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Guest KimberlyF

Smile/wave & tell someone.

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Guest KimberlyF

Two posts on this topic.

First this was on my Facebook this week:


So here I am smiling and waving at everyone who reads this. And if it makes you smile just a little bit, you can think that I just had chia pudding and have a seed stuck in my tooth w/no floss. Trying to work it out currently w/my tongue. If anyone comes into the office I'm planning on avoiding direct eye contact till its out.

Second, I just heard of a 21 year old who killed himself. I did not even know this individual, and yet if there was a real way I could have helped him, I would have tried. It is such a sad event and it spreads to all those around.

This kid just had lunch w/his mother the day it happened. Everyone is unique and a gift. Everyone has value. I don't know his pain, but I *know* there are people out there that would have tried to help him if he asked. And those are just the people that don't know him. I'd have to believe some in his own family or friends would have gone further. All he had to do was ask. What had been overheard from the family inbetween the tears is they had no idea.

I have been there. I know many people who have been there. I am happy I didn't act on any of the feelings I've had in the past. Many people know where I've been and where I am. My support system did not exist until I stepped out of my comfort and built it. Nobody had any idea about me.

Do not keep these feelings to yourself. If you ARE trying to fight this alone, know that you are special and you have worth. All you need to do is ask for help and people will try their best to give it.

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Carolyn Marie

This is a wonderful post, Kimberly, and contains some real truths. Thank you for sharing the story, and your words of wisdom. It is so true that you can never know how you impact someones life by a kind word, or just an acknowledgement that they exist. That is what we all try to do here. I know it has helped. It helped me.


Carolyn Marie

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Thank you for sharing that with us Kim. We probably won't have any way of knowing but you just might have saved someones life today. Bless you, Kim.


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Let me chime in also Kim. That was a very thoughtful post you just made. It's a reminder to all of us to look out for each other and do the little things that show someone that they are noticed and not alone. Thank you, Kathryn

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Guest sophia.gentry58

I agree with you Kimberly, many times we walk on this earth expecting every passer-by to know how much we are hurting and wanting them to just reach out and grab hold of us and tell us everything will be alright without realizing that while they may see the hurt expressed in our facial expressions, they will not know the extent of the pain we are going through without us first reaching out to them. Most of the time when we feel we are at the end of our rope and feel that we are all alone (one of the earmarks of suicidality-aloneness) there is almost no place that we cannot turn for outside help. However, the question begs asking, what happens when there truly is no one in whom we can turn; what then? I believe one of the greatest examples of what to do in a rare case such as that comes from Viktor Frankl, M.D., Ph.D who learned how to find meaning in life where the evidence all around him was to the contrary. I like to use this example because most of us will never experience having to find meaning in life while at the same time being challenged to maintain that mindset while death is all around you; your brethren being made out of lamp shades or put into ovens to be burned alive. This was Viktor Frankl's experience during the cup cake regime, yet he was able to maintain that positive mindset, and not only he, but many others whom he counseled while being held captive in the concentration camp.

There are many, me included, who would argue that albeit we may never (prayerfully) ever have to experience the ordeal he went through, my ordeal is every bit as significant to me as Dr. Frankl's was to him. Even if that is true for each of us, still, we must find a way to find meaning in life despite the ordeal if we are to survive those times we think there is no one there to help us. Failing to accomplish the aforementioned many times results in the thinking of some that the only answer to what ails us is to use a permanent solution to fix a temporary problem. This search for the meaning of life will come more from within than it ever will from without.

There is a resilience training that I have found useful in understanding the importance of this search for the meaning of life. This training is called Master Resilience Training and has six pivotal core competencies which goes a long way in helping one to ascertain their purpose, which really is about the meaning of life, your life on this planet. The six core competencies are Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Optimism, Mental Agility, Strength of Character, and connection. While time and space does not allow me to delineate each of these competencies, one thing is abundantly clear, albeit we all can agree on the paramount importance of others in whom we can go to for support, five of the six core competencies are related to mastering self and only one deals with mastering how to have a connection with others outside of self. One of the biggest reasons divorces are so prevalent in our society is because we tend to make connections and get into relationships with others before we have fully gained competence in understanding self; its also why many fall prey to suicide as well.

There will be times, for whatever reason, we may ultimately find ourselves alone (real or imagined) and without a support system. If or when that happens, if we have learned or are learning who we are in the grand scheme of this great universe we live in and our place in it then we stand a far greater chance of surviving the onslaught of the feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and helplessness which ultimately can lead to fixing our temporary problem(s) permanently.


