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Guest Delphinus

Post-Ramadan routine

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Guest Delphinus

Salam to all! I was hoping that someone might be able to offer advice on how to get back to a normal routine post-Ramadan. I'm still waking up before sunrise VERY hungry, then I just want to sleep during the day, and I get hungry at night (and during the day if I can't sleep). School is back in session so, this is very problematic... Advice please!


- Del

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Eat more goat. I only say that as a farmer who raises meat goats and i couldn't resist. Fasting often seems to make us hungry afterwards. The only time i haven't felt that was when i just didn't eat for several days. The need seemed to pass and when i ate again i wasn't driven to eat too much. I am certainly not advocating a full fast but when it was forced upon me by illness that was my experience. Oh by the way i'm a vegetarian so i don't eat the goats i care for. I try to raise them well. They go to an Halal butcher and hopefully find their way into sustaining the lives of others.



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Guest Delphinus

Haha. Goat. I've actually been eating more meat lately since I've found a place to get halal beef (it doesn't matter to me for chicken) but I think it's more of an issue that my metabolism slowed down during Ramadan and then, I have issues already with tiredness so, I end up eating calorie-dense foods (breads) to stay awake. I've started drinking a lot more coffee and tea to hopefully kick-start things and have put myself on a high-ish protein diet. I've also started working out/ dancing so, hopefully, I'll begin to see the results soon. :)

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    • Suzanne1
      While this has not exactly been my own experience, I see no reason for terror.  Certainly, cataract surgery is one of the more commonly performed opthalmic surgeries.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.cbs19news.com/story/41773530/case-study-explores-needs-of-transgenderidentified-senior-citizens   I'd like to read this study.  It could be a very valuable resource.  There are so many of us senior trans folk now.  I've always been concerned about access to things like accepting and supportive long term care and housing.  In California there are pretty good laws on the books, but elsewhere, not the case.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/brazilian-transgender-dancer-shatters-carnival-parade-taboo-69156339     Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      Report of the 2015 Transgender Survey by the National Center For Transgender Equality.    https://www.transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/USTS-Full-Report-FINAL.PDF   Discussion of Suicidal Thoughts And Behaviors  on page 112.  
    • Susan R
      It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ivy. You might not think you’ve started your transition but you’ve already worked past a difficult part of your journey.  You recognize that the roller coaster is just going to continue moving along the endless track unless you stop what you’ve been doing and get off.  You’ve taken a few steps in the right direction.  Counseling with a therapist specializing in gender issues was a smart move and joining us here is another great step in the right direction.  You'll meet others to help you gain perspective which in turn will help you sidestep the land mines along the way.  Often you’ll discover something here that you’ll want to discuss with your therapist.  You sound like your in good hands.  Take it slow and enjoy yourself.  I’m glad your here!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Debra Michelle
      I will get used to wearing glasses.With me being 41,I knew this eye exam was needed and knew the vision problems were going to start sometime.
    • Alex C
      Well Mary what you decided you make it word. Be proud, Be safe and Kick Ass
    • Jani
      I'm going to need eye surgery this year for early onset of cataracts due to my medication.  I've been terrified of this but have been told by many (including my parents) that its quick, simple and painless.  So my fear has been ramped down considerably.  My spouse had Lasik surgery years ago (very similar) and she experienced no pain or side effects.  So when the time comes don't be fearful.    
    • Debra Michelle
      Went in for my eye exam which I do have done each year.Eye doctor did see something with my left eye, astigmatism and told me time for glasses or surgery.Decided on the glasses which are on order.There was no way they were going to stick something in my eye to fix it.I did see a few of the letters were blurry
    • Astrid
      Waving to you, Ivy!  Good to see another non-binary person join us!  We're all here for each other.   Best wishes on the journey ahead,   Astrid
    • Astrid
      I began HRT on Dec 4th, 2019, less than 3 months ago.  Everyone's timetable will vary.   Mine certainly did:  breast soreness began at 3 weeks, breast buds formed at 4 weeks, and tissue growth began in earnest.  I understand why my doctor said that growth usually doesn't begin until 3 to 6 months in (because that's the average response she sees in her patients).  As I've remarked elsewhere in other posts, I've actually reduced my patch size/daily dose to slow growth down, as I'm non-binary and don't have significant breast growth as a goal.  I'm a living experiment in whether, for me, I can continue with microdosing.  The coming 6 months or so will tell, I think.   Body hair (for example, on legs) is now smoother.  Chest hair isn't, because I'm at the stage where electrolysis has removed almost all of it 😊.   Since an initial flurry of questions (via the health portal for my HRT facility), I've personally found a less stressful approach for me is to chill a bit and not be super-anxious about every small little thing I might notice.  It will happen when it happens, if it happens.  I'm just happy that estradiol really IS addressing my dysphoria -- I now have positive developments that I can dwell on, even small ones, and that's a good thing!  And, yes, I cherish being more emotional, too!   Astrid
    • ToniTone
      Welcome Ivy! This forum is a very supportive place with lots of friendly people. Glad you are here with us 💕   ~Toni
    • Charlize
      Welcome Ivy. My time here certainly has helped me live as and accept myself. Hope you find the same!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • MaryMary
      I spent a lot of time learning to talk with a deep voice and a lot of time learning to "retalk" with a higher voice, lol This puberphonia thing earned me a lot of abuse, lol
    • Charlize
      I have never heard of that.  Interesting for sure.  Perhaps wiki should add another possible cause?  I remember when my voice was going through change.  I hated that time.  I've only spoken to one voice "expert" and she notes that my voice fits well into the female spectrum for someone who spent years smoking.  That's me, unfortunately.   Hugs,   Charlize
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