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Guest Greg_THX1138

Cruel Reflections

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Guest Greg_THX1138

(I do not know if this is not too grim... and it is one of my cheerier ones. A moderator will decide)

Most people don't see,
How many places reflect,
They don't see things like me.

The ugly truth shows,
Every place I turn,
Reflections abound.

In the home and away,
Reflective surfaces show,
A gender just not my own.

Mirrors get covered,
Curtains get drawn,
But still I see.

Inside the home,
Glass and metal both show,
A body that I hate.

So I learn to live,
Life day to day,
Without looking in any of them.

Dressing, showering, combing my hair,
With no mirror is normal to me,
But never fails to surprise others.

Out in the world,
It's even worse,
I don't know where to look.

Cars, windows, and more,
Everywhere I turn,
Makes me wish I was blind.

Part of my life,
Revolves around,
Finding places to look.

Looking down is cruel reality,
Looking out shows more,
Of what people see as truth.

But the worst place I see,
Reflections I hate,
Are in other people's faces.

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Oh Greg while i think it is a great poem i am so sorry you feel that at this point. I know the feeling but for me it has lessened. I actually see the woman i am now in the mirror even though the body isn't perfect. The mirror isn't my friend but doesn't hate me now. Hopefully time will give you that gift. Finding happiness outside of our gender issues can help us to accept the imperfections we will always face. I've learned to enjoy my work, life and relationships but it took time.

Wishing you a poem of acceptance.



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Guest Greg_THX1138

Thank you for your kindness in both this and my other poem. Please see my introductory post ( http://www.lauras-playground.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=58844 ). I can't transition and can't pass.

My writing is my outlet.

I really don't know which of my poetry is acceptable and which is not. While only 1 has absolutely dissallowed material, all of them are grim. Would it be possible to PM them (on their dA pages) to you or another moderator before posting to be sure I am ok with them until I have a better clue?

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Guest DianeATL


I am sorry that you feel this way but you are not alone. I never realized how little time I spent looking in a mirror, I would often leave my home with my hair a mess or shirt buttoned wrong only to catch a reflection in the elevator and try to fix it. I just avoided looking at my face or body and have virtually no pictures of him.

So like you there is a deep dislike or revulsion for the uniform I was issued. I just didn't realize how big it was until I started enjoying the mirror and pictures that reflected the real me.

Please continue to write if it is a good outlet, but be careful because sometimes when we write about such things, we aren't letting them out as much as we are digging ourselves deeper into the hole. So if you find a release and feel better after getting this off of your chest then go for it, even if it is just in a private diary and not posted. But if after writing you feel more depressed, then you probably need to force yourself to write some positive pieces. Think of it as a literary challenge to write about something positive in your life.



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Guest LilyRose


Writing is my outlet too; it's my absolutely favorite thing to do. I also feel your pain about dealing with reflections. I spent numerous years refusing to look into my mirror because I was horrified with the person I saw. I tried to hide from myself as often as I could. Refusing to shower, changing clothes only when I had to, not brushing my teeth, and much more. Anything I could do to avoid seeing myself in the mirror, I would do. And I spent most of my time in bed when I wasn't out in public. You are NOT alone!

I agree with Diana that writing should become a positive thing also. It's good to be able to release all of your negative energy, but if that's what you are surrounding yourself with, you will only feel more negative. I often write about something that does make me happy when I get done going through something negative. For example, I wrote a poem about bacon strips the other day when I was absolutely furious with something. Not only did I feel better about myself for writing about bacon, it made me hungry too!

Hang in there! *hugs aplenty*

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Guest miss kindheart

It is ok to be down at times Greg

it gives meaning to up

Your a very good poet

Many artists best work is done in times of sorrow

Be good

:wub: vanna

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Guest Greg_THX1138


Uhm, this website's software and myh computer do not seem to like each other.

I posted a relatively in depth reply to this post at the same time as I posted a reply in my other poem. I also can't access the PMs to ask you about this. There is a database error again.

Sooo... could I ask you to please look for my reply to this (the one that was not posted) and PM me about its fate? I really do not want to spent time on another just to have it go missing again.

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Guest Jennifer T

Wow Greg. Just wow! That last stanza was like an arrow - totally on the mark.

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Guest Brenda Hailey

Greg, I suffered from Reflection Syndrome my self for many years, I would go weeks at a time literally without looking at myself in the mirror completely indifferent to who was there because it wasnt me.

The only times I wanted to look in the mirror is when I allowed myself to dress up, it made me feel better but also came with a certain amount of shame afterwards.

The best thing I ever did was look in that mirror one day dressed up how I wanted to be and then ACCEPT myself for being her...sure I still have the body that isnt completly me but taking the step to accept who is really behind the face is all ANY of us can do.

It wasnt easy at first but I dress eveyday now and LOVE to look in the mirror,,,,I actually smile at what I see now. Sure sometimes it scarey and sometimes I doubt,,,I dont have the physical features that would ever allow me to "pass" But smiling at myself often with what I do have is better than self loathing and never even looking.

Brenda Hailey

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Well written, Greg. :thumbsup:

:ThanxSmiley: for sharing.