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Guest ~Brenda~

Wow Kimberly,

That was a tremendously fantastic post!

Thank you



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Guest angels wings

Powerful words Kimberly thank you for posting this thank you for giving hope to others .priceless lovey just priceless

Angel :)

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Thank you Kimberly for you kind and thoughtful words. There is so much magic in the contact of another human be it physical touch, a kind word or a smile.

Hugs and a morning smile,


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Guest LizMarie

Thank you, Kimberly. This is a wonderful sentiment!

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Guest Zayden

Thank you Kimberly, and to everyone else who has shared here.

It's actually helped me tremendously.

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Guest ErinMc

Nice post Kimberly. Sometimes life has a way of bringing us down. But it is nice to see some positive energy in this crazy world of ours.

BTW... Smiling and waving right back


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Guest meganstar

All weekend long I've ridden my emotional dive attempting to keep a good face on around my wife and daughter. Kimberly thank you for your mention of Dr Frankl. Sometimes its difficult to remember that it can always be worse. Far worse.

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Guest Razilee

I've had two good friends commit suicide. I have scars myself. I tried to befriend them, but who can understand the pain another is going through. One of them was engaged and the other turned down my proposal. I'd like to think that it was a momentary lapse of judgement that unfortunately had irreversible consequences. It's thinking on that sort of decision that cautions me against transitioning as well. Although not quite as drastic it's very difficult and expensive to reverse.

Live long and prosper,


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Thanks for posting that, Kimberly. I'm going to meditate upon that and try to employ it. I'm not at all a smile-and-wave kind of person, but this is worth me trying to step beyond that.

