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Guest DianeATL

Shoe Shopping

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Guest DianeATL

So proud of myself, I went shoe shopping and had no problem outing myself without shame or guilt. And it went GREAT!

I went clothing shopping with a friend this week and borrowed a pair of casual shoes from her for the trip. I got a lot of great every day outfits but did not find any shoes. She suggested that Payless was a spot she liked so I decided to give it a try.

I think like most girls, I started with 5 inch heels and am working my way down to flats ;-). So I didn't have appropriate shoes to wear with my new outfits to go buy appropriate shoes. I said what the heck and just went to Payless in boy mode. I went when the store first opened hoping it wouldn't be too crowded and I was right.

The three great things about Payless are 1) lots of big shoe sizes, up to 13. 2) All of one size are together so you can camp out in one spot and not have to walk all over the store 3) prices are very reasonable, especially on sale.

I couldn't find any hose footies so I estimated my size based on previous purchases and bought 4 pair. Of course when I got home, they were all too big so I turned around and went back to exchange them. This time I asked the sales girl for a footie and took my time trying on lots of pairs. I did not try to hide or be super discrete with one exception. When a family with several small kids came to my aisle, I just turned 180 degrees and I was facing men's shoes until they passed. I did not want to put the parents into an awkward situation of explaining me.

So I purchased 5 pair and took back 4. When the sales girl set up on their frequent purchase program I proudly gave her my email which includes Diane and TG in it. She was very nice and hoped that these would work for me. She treated me just like any other customer and did not have any weird looks or anything even though I was in my mansuit buying womens' shoes.

I know we all fear doing this kind of stuff at first, the more I do, the more I wonder why I ever held back! Get out there girls!

This afternoon and evening I will be out and about in some of my new outfits and shoes, I can't wait.

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Guest Kaylee234

Haha so it begins! Hide yo' checkbook, hide yo' wallet... your shoe addiction cometh! lol :D

~ Kay

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Guest DianeATL

Kaylee - you are so right! I have always had a shoe fetish. Yesterday while jogging I passed a girl on the street and I just had to stop and tell her how hot her shoes were. ;-)

One of the interesting revelations in this journey is shopping. If you asked anyone who knows me they would say I hate to shop for clothes. My wife won't even do it anymore because I hate everything and won't try on anything, I buzz by the racks and say nothing there.

What I have discovered is that is how I was with man clothes. My inner girl was throwing up at the thought of having to buy those boring blah rags. I love shopping for girl clothes whether in person or on line. There is so much variety in cut and color I find myself totally absorbed in it. I am constantly commenting "oh that's cute" as I check out the dresses, tops and skirts and of course SHOES.

I just needed to be shopping for ME to make it fun. :thumbsup:

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Guest DianeATL

new shoes

Couldn't resist one pair of heels when buying flats this morning.

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Ah yes, the true fever!!

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The fever has set.

Every one run for the hills!

Your story ring so true.

Hated buying him clothes.

Now! Can't stop, with the similar thoughts.

"I wonder if I could get away with wearing that?"

Happy you had a wonderful and successful shopping spree, Diane. :welldone::friends:

Huggs, :wub:


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Guest Carla_Davis

Hi Diane

Payless is my favorite shoe store. As you mentioned they carry large sizes. I have a Size 12 Woman.

The prices are very reasonable and often have Buy 1 get 1 50% off.

I have a large collection of women's shoes from their.

All the salespeople know I am transgender and never had a problem. They want commission. :)

Kaylee, I have to agree. I must have at least 36 different styles from Payless. Not purchased all at once, but when on sale. :)

In NYC, 2 clothing stores I frequent that have very reasonable prices is Target and Burlington Coat Factory.

In Target, I know most of the sales people by their first name.

When I first started to Come-Out and did not pass well, I was treated so well that I sent a letter to the CEO of Target commending how well the store staff treated me.

I have never had any problem shopping at these stores either.

I use the female dressing rooms also rather than take home and then have to make a 2nd trip to return items that don't fit properly.

Vicky & Joann-You are right, the fever set in. :)

Also hated shopping as a male.

Hugs, :wub:


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Guest Rosabella

It's so nice to read that others also go to Payless to purchase a lot of their shoes. I just recently bought three pair of shoes at Payless - Karmen Comfort Plus Predictions pumps, in Patent Navy, Patent Red (I've waited and waited for these!), and Patent Nude crocodile ones. I made use of two 25% off coupons. I went (in male mode) to exchange one a couple of days and some nervousness set it when I walked in and realized there was a man at the counter. This was my first experience of many at Payless when there was a male at the counter. It turns out that he was a manager of this and several other ones and was filling in. He was great and did the exchange as if I were exchanging males shoes. I always have a good experience in the many Payless stores I've visited. You know... not every one has the shoe and size you want, so you have to travel to the Payless to get the one that the online site says has it in stock.

Thank you, Diane, for starting this topic and sharing your story.

