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Guest -guest-

For Boston

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Guest -guest-

As clouds obscure the sun

The eagle sheds a tear

And once again the music stops

The silence bitter clear

A world awaiting answers

Prays a thousand ways

And every person in the sadness

Hopes for better days

It’s in the baby’s cries

And mothers always know

And all the faces young and old

Have seen it come and go

They bow their heads in sorrow

All the world’s ablaze

And every father’s son and daughter

Hopes for better days

And so we try to sleep

But images won’t die

And thoughts replay like endless loops

We’re left to wonder why

The darkness falls upon us

Brightness turns to haze

While every soul that burns with sorrow

Hopes for better days

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Thank you Kay.



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You've written words for my tears. Thank you, Kay

Love, Megan

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Thank you, Kay. :)

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Elegantly said. I thought I was all through feeling sad after 9-11 over stupid, hateful people going after and killing and maiming innocent people. I was wrong and I grieve for the people of Boston. America welcomed these two brothers as refugees. They attended the best schools in the world and they were given American citizenship.

If found guilty, they should be punished, incarcerated from decent people, and have that American citizenship permanently stripped away. Locked away and all mention and all news about America kept from them forever, never to set foot on American soil again. Because they aren't good enough for this country. Kathryn

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Thank you Kay! :welldone:

You do have a way with words. :friends:

Huggs, :wub:


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Guest miss kindheart

A lovely poem Kay :wub:

<<< hugs >>>


:wub: vanna

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    • DragonflyGirl
      I have got a degenerative spinal condition that my doctor knows about. 3" is a lot to lose in seven months though. Nobody told me to expect anything like it.   Maybe I should make a GP appointment to see if they can tell me what's going on. 
    • Charlize
      The early days were hard for me.  Most folks were great but a few were a bit of a pain despite all i could do or explain.  Susan is spot on.  A bit of time was all it took and then i was just another person and no longer an oddity.  Hang in there it seems you are doing everything right!  One day you will realize its no longer an issue at all.   Hugs,   Charlize  
    • Shay
      thank you Kay  have to tell you a little story about  Kansas  the first time i saw them was not longer after their first album. they and Queen were double billed at my college U of Toledo. i was working on the college newspaper and guitarist Ric Williams came in our office asking how to get to the dressing room. we told him and as he was walking out, a drunk college kid asked him where the bathroom was and he told him to just stand in the corner of the hall and piss. no onw would notice .  
    • Shay
      i am crying because the support you ladies are ging me...and it is too early to be coming from the hrt....it is coming from my heart tgat is mending because of you. Thank you so much and mental hugs, Heather Shay
    • KayC
      I am pretty sure I want to start HRT at some point (but therapy first).  I am currently not considering bottom surgery but I assume it could possibly change later.  I am more like @SaraAW and that I would want to be on HRT long enough to feel/see the results before I commit beyond. But great question Shay.  Thanks for asking!   One of my all time favorite bands.  I saw them in concert back in the 70s in their heyday.  It was awesome❣️
    • Shay
      you are on your way... oncw i bottomed out and realized i need to love myself before i could love others i think the aura of that drew others to me and things got better and thank god for that or i am certain i would no longer be on planet earth. i am so glad to hear your progress.  mental hugs, Shay (Heather)
    • Charlize
      Did someone take a few inches out of the middle of your tape?  Over years (72) i've lost perhaps an inch due to aging and spine compression.  I have never heard of skeletal changes due to HRT.  I would recommend seeing your doctor as this is perhaps a medical issue.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
      wow...definitely a serious musician...how cool.. 
    • KayC
      @Lexi C I really like your new name.  Really fits you I think❣️
    • DragonflyGirl
      I'm 3" inches shorter than I was at the start of this year. Is this normal? It seems a lot to me. Bear in mind I'm 44.   Do trans men grow?   Not complaining at all! 😄 
    • _x.anime.x
      Thanks to you both im scared to talk up as my parents do not know about it and honestly I'd feel bad to impact his life hugely for a mistake he made a 14 i wanna get some help i just dont know where  
    • Kellysinclair101
      Have a nice day hugs 
    • Petra Jane
    • Robin.C
      That's really cool. Mine is not nearly so cool. Just a TT Urban tower modified to take a Kraken 260mm at the top for the CPU and a custom mount to place two Kraken 140mm fans in the bottom for the two RX380 GPUs setup in crossfire, it runs a 35" curved monitor at high res for Assetto Corsa with no lag. Here in Australia the summers can really hit the temps, so much fun can be had without thermal throttling 😜 Wish I'd taken a picture of it when I built it, oh well.   Hugs
    • Robin.C
      Something I learnt quite awhile ago was that music affects your mood. Listen to music that lifts you up, puts you a good mood. If you listen to some music and you feel down, anxious or unsettled, there might be something hitting a nerve you don't know about. Likewise if you are listening to something associated with a good, nice or uplifting event in your life it can put a spring in your step.   Now if only I could get my head around this guitar learning stuff, I could play what makes me feel happy 😁
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