
    • Michelle F
      LoL... Today it's like "I'm  totally drained..."  No energy at all... spino/finaster combo. That's gotta be it...
    • Michelle F
      Lemme know where you at and I might be able to grab my guitars and maybe keyboard and bass an come play! If you're not too far that is...
    • Michelle F
      I'm making chicken cacciatore (skinned breast) with whole wheat pasta.   The Spirono/finesteride combo has me drained! LoL   Normally I am full of energy. 
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