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Guest Christina xxx

What is your favourite game ?

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Arkham Horror

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Mary Jane

just keep trying to find great games maybe search on youtube best games (insert year here) but i have a whole bunch of favorite games 


games where you need to be sneaky thats my favorite are every assassin's creed game except for the 2 newest ones and batman games specifically origins or arkham knight


plat former celeste and a hat in time


co op multiplayer well it pretty much depends but ones i like the most are left 4 dead 2 and rec room so far


shooters i guess pretty much call of duty


metroidvainia games: castlevania aria of sorrow and dawn of sorrow and portrait of ruin (and bonus if you dont mind it being super hard plaus it having a few flaws from it being a true masterpiece hollow knight) 


relaxing games: slime rancher and perfect


games i dont really know the genre of: mirrors edge catalyst, darksiders (the first one), and legend of zelda (i dont really know which one but its probably twilight princess not breath of the wild because well its good at least the main quest but thats about it but twilight princess its great maybe even awesome)

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Mary Jane

and oh yea Xenoblade Chronicles X i dont know if theres really a xenoblade chrnicles on wii but  Xenoblade Chronicles X im going to try to not spoil anything its on Wii U its super open world at least once you get to ride and fly these robot things called skell's and well its the most complex game i've played and practically the best one with a story dont try to rush it is my advice if anyone is going to play theres a level system and your level is important its almost everything i say the story is a materpiece  but everything else is ok or good or great and combat isnt that bad its pretty good also it has multiplayer even without mii verse (or whatever the thing to connect people was) you just need wifi and boom connected 

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    • Kellysinclair101
      Im feeling  better . Still got problems  but working through  them  hugs 
    • MaryEllen
      I subscribe to "American Greeting Cards". You can add your own text and images to a printable card.   MaryEllen
    • Kellysinclair101
      Welcome  zoey glad your here 😇 hugs 
    • sleepinflame
      Hi Zoey,  You look great!  I wanted to say that there is an infinite spectrum and it is perfectly valid to present to the world as female but not ever go for SRS.  It is whatever works for you and I'm sorry for first doctor was so binary. --Grace.
    • Susan R
      Welcome Zoey. Glad your here. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Like yourself, I took a long break between my first journey living part time as a women and today. Back when I started going out to clubs and bars in the mid-80s, I didn’t feel safe unless I was with a few g/f‘s and we always stayed in gay/lesbian safe areas of Seattle. Today, here in the Seattle metro area where I reside, it seems very safe and accepting everywhere. This new generation does seem to be much more understanding.   I shop at costco a lot and they require masks now. I have to forego wearing lipstick until after I shop there. It’s usually the first stop on my errands list just so I don’t worry about getting lipstick everywhere.   Zoey, you look great in both photos. I can see a little weight loss in your 2019 pic especially in your cheeks and it’s a nice change. Your makeup is really done well too.   Well, thank you for sharing your journey and timeline with us. I hope to read more of your continuing journey as it unfolds.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      That sounds like a win for you both. I’m very happy for you @MikaReich! Hopefully, it’s the start of something great.   Susan R🌷
    • Zoey4Trix
      Hi Tori, Best of luck with HRT this time around. Hope all goes smoothly for you. Z.
    • Susan R
      I’ve been listening to his new stuff nonstop since you mentioned his solo stuff @Sally Stone. Some of it is perfect for exercising and going on my long walks. My newest personal favorite is now...Personal Shopper.   Like the beat but the lyrics are very timely and sort of funny. Take a look...   PERSONAL SHOPPER (lyrics) Have now, have now, pay in another life Kickstart the future, accept this loan Fill in the form, you're pre-qualified You're now the sum of what you own Buy now, buy now, have a better life Close out transactions without remorse Apply for credit, it's your given right Buy it all then buy some more Buy for comfort, buy for kicks Buy and buy until it makes you sick Buy for England, buy it all Buy online and in the shopping mall Sell it on then buy it back Buy the -crap- you never knew you lacked Buy the update to compete Buy the things that make your life complete Consumer of life, hold my hand, extend your rights It's the power to purchase to excess That sets you apart and can give you the ultimate high Abuser of our time, if there's something that you want You…      
    • Mx.Drago
      🤗Hurray for a Happy Successful Night! May you both enjoy further happiness together.
    • VickySGV
      I think one of the greeting card companies has a website where you can compose your own, or where you can download a mini program that will do it.  It uses stock formats for design, bu allows you to put your own wording on them.  Some friends where one spouse and one child are Trans do something like that.
    • Tori M
      Patti, I love Alan Parsons!  I Robot album is my fav.  Did you know that he engineered Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album?  I just learned that a few years ago.   Prog Rock is probably my favorite genre.  I grew up on Pink Floyd, Yes, and early Genesis (before they got "pop-py).  PT is new to me.  I watched the Steven Wilson video you posted; that's good stuff!!  Will have to check out PT.  Thanks for sharing that.   I've gotten heavily into World Music in the past few years thanks to an Azam Ali/Niyez concert I attended.  I guess it's classed as electronica but the effect is similar to Prog for me.   I watched that show for several years.  Those are pretty good guys up there.  Alaska State Troopers used to be fun, too.  I enjoy the insight into the culture of those remote places.
    • MikaReich
      It went great,she loved the black dress I wore with 4 inch heels.She said I looked gorgeous and brought this commercial that reminds of me dressed as Mika up,    
    • Just Lee
      A series called North Wood Law while I sculpt a chocobo commission.
    • Tori M
      Hi Zoey.  We have something in common... I, too, stopped HRT about 8 years ago and am hoping to get started again now.  Just waiting for a doctor's appointment.  I just joined TransPulse, too, so am only beginning to learn my way around the site.  There's a LOT of great reading here and these people are absolutely wonderful.  I think you're right about the world atmosphere... people seem a little more accepting and understanding now than a decade ago. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.
    • Erikka
      This morning DD3 took me out for coffee, a jewelry store to get me a present for Father’s Day and mostly to just hang out. She gave me a Father’s Day Card and apologized because she couldn’t find a card appropriate for a trans paternal parent. It seems to me that Hallmark and the rest of the card makers are missing an opportunity. Maybe a card address to “Happy Mother’s Day to my Trans-parent” or “Happy Father’s Day to my maternal parent”. Those of you with children, how do your children celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Days?
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