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Guest SouthernBelle

The Bottle's Caress

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Guest SouthernBelle

In love,

So in love

Since I've now found myself

But, still,

Just beat

For the medicine's stealth

Two times

The mirror held me


Yes, twice I've written this rhyme


Aside from the known

Lives the all-knowing bottle

That begs me and carries me home

In push, I am all just alone

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Guest Jennifer T

Belle, I hear your cry. Your words offer the struggle of your beauty against the Bottle.

Poignant and lovely.

I offer this poem I wrote many years ago to this same issue. I was also playing with alliteration as I wrote it:


Consider the bottle

Deceptive, ephemeral;


Inviting redemption.

Who inhabits the chapel of the lost?

Who visits the tabernacle of the tormented?

And hears the dirge of the depraved?

In aqueous requiem I sang the psalm of the inebriated

And offered approbation at the gilded altar of Neon.

Now in corpulent solitude I contemplate

And proffer penance for the iniquity of the inane

And lifting the chalice of the profane

I seal my discipleship..."

- Jennifer T May 23, 2003

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Guest Jennifer T

I'd also like to say a few words to you here.

I've always felt in control with drinking. If I got drunk, it was because I fully intended on getting drunk. When I needed to set the bottle aside, I did. When I drink, I laugh at everything. The world is lighter and I let Jennifer out a little - her playfulness, her humor, and her vulnerability. But I always control where, how and with whom.

That said, in these later years of my life, it beckons me. I feel the pull as soon as I get home.

Here's the problem, I have a health issue for which I am quite sure alcohol is not beneficial. At least, not in excess. And I do not like the fact that anything can control me.

I did drink a lot this weekend. But I am paying the piper today.

I do not want to be controlled. Not like this.

I need to walk away from it.

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Guest Brenda Hailey

Ya,ll wanna go drinkin with me some time?

The Caress.

A little here a little there a little

The myth of control

Whispered in your ear

Another caress its power yours to behold

Pleasure divine

Sweet as touch

Forever assuring

Another caress is never to much

Contrary notions

Buried in taste

Chest subtly burning

Another caress with forever to waste

Numbness, affirming it place

Invoking splendor and smiles

Lulled by the glow

Another caress comparing pain to its grace

Temptation secured

Voice unusually robust

Heart invulnerable

Another caress courage confirmed.

Dancing in hell

Your promise declared

Consuming inhibition

Another caress for endless vice

Feelings mere platitudes

Lifes hopes, banality

Desire always giving way

Another caress for another day

Acrimony slowly creeps in

Smoke filled eyes

Apparent dimmed light

Another caress will make it alright

Resentment strikes

Resound condemnation

Falls loudly on deaf ears

Another caress for all the lost years

Truculence crashes in

Belligerence to settle the score

Obscure now the reason to fight

Another caress into the darkness of night

Lament aspirations

Never to fulfill

Dreams all undreamt

Another caress the enormity may it kill

Penetrate hopelessness

Calling its right

No way out

Another caress your essence now trite

Tears in sorrow

Expose the wretchedness of soul

Loathing, perfectly just

Another caress for the ugliness you've shown

Disgust flowing purposely

Abhorrence is destiny

Revulsion strength

Another caress for estrangement to self

Sad songs endorsing the game

Sway in compliance

Yours is much worse

Another caress for one more play

Light burst in

Piercing the bottle

Its time to say when

Another caress to start the day new

Prostrate now

Given to your plight

Knowing the dance was all true

Another caress wishing it wasnt all you.

Rest for the wicked

Time enough to renew

Just a few more hours

Another caress will get you through

Time spent in your glory

Work hard to forget

Pretenses bolstered

Another caress is waiting for you.


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Guest Jennifer T

I like it Brenda. It portends progression.

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Guest miss kindheart

Finding onesself is a great accomplishment

Hang one to that and it will last you a lifetime

Nice poetry Belle

<<< hug >>>

:wub: vanna

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The poetry of the bottle became a living hell for me. I put the cork back years ago and yet the spirits within can still sing a song that sweetly says come home, like the sweet smell of death. I'm free for today but remember the thoughts and romance held by rotten fruit.



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The poetry of the bottle became a living hell for me. I put the cork back years ago and yet the spirits within can still sing a song that sweetly says come home, like the sweet smell of death. I'm free for today but remember the thoughts and romance held by rotten fruit.



Charlize, thank God the chain was broken. You're truly free now.

