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A bit of eye-makeup for everyday: Yay or Nay?

Guest Nostros

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Guest Nostros

So I was at school and we had a makeup class and I thought I would try out some of it on myself, though I am/was against makeup for a long time and still am not sure if I'm "for it" now but I wanted to hear your honest opinion if does a bit of eye shadow help me in any ways in terms of passing and/or looks?

<<Removed at Luka's Request>>

Also does this look "natural" and you almost couldn't tell that I'm wearing eye makeup?

Thanks in advance! ^- ^

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Guest chngnwnd

The eye make up is very subtle - nicely done. Sometimes people go overboard. Whether or not to wear everyday? It looks nice, but you have naturally nice skin, so it does not really affect your ability to pass. It is more a question of do you want to take the extra time getting ready in the morning and spend the money bying more make up. I nly wear makeup for job interviews and special events now. I have a professional job and rarely wear makeup. Some women in the offie wear it all the time. It's more about how it makes you feel about yourself and how you want to present tot he world. The only thing I can say I have noticed in my experience, is at certain events, it is expected for women and it can tranform "cute" or "pretty" into "striking" or "smoking" with the right clothes and shoes.



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  • Forum Moderator

When i first went full time you couldn't get me out of the house without makeup. In many ways i'm glad because i got fast and less extreme in its use. A little goes a long way. I don't use it everyday now, just a touch if i'm out and about. It makes my eyes 'pop' a bit and my nose is red without a touch of powder but otherwise unnecessary unless i'm going to an event.

You look great and did very well. It only shows if i look at your eyes and thats the place you want others to look.



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  • Forum Moderator

Many women feel naked without makeup while others hate it. The real purpose I think is to highlight your best features and subtly enhance your looks. Because I am very fair skinned with fairly light blue eyes and a natural blond I also needed the contrast. No one ever commented directly on the lack of makeup when I didn't wear it but I was unfailingly asked if I was ill or tired even if I felt great.. Nor was I complimented in my looks without it the way I was with. Yet I was very careful to make it look natural as much as possible. When I lived female it also became increasingly important as I aged.

It has it's place for many. Bottom line really is how you feel about it and how it makes you feel.


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Guest (Lightsider)

:thumbsup: Very well done with the make up. As a side note women should be aware that lighting can affect the style they choose to wear for make up. Daytime and night make a huge difference in washing out skin or even the lighting in a dance club vs dining out.

An example I can think of was this...one woman would look smoking hot on the dance floor but if she stepped out in the lobby it was an OMG moment of what did they beat her with! LOL

Make up creates illusions. In my pictures I took yesterday I am wearing some make up but for the most part, I hate make up. I have super sensitive eyes but I knew I had a bad lighting situation and used makeup to balance it out.

You have hooded eyes. The make up you used and how you applied it was excellent! It makes your eyes pop.

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Guest Raven Moon

I've always been attracted to women that wear makeup, so I'll likely be wearing it most of the time to. :) I think it's polished and refined looking, as well as being fun and funky.

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  • Admin

If you can't tell if a woman has make-up on she probably DID need it!!

It took me years to get my eye makeup right, but putting it on in the mornings is now easy and a MUST for me, or I feel totally naked, moreso than by not wearing a bra!! I have developed three applications, one for ordinary day wear, one for special day wear such as doing presentations in public where they are looking at me under special lights, and then a night wear or club make up style that is varied depending on my outfit, or if I am wearing a wig that is different from my daily hair color.

