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Guest DianeATL


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Guest DianeATL

This is not really poetry but it references classical literature - Mods feel free to move it if you like.

From the Inferno (Hell) Dante ascends to an island that is neither Hell or Heaven, Purgatory. The place is neither as dark and gloomy as the Inferno but presents a 7 levels of challenges to make it out into heaven.

I think Dante was transgendered. ;-)

As I ascend from the hell of denial, suppression, guilt, shame, and creating a daily performance life for others to enjoy I entered Purgatory, where I currently reside. From the inferno I could not see paradise, I doubted its existence at times. Now I can see it but the challenges to get there are daunting to say the least. Lucifer keeps grabbing at my ankle trying to pull me back into the Inferno while my friends extend their hands to help pull me through the challenges ahead into paradise.

As Purgatory is neither heaven or hell, I am neither fish nor fowl. A more feminine spirit and masculine vessel could not be combined. Instead of the interlocking beauty of ying and yang, they oppose like two positively charged magnets. Can the spiritual world win against the physical world?

Eternal frustration is often defined as being doomed to spend eternity in Purgatory. It is not a destination but a way station on the path to heaven or hell.

Thank for the friends who extend their hands daily to help me negotiate the challenges, I can't wait to get out of this place.

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I like the way you expressed that limbo between genders. I found that by taking little steps the devil didn't see the changes. Then with some hands reaching out i jumped from ledge to ledge and found some freedom. Now there still is a mixture of male and female in me but living and feeling more of the woman makes the mind and mixture much more to my liking. Our hands are out to you when you need us.



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Guest LilyRose

Hey Diana,

I love this classic and am glad to see you talk about it. I find that to be very fascinating because he was guided by Virgil, the Roman poet. And in Roman society, sexuality was often explored and open. Homosexuality was practiced without any fear or discrimination. No problem at all, and while there is the "lust" level of hell, it's only for those who have insatiable sexual appetites.

As for transgendered people like us, The Divine Comedy has absolutely no reference to transgendered people's role in any of the lower circles which is neat in itself. It knowingly or unknowingly promotes that there is no reason for us to be ashamed to accept both sides of the gender spectrum. It is not a sinful experience for us to want our bodies to match our brains. Isn't that grand?

Hugs and best wishes,


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Guest miss kindheart

:welldone: Diane :friends:

:ThanxSmiley: for sharing

:wub: vanna

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Guest Jennifer T

As a fan of the Divine Comedy, I enjoyed your allegory. As one who resides there as well, I feel your words.

Well done. May we all eventually ascend.


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    • ShawnaLeigh
      Welcome.  Great place you found.  I love it here. ❤️
    • Susan R
      Aiden,  I agree with the others posting here.  You have some serious talent.  Keep doing what you enjoy.  These quick doodles may pay back dividends down the road.   Thank you for sharing, Susan🌷
    • Aidan5
      Thanks man!
    • ToniTone
      That's so sweet! Girl on girl compliments are the best, we're all sisters and need to look out for each other 💕   ~Toni
    • ToniTone
      Welcome ErinElizabeth! Love that name, that's beautiful that your wife is so supportive and helpful, she sounds lovely 💗   ~Toni
    • ToniTone
      I didn't get misgendered at work today! I wore foundation in addition to my usual eye and lip makeup, and though (to me anyway) subtle, it seemed to make a difference! I waahed it off before bed, but I'll do it again and take a pic tomorrow so I can get your thoughts... 
    • RH+/-
      Thank You both for the replies!    I haven't considered the downloadable pamphlets, because she doesn't speak english (there isn't too much information about this in our country) , and I thought it was enough what I was explaining to her, but I might be saying something wrong, or she might misunderstood me somehow. I don't know yet, so I'm gonna try again.  I'm gonna post an introduction soon, and I'd like to interact with the people here. I found transgender people are one of the most patient and nicest people out there, so thank you for blindly accepting me! :)    Heiko
    • Adrian Doyle
      Thanks so much for the advice! I  just talked to my parents about cutting my hair, and they seem cool with the wig idea too!  ٩( ᐛ )و
    • Adrian Doyle
      They’re all so cool! Keep up the amazing work!
    • Lucca
      I got some makeup that was serviceable but pretty crappy from Amazon by just blindly guessing what would work for me, but later after I came out to some friends they went shopping with me at Macy's where a very friendly attendant matched with some makeup, did my whole face, and gave me some samples to keep using before I bought anything. Are you out to anyone who could take you yet? It's way less intimidating if you're not going by yourself.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, JoniSteph.  I hope that you find all the answers you need and all the encouragement you desire in these forums and among our terrific members.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • NB Adult
      There you go, you're already on a roll!
    • Aidan5
      I do have comic ideas in mind. But for some friends I might start being their concept artist, they said they would pay me. That's the goal
    • OliverPerry
      My current therapist (not specialized in gender identity issues) is the first and only person I've shared the daily struggle I face with my body .  She tried to understand me at first but dismissed it after only two sessions. Her reason: my posture wasn't "manly" enough to qualify as FTM. Many of my hobbies fit the "male" category though, that is the "geeky male" category not the all "macho" one. I don't like sports but I'm quite into gaming and comic books. However, like many, I also enjoy non "gender specific activities" of course. I don't act "manly" so it is easy for me to hide the fact that I'm not ok with my female body. The way I move and speak hide my male self. My posture is shy and awkward and my vocal cords only seem to produce girly sounds. I wish my voice was deeper but it isn't. I'm a bloody soprano leggero, which is rather high. With vocal lessons though, my voice has dropped but just slightly so, it's still very girl-like. I'm not into skirts or dresses, I attempted to be but ended up going back to pants. I like t-shirts with images from movies and games but I also like skinny trousers with prints.  What kills me ends up being the way I move and talk. My awkward, shy and geeky self makes people perceive me simply as a quirky girl.  I've been experience body dysphoria ever since I was 12 (I'm 24 now). Still, my therapist didn't believe I could be trans because I don't "act like a man" and the fact that I've never felt attraction towards a girl and like blokes instead didn't help me much.   I don't believe you have to fit the male stereotype to qualify. So what if your tastes aren't all considered "guy tastes"? If you feel miserable in a female body, no matter your interests, there's indeed a possibility you might be FTM.   I've scheduled an appointment with a therapist who specializes in this matters and I'm hoping to finally be properly heard. Maybe you could do the same. I think it could help you clarify your situation. I find it a bit scary though. I'm afraid it'll make me go into an even darker place. Still, I believe it must be done. Think about it. No rush.    I hope this helped a bit. I really wouldn't discard the possibility. I know cis guys who share many interests, no matter what gender this interests are normally associated with.
    • NB Adult
      Do you have plans as a book or comic illustrator? Writers and businesses pay illustrators well and I'm sure there are many venues that would appreciate your talents.
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