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Guest Delphinus

Post-Ramadan routine

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Guest Delphinus

Salam to all! I was hoping that someone might be able to offer advice on how to get back to a normal routine post-Ramadan. I'm still waking up before sunrise VERY hungry, then I just want to sleep during the day, and I get hungry at night (and during the day if I can't sleep). School is back in session so, this is very problematic... Advice please!


- Del

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Eat more goat. I only say that as a farmer who raises meat goats and i couldn't resist. Fasting often seems to make us hungry afterwards. The only time i haven't felt that was when i just didn't eat for several days. The need seemed to pass and when i ate again i wasn't driven to eat too much. I am certainly not advocating a full fast but when it was forced upon me by illness that was my experience. Oh by the way i'm a vegetarian so i don't eat the goats i care for. I try to raise them well. They go to an Halal butcher and hopefully find their way into sustaining the lives of others.



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Guest Delphinus

Haha. Goat. I've actually been eating more meat lately since I've found a place to get halal beef (it doesn't matter to me for chicken) but I think it's more of an issue that my metabolism slowed down during Ramadan and then, I have issues already with tiredness so, I end up eating calorie-dense foods (breads) to stay awake. I've started drinking a lot more coffee and tea to hopefully kick-start things and have put myself on a high-ish protein diet. I've also started working out/ dancing so, hopefully, I'll begin to see the results soon. :)