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    • gina-nicole-t
      @SydneyblueI am having the same issue with a girlfriend who doesn't want me to undergo GRS. I have tried to tell her that is really not her decision to try and force on me, and we have had many talks over this matter. So far the I am still going through with it no matter if she decides to leave or stay. My opinion is she just wants me to not have it done for her, not for my wellbeing.  Like Susan says it takes a lot of communication, but both have to realize what is good for both and not just the one.  Gina
    • rainbowsharl
      I generally go for the romantic and edgy styles, leather and lace, of clothes. The 50s style dress with a leather jacket. The make-up with the hair all done. I love all of that. But, you know it is? Ultra feminine. I love it, but its not all of me.    I want that, but adding in the more masculine parts. Unfortunately, I don't know how to add that part.   Most tutorials on dressing more androgynous talk about wearing a binder (cant hide that under the dresses I like) or cutting your hair short (just not me).   I have been underthinking this for years. Knowing I'm not really looking how I want cause I don't know how to. It is nice to hear that one day I'll look back and see the obvious solution, but hindsight is 20/20.
    • Susan R
      I feel for you @Sydneyblue. That hurts and I can empathize with the situation. My oldest daughter said the exact same thing about me to the second oldest daughter. It got back to me and it really stung for awhile. She is  s l o w l y  coming around though. She came over and spent the day with my wife and I and we all had a wonderful time. Things can change if you can stay positive and continue to love her as you do. I think initially some of those who accept me now had a similar initial reaction as my oldest (I know of at least one other for sure) but they now understand what life was like before transitioning and now today and they can see the improvement and happiness in my life. Stick by your g/f in her doubt and indifference...it takes time and good communication. I hope things will get better for you in your relationship soon.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • gina-nicole-t
      I wonder if the same thing will happen to me? Scratches head!
    • Sydneyblue
      The Trans group that was suppose to happen today didn't happen.  I'm not sure what happen i tried email the contact person. I think its because it my only outlet other then here. Why do i need so much support ?   I went over my resume today and fixed some errors i had on it and reposted it. I have alot of time on my hands and i want to get back to work. I think that might give me some goals to start saving for more surgeries. I took a more current pic of me for me Profile pic. I finally felt like i could do that post ffs surgery.    I dont know what to do about my girlfriend. She doesnt like me as a girl/women. She says its weird. It really hurts me. She is all i have right now and with this pandemic you cant really go anywhere and there is nothing to do. Im glad i dont live with her.  We have sex anymore more me. She gets mad at me because we dont anymore.   I just need to reach out today. Hopefully i get feedback 
    • Susan R
      I just got my ballots the other day. Yes. Ballots...plural. Despite talking to several people in Everett headquarters for our county, they still keep sending me one ballot with my birth name and one with my correct name. This nonsense has continued since June 2019 when I officially changed it with the county headquarters. Susan R🌷
    • Sydneyblue
      What do you like to wear ? I like Computer games and such so i have gaming shirts that i like. I think you are over thinking it. i use to hate hearing this from people when they told me to be myself. I didnt know who i was but honestly i did and didnt know it. How do you want to feel ? 
    • HollyNoel
      @RhondaS I loved going topless around the house but now that I'm out as a trans woman  I'm forbidden from not wearing a top. I keep getting told women don't go around topless. I keep insisting that it's 2020 and we woman are at the point where we should be able to go around top and braless now days if a man can. Still no go. I also try the if women can dance topless for tips that I can too. But nope.. Lol
    • rainbowsharl
      So I have always been so confused with how to look androgynous the way that I want to. I'm non-binary/gender fluid. While I'd say that my gender identity has a more male leaning, I also know that my gender expression is more feminine. As such I am constantly trying to figure out how to make that into a look, I can't figure it out. I need something that makes the more feminine side happy at the same time as the more masculine side.    If I could ask a genie to make me look exactly how I want, I'd say long hair with a full beard and romantic edgy clothes. However, I have not been able to find a genie yet and have to look at what is actually possible 🙃. Due to chronic migraines I can't do heavy long hair. I was AFAB and even if I did go on hormone therapy, none of the cis-males in my family can even grow a beard in the first place so its unlikely I would. At least I have my clothes.   With a beard and a flat chest out of reach, still needing to find a masculine element to balance my look, I have tried cutting my hair to a more typical 'man' haircut. However, with no beard and little hair I was almost the exact opposite of how I want to look and I hated it.    I've tried to go the obvious route of looking at how people typically do androgynous looks, but I can only find ones that lean so heavily masculine.    Have any of you had similar experiences? Any chance you've found helpful solutions?    -Rae
    • Shay
      @Jackie C. Thank you... I don't get much response when I open it up to general?topics but?as you say rules am rules.
    • Emily michelle
      Thank you everyone for the kind words. Just bored in this motel room. My wife said she is doing alright. Except word spread like wildfire.
    • KendraML
      Last night was great,met some new girlfriends last night.They are like me,have lived their lives as happy males that enjoy living and dressing as women fulltime.Did get to know me more and went very well.Meet up every Monday night.They are also married with supportive wives.Wife is coming next week with me to meet them and they want to meet her
    • QuestioningAmber
      @Shay I am sure you will find outfits that you will look cute in, it will take time and finding what fits your style
    • Dana Michelle
      I had my first session of genital electrolysis today. Today I had the hair around the base of the penis treated and on Thursday I will have the perineum treated. I actually found the pain much milder than on my face. My electrologist said most clients find genitals more painful. It was difficult to apply the numbing cream (today I put it on both the perineum and penis because I didn't know how much the electrologist could get done during the appointment). On the perineum I can't see where I'm applying it while I'm applying it. I have to go back and forth between applying and looking in a mirror. Also, walking and sitting cause the cream and plastic wrap to move around so I had to reapply it. In another thread I talked about the possibility of getting erect https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/topic/81268-electrolysis-while-erect/ . Unfortunately, I did get fully erect at the beginning of my appointment. However, the electrologist didn't react to it or seem offended. Around the beginning, she told me not to get embarrassed and that she's done this many times before. She probably said this before noticing that I was erect. It was while I was on the table without pants but while she was preparing. The erection was the part I found embarrassing. Hopefully being noticeably embarrassed made my electrologist realize that I didn't want the erection. She also found the diagram unclear. It said to clear a strip 2.5 inches wide starting 1 inch above the anus but didn't say how long of an area to clear. I e-mailed my surgeon and hopefully will get a response in time. It's 3 1/2 hours after the end of the appointment and I still feel numb in part of my genitals. It doesn't last nearly that long on my face. I hope it's not a problem. I have the least feeling in the glans of the penis but didn't put any numbing cream on that area. Strange.  
    • Shay
      @QuestioningAmber glad you look cute in the outfit.   Sadly that's a feeling I will never experience but I sure am glad for you. 👍 thank you for your kind words about my brother. I wasn't that close but mortality is something that hits closer when one losses a sibling.
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