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Planning For The New Year

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I wrote this poem on New Year's Eve and yet I forgot to post it for my good friends here, I am now correcting that mistake

Planning For The New Year

The holidays are over and we have had our season of cheer

Instead of making resolutions we plan for this coming year

For resolutions are made to be broken or just simply forgotten

Leaving us to feel like we have failed with our self esteem rotten

Instead why not just make plans and changes in our routines

So much more helpful than making lists of our faults it seems

Let us not concentrate on what has happened in the past

Look instead to a future we can shape for ourselves at last

While making resolutions we are forced to think about all we do wrong

In reality isn't that self devaluation what we have been doing all along

Let us plan for what we can do to make this a much better year

Much easier to be happy if you don't let negative thoughts near

Making this a better year is not that hard by doing something new

Instead of thinking about all that was bad just concentrate on you

This was an idea given to me by my therapist, it seems that in making resolutions we force ourselves to analyze all of our shortcomings. For most of us that is not the best pass time. By making plans instead of resolutions we can concentrate on what we would like to do instead of correcting what are doing wrong now. A healthier way to look at the new year with new eyes. It seems that in most matters we are our own worst enemies, in deciding what others will think of us and each year making those endless list of things that we need to do better.

Sally Michelle Jackson

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Carolyn Marie

Excellent poem, as always, Sally, and a really good way of looking at the "New Years Resolution" thing. I think your therapist and you have hit on a great idea. Thanks!


Carolyn Marie

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Guest miss kindheart

:thumbsup: sally

We don't make resolutions

Instead we eat 12 grapes in the first minute of the new year and make 12 wishes :D

6 of one and a half dozen of the other :P

Be good ^_^

I know you always are :harhar:

:wub: vanna

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