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Guest Kaylee234

Count my vote for Payless too. I stop by every one I get within range of. I've probably bought 40-50% of my shoes there. No, I have no idea how many shoes I own lol :D

~ Kay

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I have no idea how many shoes I own lol :D

~ Kay

As long as the number is divisible by 2 with no remainder, you're fine!! :harhar:

Payless is one of my candy stores too!!.

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Guest Guest_

Hi Diane: Payless shoes is one of my favorite stores also. Like you I love shopping for my feminine side. I even shop with my S.O. even though she does not know Amber I am always checking the sales rack when she is in trying things on. Shopping is one of the best times a girl can have. Hugs Amber L.

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I'm always on the hunt for shoes and stop at every payless i can. As far as drab male clothes i was happy with any t and jeans. A sports jacket for formal wear and i actually owned ties and the such. One of the best days of my life was when i discovered that i didn't need any of that any more! I did keep a couple of clean t's to work in. What a day for the local clothes drive. And for me a chance to fill a closet with things that had been squirreled away for years. Unfortunately so many of them were not so great so i had to do some shopping. Poor me.



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  • Posts

    • Jani
      This is great.  I love the imagery of the Ravens and Butterflies.   Your choice of colors are beautiful.  Jani
    • Jani
    • Jani
      Yes we all have our unique stories yet we are very similar.  No aliens here!   You can be the person you wish to be.  Life isn't always easy, even for cis people, so jump in and be you, be happy.    Jani
    • Jani
      You are certainly not alone.  There are many of us that have similar experiences and we are happy.  You can be too.  Be you!
    • BananaPowered95
      I've been checking the forums lately - it's interesting how many of us have different experiences ! And how others feel like this, I always thought I was an alien! I identified with a lot of stories here and it's nice knowing I'm not alone in this I have some thinking to do yet but being like this forever feels like hell Thanks y'all for the kind answers! Kudos! 😄
    • Jani
      Hello Kylara and welcome!  Thank you for sharing.  You are correct that you can go as far as you wish and be comfortable with your choice.  Bravo for you.  It sounds like you and your wife have a great life.  See you around!     Jani
    • Jani
      This is exciting!  I got simple stainless studs as well when I got mine done.  I still wear them when I go to electrolysis or work in my shop.  Brings back fond memories!     Hugs, Jani
    • SugarMagnolia
      There's something incredibly powerful too about simply taking action. It helps us to avoid feeling like victims and focus on what we're doing as opposed to what others are doing against us. So, glad to see you standing up, Kirsten! 

      Fight like a girl, baby! 💪✊🤼‍♀️
    • Cyndee
      Welcome Kylara and thanks for your intro 😎   I am glad to read your wife supports you. I also enjoy cycling great exercise and fun !   Have a look around the forums, and post away as the mood strikes   Hugs   Cyndee -
    • DeeDee
      Hi Alex 🤗  you have already been given a lot of good advice above.   I think it is okay to be overwhelmed sometimes - If I think about transitioning mtf,  it floods over me with all of the fears, questions and doubts that you have mentioned. I was given the advice to just look at each little step on it's own and see if it feel right at the time - if it does move forwards if it doesn't step back. I want to experience being Dee in my daily life but at the moment I am very restricted, I do know that I think I want to start HRT when I can because a lot of folk experience a "rightness" emotionally which is linked to finally having the right chemicals in their body, those that do not get that feeling stop before any permanent changes happen to the body. Do not transition to become a fantasy or you are doomed to disappointment, just change the things you want to change until you are happy with who you are, once that happens the future is full of potential and keep going with your therapist while you need one. Things like clothing and fashion you could probably get help with from a friend if you wish to build confidence in how you look... But definitely change your doctor, he sounds like a right tool, what he has said is incredibly unproffessional regardless of his personal opinion. 🤬
    • Kirsten
      Congrats Michelle! I felt the same way about the weight. I lost 80 pounds before I started hrt. Gained 20 back once I started, and I’ve once again lost that 20. Weight loss may be slightly more difficult on hrt, but it’s all self control. If you put in the work, eat right, exercise every day, it’ll come off. Hrt or not.    I really like what Vikki mentioned above too regarding inner strength. I am proof of that. From introvert to too much to list. Once you let that girl out, she’s gonna run things! Get ready for what I hope is an awesome personal transformation!! 
    • michelle_kitten
      Charlize, if you look anything like your avatar picture, you're pretty.   Hugs
    • Cyndee
      Good morning, we have lot's of blooming trees and bulbs now here, fortunately I don't suffer this time of year, my soul mate and daughters do however. Going to be another beautiful day here in paradise, 2nd cup of coffee tastes great, as I look at work here too.   Have a great day all   Cyndee -
    • Charlize
      I also want to be pretty and to pass.  I think most of us who are MTF feel that way.  I've grown to believe that the happiness often found in self acceptance is the most beautiful part of any person.  When i feel good about myself the glow seems almost infectious.  As i read your posts, I see you growing in that feeling helped by finding the acceptance of others.  Enjoy this beautiful life.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      A lovely image.  Watercolors are a lovely medium.   Hugs,   Charlize
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