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Guest lis8290

My spirit.

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Guest lis8290

I seem to have no specific religion. However i was raised a methodist.In my teens i became a hindu as defined by my practice of vedic meditation.This meditation practice continued to this day with long breaks in between practice at times of my life. Today i practice my mediation twice daily to my joy and pleasure.I have little faith in a personal godhead but i do know that the universe is alive and full of inteligence.This inteligence i have faith in and often feel its universal presence around me and inside me.I could identify as two spirit but tend to avoid definations or catagories.I am human and this good enough for me. I beleive in the goodness of most people however i do beleive that there are a small percentage of humanity that is evil.I aviod these people like a plague.Evil dose exist in humanity and the spirit world however i beleive it is far outweighed by universal compassion goodness and kindness.The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.(Albert Einstein)

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In some ways Lis, you are hitting the norm as far as spirituality for TG's goes. I approach my spiritual life from a number of angles and I find no conflict in them in spite of what "pure practitioners" of those ways try to tell me or get me to believe. Who knows but that we TG folk are different in more good ways than anyone else can take into their thoughts.

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Guest lis8290

Thank you for your response.

Many years ago I was taught vedic meditation by a man who I conciser a master at the art.

I practiced for many years at a time and did not practice for years at a time. I was taught in the 1990.I have actually forgotten what year it was so long ago.1991 I think. It has been so long ago I have lost track of events and time lines.

Why I did not practice what I knew was good for me and chose a life of self hate is still today somewhat of a mystery to me.

However today I practice twice a day what I was taught to be in my best interests. As stated I first learn vedic meditation in1991 I think and was instructed by a man who was deeply involved in the TM organization. This man spent many hours with me explaining the vedic mythology and helping me understand the truths that lay at the foundation of what we call reality.

I never understood the TM organization particularly in regards to the escalation of fees which eventually became unmanageable and beyond the reach of allot of people.

My teacher eventually left the TM organization and now lectures and teaches independently.

He is a master of vedic science and a unique individual. The gift he gave me endures today and my liking and appreciation of this man continues.

Vedic mythology is rich and I believe contains all the possibilities of human existence. As dose the tarot.

A short video can explain the basic principals of vedic meditation better than I can put into words.

vedic meditation1

vedic meditation2

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