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Guest Rebecca A

Where are we going, Where did we come from?

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Guest Rebecca A

Where are we going, Where did we come from?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

I paddle down the river of life,

Sometimes battling the current,

Being pushed back and losing ground,

Other times floating with the current,

Relaxing and just letting life be,

Why struggle against the inevitable?

It's so much easier to just be,

To be myself,

To express myself,

To stand up and yell from the mountaintops,

I am woman,

Have always been,

It matters not how the rest of the world sees me,

I'm curious though,

Where are we going?

Where did we come from?

Especially when we fight the current,

Or even go with it,

Only to find that we are led to the edge,

And topple over the waterfall,

It's beautiful,

But Where are we going?

Where did we come from?


-New Material ;)

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i love the expression "let go and let God". Even for the atheist it has wisdom. Going with the flow and letting the results simply happen allows for some degree of peace.



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Guest LilyRose


Asking these questions is always important. Especially for us. We are much much more complex than cis people. Our origins are much more confusing. We may not know our origins as much as we can, but we can always dictate where we are going. You are a woman and you will always be a woman. Your future will always be that and there's no reason to fight it. It is others who will fight you instead. Be prepared for that.

Loves and hugs from your sister!
Lily Rose

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Guest miss kindheart

I will tell you where you came from :friends:

13.82 Billion years ago was the begginning of known time, we call it the Big Bang

The universe was created as all known matter was set in motion

that matter condenced down and formed stars that lived and died

During their death their matter was expelled and sent out to condence into other stars

this happened over and over again

Until one day some of the particles condenced to form you :wub:

So you see, you are Unique, one of a kind , and their will never be another like you

As for the future :superman:

Que Sera, Sera What Will Be Will Be :thumbsup:

