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Guest LilyRose

I Am Your Sister

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Guest LilyRose

A poem for most of you wonderful ladies and men out there. I am very thankful for Laura's for providing me a place to be myself. I always dreamed of being a sister and having sisters. Now that it is true and I am so happy. Also, I have been somewhat adopted as a daughter as well. It makes me ecstatic to have a mother who cares for me as well. No matter how yucky the day is, life is beautiful knowing I am not alone.

I Am Your Sister

When I was no more than six years old, a lady at my mother's church

asked me if I wanted to have a little brother or a sister. I didn't have to
think about it, replied.. "I want to be a sister!" She blinked wildly and

tried to ask me again. I remained firm and repeated my answer. I didn't

care if I had a brother or a sister, I wanted to BE a sister for either one.

Nothing ever came out of it and I grew older as an only child who was
odd to say the least. I grew independent and I never tried to take any
help from anyone. Sheltered away from the rest of the world, I cared
only about my reading. I was so disappointed that I could not become

the sister that I know that I am. "It's impossible!" my mother shrieked.

Much like my dream of being a woman, this dream was suppressed
to the point of obscurity. Forcing myself to live a lie, all of my emotions

were drained from me. My whole world was wrapped up in the deaths
of my aunt and my grandmother who would have loved me either way.

They had died and I felt that my womanhood had died along with them.

By this point, I found poetry and it was used as my only coping mechanism;

I had given up on my true self and devoted my life to escaping the torment.

Poetry was the only thing that could take my mind off of the pain, and yet
it would not stop it. Becoming a teacher and all of its rewarding perks would

not stop it. I knew there was only one way to stop my eternal suffering.

Underneath the cold and empty surface, a smoldering spark still burned and
there was no way that I would let it go out. I picked up and clutched the spark

inside my heart, encasing it in the warmth of my blood and the heat spread

throughout my entire body. Nothing is impossible. After all this time, it was

not too late. My head is swimming in the truth and the truth is beautiful.

Not living a lie any longer, I am a woman who will continue to fight for the

happiness she knows that is on her horizon. Looking around me, I realize that
I am not alone and I will never be alone. For all of those who will guide me,

and those we will guide in the future, just know how much your support truly

means to me. Swimming in my tears, I am proud to say that I am your sister.

Thank you for everything and I love you more than you will ever know.

Lily Rose

*fans self* Sort of worked myself into a tizzy with this one! Thanks for reading!

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Guest Rebecca A

You are my sister hun, always will be :: hugs :: stay strong, and I feel your emotion coming through, though I hope they are happy tears for I feel joy for you that you are coming to understand your true self and in turn view yourself as who you are, not as who everyone else in your life has told you you should be.

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Guest Carla_Davis

Hi LilyRose,

As my "adopted" daughter, you will NEVER be alone. :wub:

I am very Happy that Poetry is so therapeutic to you.

It is my pleasure watching you prosper into a beautiful young woman.

I can see how Happy you are by some of your Poetry.

I wish you Continued Success and Happiness on your Journey.

I will always Encourage and Support you on your Journey.

Love, :wub:


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Guest miss kindheart

I love you too Lily Rose :wub:


:wub: vanna

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Guest LilyRose


Thank you my wonderful sister! These tears are happy! Oh so happy! I am finally becoming more and more happy with myself. Especially as I allow that spark of womanhood become a blazing fire! :) :: hugs ::

Momma Carla,

I am very fortunate that you have "adopted" me and sent me a certification to make it official on here. I may be blossoming as a beautiful young woman, but I have a wonderful mom with experience to help guide me. My poetry is finally becoming a part of me instead of something to get me away from me, and that is so liberating! Hugs! Lots of love from your daughter.


