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Guest LilyRose

Transgendered Day of Remembrance 2013

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Guest LilyRose

This day is so very important. I needed to write something so here it is.

Transgendered Day Of Remembrance 2013

Today, I am grateful to be alive; especially after

all of the horror that I have suffered throughout

the course of my entire life. This will be my first
day of remembrance I will take part in as myself.

For far too long, Lily has been crippled inside her
cage but she finally stands tall and she no longer
hides in the face of adversity. Especially this day,

when we remember the family who we have lost.

I weep for each of our brothers and sisters who

are no longer with us. I will never be able to

hug them and get to know them for the beauty

which radiated from deeply within their skins.

These journeys were cut short by malice, hate,

and worst of all… ignorance. But they died for a

noble cause that all of us want to feel every day,

becoming true to themselves as they really are.

Each day is a better day for us, as acceptance is
becoming stronger for our one truth. And yet, our

internal and external fight continues as we look

back and remember those who never lost the fight.

To every brother and sister whom I will never meet,

I want you to know that we unconditionally love you

even when society ended your lives too soon. You
are all beautiful and you will always be in our hearts.

Lily Rose

*bows head in silence in remembrance*

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Thank you Lily. For years i felt that the day of remberance was for the girls who were never able to acknowledge their true identities to the world, who only met at support groups in secret and then passed away unknown to the friends in support groups they had come to know. The day has grown in importance to me to include our trans community but i'll always feel for those girls who still meet in secret and never get to feel the life i've come to know.



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Guest Succora


I am Glad to have you, The Horsewoman of Famine into the family. We Will make the fallen proud, we will fight in their name. We will win the war.

The Horsewoman of Death,

Steph (Succora)

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Guest LauraJen

Thank you for sharing this, Lily. I have been observing TDOR since 2008 when I first knew about it (probably because that was the year I discovered Laura's) and the list never seems to get any shorter. I have, however, been grateful for discovering a community that pays its respects like this as there really is a sense of solidarity in seeing everybody pay their respects and stand up for what we believe in in one voice. It shocks me how many of these totally unnecessary deaths are concentrated in one or two particular areas of the world. There don't seem to be any deaths here, but I am not at all complacent about that.

I only hope that one year, in my lifetime, there won't be a TDOR list. May the souls of those who were needlessly murdered rest in peace.

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Guest miss kindheart

Thank you for the nice poetry Lilly Rose


:wub: vanna

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    • Susan R
      @Courtney. I’m very sorry to read about these difficulties with your facing with each birthday.   This is something my therapist would say to me but here goes... I would try to look at this in a slightly different perspective. You are the essence of ‘Courtney‘.  Courtney was also born into this world yesterday some 46 or 47 years ago. Just because you see a male exterior does not mean you have to forfeit a life without birthdays. Your existence and lack of being able to present ‘as yourself‘ does not mean you have to forever give up the celebration of life that makes you...you! You have as much right as anyone to celebrate Courtney coming into into this world. Someday, if transition becomes possible, you may even have a different kind of celebration for Courtney. Crazier things have happened! 😃   My Best, Susan R🌷    
    • Jani
      No not really!  I felt happy after starting but no fireworks.  As you have found changes do creep up on you and all the things you note will present in your life soon enough.  As to depression, talk to your doctor and get something for it.  There is no need to have this cloud over your life.    Jani  
    • Jani
      Hello Rami and welcome. There are many "older" women here with similar stories to yours so you'll feel comfortable here.  Accepting that you are transgender is big.  I'm glad to hear you are dealing with it now.  I look forward to seeing you around.    Jani
    • Jani
      Thanks for this info.  I sent word to my mother who has a cat.    Jan
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, probably not for me either. It's a small office with a cramped and crowded waiting room. They may start taking appointments only though so, after I get the REST of my paperwork filled out (My gynecologist needs to inspect my GCS surgeon's work, declare me female and fill out a form to that effect), I can start looking into that.   The birth certificate should be easier. I can do that by mail or maybe online.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Cloth. I got mine from Lookhuman then another pair from Amazon. Susan found one she liked at the antique store she was visiting on her birthday as well. I had to laugh when the young woman at the wig store asked for picture ID. "But... we're all wearing masks..."   Hugs!
    • lachallenger
      Huh! Usually communications with them are a bramble patch for me - though an office visit isn't going to be an option for me for a while, that said.   Cheers!
    • Jackie C.
      My spouse is a vet tech and my estranged mother a veterinarian. I don't keep Lysol in the house. It's very poisonous to them and it works very, very quickly. Keep the babies safe. 😻   Hugs!
    • Dinaki
      Good Lord, I have two precious babies here. Thank you for tell me that Jackie dear!
    • Jackie C.
      That's surprisingly straightforward too. I went in with my paperwork, chatted with the clerk, asked a couple of questions (There are stupid regulations in changing gender markers in my state), and went about my way. The worst part was sitting in the waiting room.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      It's fatal to cats though, be careful with how you use it.   Hugs!
    • Willow
      Thank you everyone.    It is the story of all of us who knew something was different from an early age but didn't understand.  It took me way to long to admit what I should have known all along.     Have a great day.   Willow      
    • MikaReich
      I can't wear a mask for medical reasons and have a letter from my doctor,can't breathe in it and gives me bad headaches
    • lachallenger
      Finding a name that resonates with you can really take some time. Speaking as a long-time player of video games, I found it easy to work through something like a character name or alias or the type, a bit like a callsign. I... reached the peace with my own name after creating a character that used it, and it resonated with me enough that I have every intention of using it. Jackie is absolutely correct about the procedures for changing names and identity legally - both that the legal procedures tend to be fairly straightforward and involve legal fees, paperwork, swearing that you're changing your name for legal reasons - but the other side of it's true as well - having to explain credits or work history or anything else attached to a person's birth name and identity. I do not look forward to having to (e.g.) go through the change of name procedures with Social Security. I am used to poring over lists of names whenever I am creating a new fictitious character - but in this circumstance, in your place, I would start with what culturally resonated with me the most, and move from there.   Sincerely - I hope any of this helps you!
    • Dinaki
      Here is another but very rare performance with the song She was never he
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