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Guest Jennifer T

Tunnel' End

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Guest Jennifer T

I peered deep into

That dank, dark place

Using only a beacon

To view all the space

There at tunnel's end

I saw the light

And journeyed onward

Toward that beautiful sight

With great cautious steps

That at first I did take

I then gained momentum

And quicken my gait

With hope deep inside me

That I dared not show

To all those around

Who did not know

But it welled up within

And then began to seep

Through cracks and holes

I could not keep

Sealed off any longer

The effort too great

So I just moved on forward

With only my faith

That the end would surely

Reveal who I see

And forever give freedom

To the heart thats in me

As I drew closer

The light revealed

More and more certainly

The things that I'd sealed

But when my hope apexed

As I drew near the light

I was quickly taken back

By a heart rending sight

A wall stood before me

Most solid and true

With a mirror attached

And no single way through

The 'light', it appears

Was nothing more

Than reflection of the beacon

Id shone out before

The vision it seems

Was no more than 'me';

The one that Ive known

Since I was three

So here it all ends

I can journey no more

I lay my heart down

On the cold damp floor

And I cry a tear

For all that was lost

On the way toward something

That was too great a cost

I rest now in slumber

I'll not rise the least

Here in the darkness

I may finally find peace.

Jennifer T January 16,

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That is a beautiful poem dear. I would say only this about the last three stanzas…. That "me" can now be expressed and not hidden. In that alone i have found joy while i accept what has been given to me. I'm not ever going to be what i feel i should have been but i am finding contentment with my life. Hopefully you may find the same.



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Bravo, wonderful writing, Jennifer. :friends::welldone::goodjob:

I do hope we will all find Peace one day.

Huggs, :wub:


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Guest Brenda Hailey

Melancholy :(

Dont give up!

The answer is not in the darkness... it just isnt.

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Guest miss kindheart

Peace be with you Jennifer

Let your light shine

:wub: vanna

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Interesting and deep,


C -

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