You are very welcome sweetie. Thank you for being my awesome sister! hugs*

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Guest angels wings

that was beautiful Lily so sweet :score: :score: :score: we are all here to uplift and help each other out ,your words are so wonderful :goodjob:

:ThanxSmiley: for sharing

Angel :friends:

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    • Dana Michelle
      I know. The ad was inserted by YouTube. I was just commenting because I thought the bra was a bit strange.  
    • Dana Michelle
      I don't have a problem with cis actors playing trans characters, but I wish it would be cis women playing trans women, and cis men playing trans men, instead of cis women playing trans men and cis men playing trans women.
    • Dinaki
      The link works for me, it goes directly to Boy George's video titled Yes We Can   I swear, I did  not sent any "funny" pictures
    • Rorelai
      Hi everyone!    My name is Rory, I'm a 21 year old trans girl living in central Pennsylvania. I started my transition socially just over 3 years ago, and I've been on hormones since last October. Jackie Rabbit's YouTube channel brought me here, and I guess I'm looking for a community of other trans folks because since I can't be with my regular support network because of COVID. I have a wonderful group of people that I get to live with when I'm at college, and now that I'm back home there's still a few people outside my family that I still keep in touch with, but they don't always understand everything that's going on with me and my transition. I'll probably put together some other posts in the appropriate forums about my experiences with hrt, passing, and how my sexuality has changed in relation to my gender. This is getting long now, but I look forward to interacting more with the lovely people on this forum 💜
    • Jackie C.
      I have two pairs of those. They're sticky rubber under cloth. I wouldn't wear them to go jogging or anything, but they do OK for keeping the girls "up and forward."   Hugs!
    • Dana Michelle
      When I clicked on that link it showed me an ad first about an "innovative bra" that looked like nothing more than pieces of rubber placed over the nipples.
    • Madison
      Hi, i started T blocker on Jan 14, 2020. I then started <removed> until June 26, 2020. I had my orchiectomy that day. I stopped cassodex the day before ( i was on that <removed> to suppress T) and nothing has been the same since. I am crying easily at like nothing things that are all of a sudden filled with emotional significance. I had some serious deeply embedded emotional "things" breakloose and surface that therapy has been helping to dislodge. Besides that I feel fantastic for the most part. My Boobs seem to have gotten twice as fulll overnight, nipples and areola larger,smoother and softer and more sensitive. And buds just ache like a toothache, not bad but sore and constant. It is incredible to wear cute panties without those ugly things popping out. and I sleep the night through without waking up ten times to pee. I do feel very different, that is for sure.
    • Susan R
      @Courtney. I’m very sorry to read about these difficulties with your facing with each birthday.   This is something my therapist would say to me but here goes... I would try to look at this in a slightly different perspective. You are the essence of ‘Courtney‘.  Courtney was also born into this world yesterday some 46 or 47 years ago. Just because you see a male exterior does not mean you have to forfeit a life without birthdays. Your existence and lack of being able to present ‘as yourself‘ does not mean you have to forever give up the celebration of life that makes you...you! You have as much right as anyone to celebrate Courtney coming into into this world. Someday, if transition becomes possible, you may even have a different kind of celebration for Courtney. Crazier things have happened! 😃   My Best, Susan R🌷    
    • Jani
      No not really!  I felt happy after starting but no fireworks.  As you have found changes do creep up on you and all the things you note will present in your life soon enough.  As to depression, talk to your doctor and get something for it.  There is no need to have this cloud over your life.    Jani  
    • Jani
      Hello Rami and welcome. There are many "older" women here with similar stories to yours so you'll feel comfortable here.  Accepting that you are transgender is big.  I'm glad to hear you are dealing with it now.  I look forward to seeing you around.    Jani
    • Jani
      Thanks for this info.  I sent word to my mother who has a cat.    Jan
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, probably not for me either. It's a small office with a cramped and crowded waiting room. They may start taking appointments only though so, after I get the REST of my paperwork filled out (My gynecologist needs to inspect my GCS surgeon's work, declare me female and fill out a form to that effect), I can start looking into that.   The birth certificate should be easier. I can do that by mail or maybe online.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Cloth. I got mine from Lookhuman then another pair from Amazon. Susan found one she liked at the antique store she was visiting on her birthday as well. I had to laugh when the young woman at the wig store asked for picture ID. "But... we're all wearing masks..."   Hugs!
    • lachallenger
      Huh! Usually communications with them are a bramble patch for me - though an office visit isn't going to be an option for me for a while, that said.   Cheers!
    • Jackie C.
      My spouse is a vet tech and my estranged mother a veterinarian. I don't keep Lysol in the house. It's very poisonous to them and it works very, very quickly. Keep the babies safe. 😻   Hugs!
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