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    • Michelle F
      I love having my Driver's License AND having my Social Security Card is wonderful!   It's making insurance a breeze
    • Michelle F
      Having proper legal ID is truly empowering. I don't even hesitate any longer...😄
    • jae bear
      Hey Kali Ann,  How did your appointment go on the 16th?   Hugs,  Jackie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.them.us/story/trans-veterans-health-research     Carolyn Marie
    • jae bear
      I don’t know, something about this thread makes me not want to reply to it ...  ha ha !
    • jae bear
      Oh my gosh I can’t believe you girls are having so much fun without me !  Ha ha Ha !  I like running around target looking for decent T-shirts, and lately I’m eyeballing a lot of nice tops, but I live in my mom jeans, and so far that’s what I’m most comfortable in. I really would love to find a few more colorful high tops, right now I just have my cute little purple ones, and some universal unisex Brown hightops that I use for everything from working out to roaming around the warehouse at work. I find the most difficult part of this shopping experience is that while I wear a 1X in most tops, sometimes they are formfitting or stretchy and I need a 2X, if I wash them sometimes they shrink and I need a 3X!  It really bums me out that I bought this really cute purple top in 2X,  it’s actually one of the Lee Rider series that goes with their mom jeans that I love, and it’s a rather violet color that is adorable, except the darn thing doesn’t fit, it’s way way way too big !  I’m super bummed out but I think I’m going to donate it to a friend of mine, she’s gonna love it !  Hugs,  Jackie
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      Oh my gosh Julie you kill me !!!  Ha ha !!!!  Stop taking videos of me dancing in front of my door way !😉  I really think Dr. Shih is an exceptional person as well as an amazing surgeon, I’ve had a lot of surgeries in my lifetime, like I mean a crazy amount, surgery after surgery after surgery just to put me all back together, and while the surgeons were nice they were nothing like Dr. Shih! I just realized something else, my spellchecker doesn’t catch it when I voice text it comes up as “doctor she”,  this seems oddly appropriate to me !  I have to agree with you Carolyn Marie, Kaiser really is taking the bull by the horn‘s here, or rather the cow by the nose? I can’t think of a good analogy ...  at any rate I feel fantastic, even after dealing with lots of crappy paperwork all day long at work I still feel great !  And I’m very excited to go see my new electrologist on Sunday !   I did a lot of searching for minivans today I think I struck the jackpot, I found a 2006 and a 2007 Ford Freestar minivan, both about $1700, I’ll just pick a good one and drive home, drop it off at my mechanic and make sure it’s all tippy top and smile all the way down the road. The Ford minivans work perfect for me because they have a removable center console insert under the dash, And since I only drive using my left foot I take out the middle console cover and put a floormat there so I can rest my right foot in the middle of the floor while driving. Then with a 2006 or 2007 minivan in good running condition I will be able to drive for Lyft and Uber to make extra bucks!  Luckily I get to continue earning a modest salary while telecommuting to my current job, I’m going to set up a laptop and a Wi-Fi hotspot to login to work and network into all of the sales portals and machine program access points so I can do my job in between driving trips, I can also answer customer emails and questions, do bookkeeping on QuickBooks and even process payroll with direct deposit to all the employees accounts. Hopefully this will work well for me, at any rate I’ll sell my two old Ford Windstar minivan’s and recoup almost all of the money from buying the new one, or I guess I should say new-ish one, however once I steam clean the living snot out of it  The interior will feel just like a brand new van, I’m really good at steam cleaning car interiors, like I mean ridiculously good !  Hugs,  Jackie
    • Julie J
      Avra, don't let fear overwhelm you. By facing my fears I have been able to get over myself. I have gained confidence by living, on a temporary (usually only for a day) basis as Julie. I always longed to be female, my true inner gender, and by being Julie I am able to experience my life as a woman. I don't want to be treated as anyone other than who I present myself as - an ordinary woman, doing ordinary things, in an ordinary way... like sitting at a roadside coffee shop patio drinking coffee and visiting a friend, with the sun shining and a cooling breeze wafting through the lightly treed area... and my friend looking at me and smiling, then commenting on how relaxed and happy I am being out in public as Julie. I am am on a journey and I am trying to be positive as I proceed, and I am trying to enjoy the journey... this is not a trial run, it's my one shot to a happy, fulfilling life! I love it!  Hugs & Smiles  Julie J 
    • Katie_marie
      The dress looks great on you kirsten... absolutely adorable!
    • Avra
      I'm so jealous of how sure of yourself you are. I still have so many doubts, fears and question... 😞
    • Julie J
      Hi Adaline, I didn't get a chance to go out shopping on Thursday. It was pouring rain and I just didn't want to drive for 3 hours in the rain. I had an interesting day anyway, so all is good.  Hope you are enjoying your journey. It's good to keep your eye on the prize, but we have to enjoy the journey getting there!  Hugs & Smiles  Julie J 
    • Adaline
      Julie,   Sorry for the delay.  OMG it sounds like you had the best time ever.  You can never have enough clothes, an extra dress will never go to waste and is just the right thing on those nothing to wear days.  I am sooo jealous.  To have a friend that can help you with hair and makeup is just to die for.  My style is so different from the other girls in my group.  One is such a tomboy, another is kind of a mix between goth and the matrix, looks great on her but would make me look like a reject from a mad max movie.  I’m such a girly girl.  I love dresses, makeup and heels.  If I’m going to wear pants they need to be cute, capris are just the thing.  I could really use a friend that understands my style and can give me some tips.  Who am I kidding, I really need a full time consultant.  My wife has no problem telling me when something looks bad but isn’t much help in putting an outfit together.     Someday boy mode will be a thing of the past, then look out everyone, Adaline is here to stay.  Just have to wait for the right time.  Meanwhile I’ll live vicariously through girls like you.     Keep me up dated.  I want to here all about your trip.    Hugs Adaline
    • Jani
      Well thats interesting!  I guess she doesn't see this as a threat to your relationship and that it suits you well.  (the change, not the dress)  Maybe this was helpful for your wife in coming around as well.     Jani   ps: Although the dress does suit you well! 
    • Jani
      You have to ask yourself, who are you coming out for?  I believe the answer is you!     I get that you may not want to do this face to face although doing so with some of the family might actually be beneficial for them and you.  You can engage is a constructive conversation and they will get to see the honesty in your eyes.   Maybe just create the video for your brother.   Tell him you're doing it this way because you know he hasn't been the most accepting but you hope he can see that this is a important and meaningful decision.  You can say you hope he thinks about what this decision (to transition) means to you.  You can close with asking for his love and support.     Hugs, Jani      
    • Adaline
      Jackie,   That is such awesome news.  I’m sooo happy for you I can barely stand it.  I’m attending a conference in Harrisburg and it was almost killing me that I didn’t have a single opportunity to reply.  With curves and the new look, watchout world here she comes..   Thank you so much for the encouraging words.  You are the best.  You have every right to be as proud as you can be.  This is your day, own it.   Hugging you and beaming with joy, Adaline.
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