Huggs, :wub:


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    • Charlize
      Yesterday we sent out a pile of cards to family and friends.  Today i'll head to the PO with packed presents to send out.  This time of year is always busy but with bad weather and the melancholy that can come with holidays it's good to be busy!   Hugs,   Charlize 
    • SaraAW
      Good advice from Jani. Really good on you for being supportive. My spouse is not so supportive of me, but we are still together and I do love her dearly. I can’t see it from your perspective, but I can tell you what I want from my wife, which may be similar to your wife’s, maybe it will help you some.    1) Acceptance that I am not Cis and that I don’t truly know yet what I need to be comfortable within myself.     It sounds like you’re already working on this one.    2) Time. Time for both of us to process our feelings, find an understanding and work through challenges. What today may seem like a deal breaker for either of us, with time and #3 we may find acceptance, understanding and compromise.    As this all happened yesterday for you, this may be really pertinent.    3) Honest and open dialogue. She needs to know how I feel and I know to know how she feels. Without this, we will never be able to discuss the challenges each of us are facing and overcome them.  This also includes sharing what hard lines exist today for us both.    It sounds like you already have this in place, so don’t let it slip.    4) The ability to self express my identity when I need to. I can suppress for awhile, but the longer I do, the more I hurt.  5) Some compromises. Like any other part of a relationship, there needs to be compromises. It can’t be all one sided.  I hope you find some of this helpful. *hugs*
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I am in this mode still too.  Shopping "male" but being female inside is hard for me now.  My wife does help me at times when out shopping.  She finds such great deals for the clothing I truly want.  Which in itself is female training on her part.  LOL We have even bough some of it together.  She gets mad that I am in a smaller size pant/legging then she is.  Though Id trade her for her hips and butt any day! I am not slowing my transition for anyone any longer, I am not speeding down the highway either.  I am letting it happen organically.  ON hold this month still.  My continued coming out will be in January.  Tough ones coming up for me but I have to do it.  I am an impatient girl.   Its always a personal choice to do what and when and how fast when talking about transition.  I respect your feelings on what you are deciding to do.  Good Luck my friend.
    • Charlize
      Congratulations Michelle.  A scary journey to be sure.  May it bring you joy!   Hugs,   Charlize  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Very good news indeed!  Congrats for getting this far.  Almost there!
    • SaraAW
      Congratulations Michelle! *hugs*
    • SaraAW
      Possibly going out shopping with a colleague and friend from work. It is a yearly tradition where we go out shopping for our wives and family, usually grabbing some dinner too. This is male mode shopping as I am still not out. Not sure I’m going to socially transition anytime soon in an effort to save my marriage.    I look forward to this as he’s a good friend and he works remotely, so we don’t get together often.    Got a chill today, hoping my tea warms me up.    Have a great day everyone. *hugs*
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I think it is wise to plan for a future with and without your marriage.  Planning does not mean doing.  Just making sure you will be taken care of if anything happens. I agree with Jani, try to find a common ground.  Right now it seems impossible.  But given time everybody will absorb what's going on and think about it better once the hurt and pain and shock of it all fades.  As has been said before, we have had a lot of time to process this issue.  The consider things.  Our wives have not and it will take them time too.  I'm not saying she will make a 100% turn around but surely she cares enough about the family to at least talk about it and try to make things better. I find this is happening in my marriage.  Though it is still on a course of the big D like you say, it is more a transformation of itself into something that will keep us together, in part, just not legally married after a certain point.  I too am trying to prepare for a future with out her.   But the stress of it all is fading each day and we seem to be doing good for now.  Day by day is all we can do.
    • TammyAnne
      Dentist and Therapy today. So it's going to be less fun: no drawing but maybe a little guitar playing later. Time to make coffee and get started. Snowy weather predicted for the day too. I am not so warm and fuzzy about driving in that. Cheers and a big hug for all. TA
    • shelly_koleva83
      Sorry,   I know that I become too obsesive and that I am kind of overemoitonal and a bit too honest even when my opinion is consisted of pure naivity/stupidty.   I will share with you my struggled, poor, Enlgish writngs on Medium, my profile.   You know: If we going to fail, let's do it on a bigger stage! LOL   https://medium.com/@michellekoleva
    • tracy_j
      At this point in the year, near Christmas, I get bouncy to the extreme - so up and down, one time major depression then a bit later happy again. It started me, just after Christmas last year,  going out for walks several days a week as these seemed to cure my depression and do keep me fitter (and busier as I usually do over ten and occasionally toward twenty miles a week out in the countryside). It was bad at the end of last week but I am Ok at the moment, looking forward to my daily pot of coffee. I think the dreary weather has a lot to do with it.   Enjoy your day everyone!   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      A bit like the blackboard chalk the teacher used to throw across the room?   It wasn't my first but I still have a Vic-20. I bought it cheap when a shop was clearing stock to use for interfacing. It's some while since I powered it up though.   More seriously though  Aidan - As Charlize said, hang in there, it does get better with time. Keeping yourself busy, as you have to, at least keeps you occupied. Plan to what you can do when the time comes as it sounds like to may have little help from home.   Tracy
    • shelly_koleva83
      Thank you all!   If it becomes unbearable it's sure that I might not continue reading it. As I said for now the forewords from Ruth Barrett and Germaine Greer (we know who the second one is for sure) are the transphobic part, but I am at the beigining.    So I prepared the antidotes, as well: Julia Serano's classic "Whipping Girl" and my own counter-points review at Medium.     Hugs!      
    • Michelle F
      Cool... we're nearly neighbors!
    • VickySGV
      Just a few miles away from me.  I know several of his patients and they are happy with their results.
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