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Dancing Down The Wind

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Dancing Down the Wind

Watching faded leaves of past pain swirling

Carried away on the fresh breezes

As I dance in the sun of a bright new day

I seldom write poetry and even more seldom male it public. When I do it is free form. But somehow today as an anniversary approaches and the day matches my mood these words just came. A place I thought I'd never be - a dance in the sun after I thought my dancing was done and the sun gone. We often focus on the pain of our lives and the roller coaster of transition but perhaps not so often the exhilaration of the destination.


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Guest Kenna Dixon

Dancing Down The Wind... What a great title for a book!

Maybe I'll steal it.

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Nicely done, Johnny.

:ThanxSmiley: for sharing.

Huggs, :wub:


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Guest Brenda Hailey

Thank you for sharing Johnny.

Poetry does seem to just come when the time is right.

Some of us need a little stronger gusts than others :)

Brenda Hailey

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Guest Kalie Aowynn

Hey johnny sweetie, that is a very visual poem. It has an almost haunting feel blending over into the dawn of a new day. Wonderful!


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Thanks Johnny, You raised a tear of understanding.



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Guest Jennifer T

Simple, concise, elegant. Nicely done.


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Guest miss kindheart

Nice poem Johnny thannks

:wub: vanna

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    • Astrid
      OMG, I'm gonna need an extra hour of exercise just from reading that!!  🍪😎
    • NB Adult
      Such wonderful advice from you both, my heart goes out to Belle but I think you both have so much more to offer her in terms of much more recent experience. My kids are in their late 40's and early 50's, so there's been a lot of water under the bridge since I began transition and they were in their 20's then so it was just kind of who cares on their part.
    • TammyAnne
      That's supposed to say "thank you for your service." I have no idea how the other letters and words appeared. Haunted tablet I guess.
    • TammyAnne
      Thanks know you for your service, Laura!
    • TammyAnne
      Many years ago I was faced with staying in a marriage that was slowly killing me - for the children's sake - or leaving and trying to build a safe space for my children away from their mother. It was very difficult but I chose to leave rather than suffer "for the children" knowing that staying only demonstrated for them what an unhealthy relationship looked like. For nearly a decade it seemed like a disaster, my children taking their anger out on me for hurting their mommy. Then they grew up, made adult decisions, began to appreciate the safe space away from their controlling, clinging, smothering mother. I have a very good relationship with one child. A not very good relationship with the other, who was damaged emotionally by "mommy". None of those outcomes were predictable from the initial decision I made, nor were they indicated by the first decade after my decision. Presuming you decide to do what is best for you - whatever that might be - stay focused on making a good life and creating a good environment for your children. Even if it seems futile, there will come a time... TA
    • SaraAW
      Busy day today. Went to my wife’s MS Christmas luncheon, did some grocery shopping and just finished baking several dozen cookies. Made triple chocolate Nutella stuffed cookie with macadamia nuts. Tomorrow I make some Turtle cookies. It’s for a baking competition at work on Monday. I haven’t baked in quite some time. Forgot how much I enjoy it. I hope everyone had a good day. *hugs*
    • Carolyn Marie
      Please remember not to post any identifying information on the open forums, and be extremely careful what information you share.  If you do meet with anyone you met online, please do so in a safe, public space, sans alcohol, and people you trust know where you will be, with whom, and for how long.  If TP staff feel that anything in this thread violates policy, it will be removed.   Carolyn Marie
    • Jani
    • Laura76
      Belle and Jani,   Thank you both. I have ordered the book on Amazon.   Laura76
    • Laura76
      Air Force May 1977-May 1980 Oregon Air National Guard 1982-1983 California Air National Guard 1982-1987
    • KymmieL
      Well thought today was going to be a better day than it turned out. Work went fine,even getting the front room freight put away before I opened the the door. took about 20 min to do. Good thing Sat is a light freight day. However the backroom freight was still in the cart when I left. The downer I looked into trading my 99 Explorer on a 06 Wrangler.  Didn't have enough to put down. God I hate car dealers.      Debra, glad it worked out for you at the funeral. May she rest in peace.   Kymmie
    • Jackie C.
      Oh, that's exhilarating, scary and wonderful all at once. My first trip out as myself was to the gas station. Not glamorous, I know. After that was the grocery store. That was about when I realized I needed to work on my voice a bit harder. It's lovely now, but I got some weird looks at first.   Have fun with it! Again, don't dwell. Nothing good comes of dwelling.   Hugs!
    • Belle
      Thank you Jackie. I've been holed up in my bed since she said that. I think I may keep myself busy this week by going out as myself in public for the first time in my life.
    • Jackie C.
      OK, then. In my little world, these are not things that people who love each other do. However, this is still pretty fresh in her mind. To give her the benefit of the doubt, she is striking out in anger and/or fear. She might even be looking at herself and thinking, "What kind of person am I to have married @Belle?" If she's as into her church group as I think she is, I can't even imagine the peer pressure she's either struggling under or thinks that she's going to be struggling under. I don't know these people. They might be great, they might also be the kind of person who does not tolerate what they perceive to be "unbelievers" in their midst. She could be afraid that they'll kick her out of the group. I can't say how attached she is to the group and how the group thinks. I don't know her. I've only got like ONE other Texan friend and she didn't live there all that long (she also said that all of Houston smells like gym socks). No, wait. Two. Dan's from Texas, but his family hasn't actually lived there in ages. Also, he's about as devout as my hermit crabs.   So, first order of business is to relax. You're trying to disappear down a dark, dank hole in your mind before you have all the information. No good decisions ever came to anybody while they were panicking. Keep yourself occupied this week. Do not dwell on your family situation. You don't have any control over that right now and it never helps to fret over things you don't have control over. Give your wife her space. You can work on projects around the house, paint your nails, work on the Christmas shopping, whatever. Keep yourself busy. Don't worry about your family situation yet.   Ok, good. Second order of business is to wait. Your wife needs to cool down. Then you need to talk to each other like adults. No shouting. No arguing. Just a nice, calm discussion. If you think you need to have the discussion with a mediator present, make that happen. You know your wife better than I do. Then discuss what she needs to keep the marriage alive and what you need to keep the marriage alive. Again, no arguing. No raised voices. Shouting at each other never helped anybody. Just talk. Pay attention to what she has to say. Hopefully, she'll do the same. Once you've talked everything out, then you can decide what you need to do. No making decisions in the heat of an argument. That's a bad plan and leads to bad decision making.   I know it's hard. This is going to be emotional for both of you. It can still work. I attended my brother in law's funeral as myself (and I looked lovely thank you very much) and I didn't burst into flames. Nobody batted an eye. I was as welcome as all the other mourners. There's no reason you can't be accepted by the church. Again, I don't know the specifics, so maybe not the one your wife attends, but services in general. That was a tangent, I apologize for that. The point is you can work through this, but you both have to want to. If only one of you is making concessions, well, marriage is supposed to be a partnership. She should want you to be happy. If she doesn't... well, then you might want to reconsider your life together. I've seen marriages where the couple makes each other miserable (I grew up on one). That doesn't help anybody.   Still pulling for you.   Hugs!
    • TammyAnne
      Hello Andrew! Welcome aboard. I agree with you that trans people have a better intuitive understanding of what others in transition are going through, regardless of how far along they are. This is a great place, glad you joined in!
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