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Guest -guest-

For Boston

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Guest -guest-

As clouds obscure the sun

The eagle sheds a tear

And once again the music stops

The silence bitter clear

A world awaiting answers

Prays a thousand ways

And every person in the sadness

Hopes for better days

It’s in the baby’s cries

And mothers always know

And all the faces young and old

Have seen it come and go

They bow their heads in sorrow

All the world’s ablaze

And every father’s son and daughter

Hopes for better days

And so we try to sleep

But images won’t die

And thoughts replay like endless loops

We’re left to wonder why

The darkness falls upon us

Brightness turns to haze

While every soul that burns with sorrow

Hopes for better days

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Thank you Kay.



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You've written words for my tears. Thank you, Kay

Love, Megan

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Thank you, Kay. :)

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Elegantly said. I thought I was all through feeling sad after 9-11 over stupid, hateful people going after and killing and maiming innocent people. I was wrong and I grieve for the people of Boston. America welcomed these two brothers as refugees. They attended the best schools in the world and they were given American citizenship.

If found guilty, they should be punished, incarcerated from decent people, and have that American citizenship permanently stripped away. Locked away and all mention and all news about America kept from them forever, never to set foot on American soil again. Because they aren't good enough for this country. Kathryn

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Thank you Kay! :welldone:

You do have a way with words. :friends:

Huggs, :wub:


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Guest miss kindheart

A lovely poem Kay :wub:

<<< hugs >>>


:wub: vanna

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