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    • Traci Lynn
      Thank all of you, it was my greateat fear to lose my family. They are wonderful people
    • Willow
      Hi everyone.   Weather has been great.  mid 80s but low humidity.  I've made a lot of progress on my boat.  I have one more patch to fill, final sand and power wash.  Then I can paint it and call it good for this year.  Of course something always breaks.  I am looking forward to sailing off into the sunrise.  Boating season can be a short summer.  Hurricane season begins in a month and a half so you really have to keep your eyes on the weather.  So no long sails.  Only day trips until November and then it gets chilly.   Willow
    • kelly sinclair
      Well  she stopped  buy didnt seem to be upset so I guess  we good .mite give some time before  shopping help .  Thank you kymmiel and brandibri 
    • Susan R
      This hit me like a lead ball. It nearly brought me to tears. My parents passed long ago but I would’ve hoped they would’ve responded to my ‘coming out’ in this exact way.  I love your mom...what a mom you have!  If your dad is anything like her, you are in good hands.  Thank you so much for sharing this...I needed that. Warmest Regards and congratulations, Susan R🌷
    • Jennifer T
      17 years ago I wrote this. I may have shared it here before. With the impending invasion of Iraq, I was in a funk where internal struggles were only beginning to come to light. I was only beginning to share my heart with a counselor, very tentatively, and the complexities of struggle, whether on the international scene or in a very personal level, were crashing in.   There is a ‘triple’ entendre in these 17 couplets that embraces my life.    “The Game”   With fevered brow and thoughts of war Redeeming time, a settled score;   Again she calls, panicked and strewn Her mind tormented, seeking too soon   What I cannot give. Yet in her state Seeks resolution, but can’t abate   The childhood games; one up on you, A repertoire played right on cue.   The phone still rings, forlorn at night I close my eyes, ignore the plight.   And yet my heart does yearn to see Her mind at rest, but can it be?   When life deals cards, we each our hand, And calls to play a final stand   It beckons, “call,” as time draws near and in its wake we loathe, we fear.   Knowing full well we cannot see What we cannot hold or cannot be;   That shade of loss, a fearful plight Someone of flesh of thought and sight   Whose vision clears and thoughts dispel; A game surreal, we seek to quell.   I touch the pad; a familiar tone It softly rings, “Noone at home.”   So for this night I lay to rest Resolve and dread of my own quest.   And with the morrow I pray to see A path more fair, a way to be   That light she needs, serene and calm; And play the game, a reasoned psalm.   But with weary heart and wounded soul And spoken truth my only goal   I pen these words, a hope to be Much more than my soliloquy.   -Jennifer T,  March 17, 2003.   It wasn’t until October, 2009 that I came out to my wife. It’s been roughly 11 years since then.  My how time has passed.   And here I still exist with ‘T’ at the helm.    Today, in light of our world’s current struggle, I find within myself that the old pain still thrives; that I still long to be so much more than I appear to be. But I believe I am doing as I must.   I will stay my course and pray to be beautiful in eternity.   Peace.
    • Erikka
      Good for you Traci Lynn. So glad it is progressing so far in a positive light. To be yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Just remember not everyone is accepting and there will be bumps in the road.  Pick the wars you can win and walk away from those you can’t.
    • TammyAnne
      Wow, congratulations Traci Lynn! That is remarkable progress - and bravery. I'm very impressed, and of course very pleased for you. That's such good news. TA
    • Traci Lynn
      In the last 3 days I have come out to my family and a coworker. My parents and sister live 2 states away, i have been putting off having "The talk" as I have no idea when I would next see them, but at 6 months into my transition I thought it is time. The first opportunity arose monday, my sister sent a birthday message to me, I texted back thanks love and miss you alot. When you get a chance call me I have something I need to tell you.  An hour or so later the phone rang and I mustered up my courage and answered. It went haltingly at first, most of you know how difficult it is to tell your loved ones something so life changing, and in tears I said after some gentle coaxing from her, how will you feel about your brother becoming your sister? I waited nervously for an answer, and what it might be. She responded simply, i know you have been unhappy for along time, and no matter what you do I will always love you as my brother and now my sister. She went on to say she will support me and anytime i need advice or just to talk about it call her anytime day or night cause I am always here for you.  That evening i had the talk again with my step sons, they live with us, 16 and 30. They both said it does change the way we feel and it must be a relief to get that off my chest. The oldest even said my friend Mattie has been transitioning for over 3 years and could probably answer alot of questions for you. The next evening was the one I dreaded most, My parents. My mom answered, and we exchanged a few pleasantries before she said whats wrong son. I had started to cry knowing what I must do. Before I tell you its nothing health related, financial, or relationship related. As I proceeded and tripped and started and stopped several times my mom said your trying to tell me your switching from male to female arent you! Its okay son, I will love you no matter what. Me and your dad, we only want your happiness. So have you decided on a name? I replied I will keep my name, it fits now. I won't go by my nickname anymore Trace, from now on its Tracyee Lynn only spelled Traci Lynn. That was my actual birth name.    Okay so the coworker conversation: Several weeks ago we had a training class for work, we were covering the questionaire for the census and the sex question came up. I work for the Census Bureau, anyhow there are two groups in the class, so the instruction say conflicting things. First it says sex either male or female based on your biological gender. Then a few sentences down it says however the individual identifies. The one group daid they were told only to do the first biological gender, our group was told how they identify. So a debate arose and everyone said things like some people identify as dinosaurs, some as objects. The strange thing was no one would say transgendered people. I wanted to say something/anything, but didnt want to out myself. So I remained silent, it bothered me for days and then weeks. So finally I contacted a coworker and talked to her about the whole incident and she remembered it, then she said wow that was like 3 weeks ago. It must have been important to you or something to still be thinking about that. I said in fact it is, i am one of those people. I started transitioning a few weeks before I started this job. She said look your secret is safe with me, and stop worrying, not everyone is as closed minded as alot of the people working here are. So in 4 days I have came out to alot of family and the co worker, so far all positively! I guess I am lucky, or luckiet than some. Thanks for listening! Traci  
    • Susan R
      It’s another beautiful day today here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m having my lunchtime coffee break and getting ready to head out for my walk soon.  Not much to do around the house now.  We’ve done so many small projects around the house that we’re taking a break from changing things around for the sake of “do something” to keep busy..LOL You know you’re in isolation when you look forward to your late afternoon therapy appointment as the major highlight of your day.  Oh, the wonderful times we live in...   Hope everyone’s in good spirits today, Susan R🌷
    • Jani
      Hi Drago.  If you are still concerned this is something to discuss with your dermatologist first to get this issue addressed correctly.     From all I've heard, going on testosterone can cause acne so again, talk to your doctor before you ask to start HRT.  They may have an answer for you.   Jani 
    • drago
      Hello everyone! I have a question because I'm a little bit concerned. I've always had bad skin with acne. Last year I got an allergic reaction and I ended up with a face full of pustules and cysts. My dermatologist prescribed me Accutane. I've been on Accutane for 9 months. Now, it's 4 months after this treatment, and I have some relapses but they are still rare, small and disappear fastly. I'm 22 and I want to start hormone therapy, but I'm afraid I may experience the same horror again and don't know what I can do about that. So my question is - Has anyone else experienced such a problem?  Any information will be very helpful. Thank you!
    • Jani
      And Denise too since she was the OP.     Jani
    • Jani
      I'm sure you are feeling much better by now!!    Jani
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🦄   Happy birthday Lorry!🎂 Happy birthday Chris Gabi!🎂 Hope you have a beautiful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Jani
      When it happens you'll be thrilled.  It's amazing to hold a baby again after all those years.  They do grow fast though!
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