:wub: vanna

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    • Laura76
      MaryMary, Jackie C and Jani,   Thank you for your insight and recommendations. I will use them all. And Thank you VickySgv, I will be watching your videos tonight.   Any if there are additional recommendations that come to mind please send them.   Again thank you all, Laura76    
    • Aidan5
      I feel like he may have caught on to me or something. Since my friend Tyler and I were having a conversation about sports and trans teams. 
    • Jackie C.
      Cis or trans, a guy is still a guy. He wasn't all that far off. You're not really lying if you're being true to yourself. I tell people I'm a woman. That's true. I just need a couple of renovations to get my body caught up to the rest of me.   What a peculiar thing to strike up a conversation about. I admire your restraint. Depending on the day, I might have let him have it.   Hopefully, he'll learn better manners as he gets older.   Hugs!
    • Susan R
      Rachel, This hit me like a brick wall...eerily similar to what I stated in my “Life Changes” email I sent to my family as I was coming out.  It was the trigger.  sometimes it takes something like this to wake us up and really acknowledge our reality. Kudos to you for recognizing your truth.  I‘m sure it was as difficult for you as it was for me.   Here is a the way I stated it to my family from my email.   ”I started doing more and more soul searching and when I  found out that [our brother] had died, it really hit me hard. I realized life is  short and we aren't going to be around much longer. If we want to  share our lives with those we love, now is the best time to do it.”   My wife too!  Your story and mine are very similar.   Susan R🌷
    • Jackie C.
      Let's see... daily wear is usually a t-shirt with something clever written on it and jeans. Mostly dark colors and blues. I can get away with splashes of maroon though. I love my maroon jeans. Then I put a sweatshirt or a sweater on top if it because I'm cold. My current favorite is gray, kind of shapeless and has a fox wearing glasses featured predominantly on the front. Sometimes I spice it up with a long sleeved shirt. I'm sensitive about my bust line though so there's usually a high neck line with minimal cleavage showing. More formal wear will be a nice shirt. Usually blue or black with blue accents or a blue pattern. Then add slacks this time of year. Going formal I'll add one or two accents. Generally a necklace or wristband with a decorative scarf (again, sensitive about my lack of a bust line). No matter what, I'm nearly always wearing my favorite pair of boots. They're kind of medium-dressy ankle boots with a couple of decorative straps. They go with almost anything, but I also have party shoes, formal shoes, sneakers and athletic shoes as the situation requires.    In the summer, it will either be a t-shirt or a tank (I look great in a tank top) with shorts. Sometimes I rotate in one of my skirts. I have a lovely peasant skirt that is easily one of the coolest things I own on a hot day. Summertime is always sandals unless I'm dressing for a specific formal function.   For the most part, I look like a librarian. Not the sexy kind. Glasses. Conservative dress. Usually with some drapery. I've got a real thing for drapery when I'm decorating myself to go out.   Hugs!
    • Aidan5
      Morning all, I had a very awkward bus ride.    The kid next to me still thinks I am a cis guy ahaha. He never asked so I just went with it lol (I feel bad for lying but I dont think I will tell him anytime soon) So he turns to me and asks me.. "What's your view on trans people?"  So I kinda just sat there and before I could say anything he told me  "If a girl is trying to be a boy, I am still going to call her a her, because she will always be a she. The same for the other way around." So, I spoke up and told him that he should respect other people's pronouns. I don't hate him for his view but it is pretty mean not gonna lie, I will always respect other's views on subjects. I really don't want to be his friend anymore so I am just gonna avoid him. I won't start any drama because I am a gentleman (Sometimes haha)  
    • Michelle F
      Thank you so much everyone. Y'all  have really helped my transition. 
    • Willow
      @Maid In Bedlam@ShawnaLeigh  The two terms were in fact Transsexual and Transgender.  Transgender is currently considered to be the most correct term.  We have gender dysphoria,   not sexual dysphoria.  The definition of gender verses sex.   would a child determined to be transgender at a very young age be more attracted to "the opposite sex" than someone who figured it out well after puberty, a young adult?  Would the young adult who had some sort of experience be more attracted to "the same sex"?  Is there any correlation?   Willow  
    • Damien Mcknight
      I usually go for a more preppy, kinda tomboy goth thing, but also a light and cute pastel style   basically flannels, graphic tees, and black ripped jeans
    • MaryMary
      I have a silver bracelet forged by a trans woman (yes, forged). It's not trans related but it's the thing that I wear that's "I'm proud to be transgender". It's really beautifull
    • VickySGV
      I can't say they are my favorites, and I am not Goth, but if I reach of any outfit these days it seems to be some type of black T shirt and black slacks.  My most common source of T shirts are support purchases for Trans groups I am part of.  The one I grabbed when I tossed off my pajama top reads "Trans Voices Matter".
    • VickySGV
      To give you hope here, I have been out full time for 10+ years as myself and maybe 10 or 20 part time out before then and the feeling I have lost is SHAME which may be the word you are looking for more than embarrassed.  SHAME is a killer almost literally and needs to be dealt with or we are in trouble.  I am a Trans activist and while not star quality, I have been in the public eye in film and news and speaking engagements where people absolutely know I am Trans and I am proud and happy with all of that, so certainly SHAME has been put to its end for me.  We have nothing to be ashamed of, but it feels that way in our early days of exploration because we think our families and friends feel disappointment in us and we feel that we are letting their hopes and expectations down by coming out and living our own hopes.  I still struggle with that from time to time and have trouble dealing with expansive compliments about my living my truth and being a community model when I do not feel I have done as well as they say I have.   I overcome that feeling of letting people down by being the BEST ME I can be which, after all, is where we really should be going.  The shame we really deserve is when we have not been the best human being we can be, loving, fully accepting of others, able to celebrate differences and much more.     You are YOU!!  Find out how to be the BEST YOU you can be!  Have fun as you do it.
    • MaryMary
      right now leaning more towards rocker, purple lipstick and black jewelry kinda style. But it's always evolving. I'm 20 years behind in knowing my style.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I honestly don't have one yet.  I have had very little experience wearing much female clothing. Well to be truthful.  NONE as of this post outside the house.  As a guy I was always in a company uniform of one business or another for most of my days (nights-worked night shift for almost 30 years) This consisted of jeans/work pants and a t shirt.  I am now in a job where I get to dress in "golf attire" and truly love this.  Most of my golf polos are of a very sleek and silky nature.  As are my slacks.   I have started wearing my female under garments full time since coming out.  My wife is strangely ok with this and still does our laundry together. (I'm not allowed to) Folds it too.  ( I am lucky there) I have recently ordered a couple pairs of Dansko female clogs to wear with my work clothing.  Simply black and brown for now to match the clothing I already own.  In the hospitals I work in I see plenty of male nurses and doctors wearing these types of shoes, or very similar, so its not too outrageous but they do make me feel more feminine.  Every little bit counts. In my near future I feel I will convert my guy "golf" shirts and pants over to a more feminine style.  Most likely still a shirt and pant outfit.  Maybe swap in a skirt some days.  Maybe just girl golf shirts.  LOL (I play a lot of golf too so they will at least be useful when I am dressing far more feminine for work.)
    • Aidan5
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