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    • Kylara Anne Bagwell
      This is me as I have lived up to now: OK, no just K. Kay? No its K or Kae which is the phonetic spelling for the letter K. Truth be said its Kylara Ann. Ky pronounced like HI in "Hi ya doin" with Laura but spelled lara. Kylara is my preferred name. I am a transgendered woman.  What is that? I am a  woman who was born a man and a woman. Something like that. Let that sit a moment. Even as a child I remember feeling I was not like the other boys around me. I liked dressing up in girls clothes, putting make up on and always wanting to just socialize with the girls, never the boys. I tried to be like a boy for a long time, a very long time and I lived a lie for over 35 years. During this time I went through adolescence,  puberty,  early adulthood with 2 marriages with children. All along feeling,  this was not quite right. Yes, I questioned myself over the years. Was something wrong with me? Did God make a mistake? Who am I? What am I? What are you doing?  Many questions presented their selves. But the question of an authentic life has the subtlty of a fire alarm. You eventually have to listen to what your body is telling you. I am not male. I may look like it but there was something missing all along. That feeling I guess all men get of being a man. Never there. Some say God dosnt make mistakes,  no he dosnt, but he does give us unique situations which we as humans tend to totally mess up. Drs messed up cause I was born both male and female.  Not a mistake.  With this in mind what does a person do who has been left in the dark for so many years? Fumble around with feeble hands and a feeble mind. Till one day by accident, a very big accident you discover there is more. To find that your feelings all along were right and something was missing is like a door opening and everything is illuminated in such a profound way. I understand so completely why I felt certain feelings, why I  hurt when I hurt and wanting just to connect.  Transgender. Woman. It made sense but I met unacceptance by people in my life. In one way or another I faced not being accepted in some of the most profound ways. Either ignorance or hatred will be the culprit in setting you up for defeat. In the quest to be a more authentic self I have been beaten,  scorned, made to make choices that killed something inside. Purging everything then eventually going back to what others said was an abomination,  I had feelings of guilt for going back to what others did not like. I tried to fit, but a triangle will not fit in a square, no matter how hard you try.  Eventually you have to accept yourself and let what others say or do fall away and not let it bother you. In this world where we all worry what everyone else thinks about you and you want to fit in but no matter what, you never do. I eventually moved towards living a more authentic life where I can dress and feel like myself.  Not an alien in my skin. Forward a few years, I am on hormones and trying to live as close as to the life I wanted. Surrounding myself with more positive people who support instead of ridicule. Acceptance is what we all look for, but only a few get or know what it is. I came into this world flawed according to what doctors of the time believed and was never given a choice. Today there are laws protecting children who are born like me. To me to be born both and not allowed to set my path was the most inhumane thing anyone could do to another person.  We are told that we are to love one another unconditionally.  We fall so short all the time weather its racial, straight against LGBT, left against right we all have fallen so very short.  I have lived as closely to my authentic self as much as possible, but there are sometimes and some people I will protect Kylara at all costs. I work as a private contractor so I do present as much as I dare, but never fully as my true self.  It pains me always but sometimes its better to be safe  instead of sorry. I do eagerly await the time when we are accepted and no one is waiting around the corner to do irreparable damage. After watching friends getting attacked at functions where they are trying to educate people it makes me wonder will there ever be peace. No one forces anyone to come and sit with us or visit the places we come together. If you dont like it, dont come, we're better off without you and your venom. I am not alone, I have friends, a wonderful support group who helps with no hesitation.  All this and a soul mate whowho has taken time to discover me, the real me and help me explore the me that has for so long tried to come out. Clothes, make up, hair, stockings and heels dressed to the nines. I am in a very good relationship with a special individual who I freely give control. Well most of the time, sometimes its my job to make things interesting. Chris understands me in ways no one else ever has. From my feelings about what I have been through to when I was born and no one asked me what I wanted. I know, an infant cant choose, but they could have left me alone and left it up to me as I grew up. I have toiled over this and still wonder is it safe, how much will it cost me. Family, friends, people who are my clients who I actually consider friends? People I deal with on a daily basis dont know, well some have clues but not everyone knows everything.  Thats kinda like compartmentalization which I have learned over the years to keep parts of me hidden and safe.   So here is my delima... where do I start? Name change? Facebook changes? Who will be around once this starts. Who will stay and who will say you are weird and I dont need to know you. I recently come out in my church, the church I have known all my life. No acceptance,  none what so ever. Even after you explain your life and what you have faced over the years. Being told that you can be seen only as what Drs left you as really destroys your world. People who you have known all your life, some do connect and understand and others choose to deny you exist. When people you have known all your life, people who went to school, cried with you and held you choose to turn their backs to you because you wish to be you it tends to feel like a knife through your back. This is what I fear the most, loosing everyone who I care for in my life. Oh I know Chris will be with me, that is my rock I  need. God anchors me too but I think its going to be a rough time over the next few month's.  When do you decide to make it final,  that you will be you,  your true self. Well I guess thats what makes this so hard. I scream inside at times, longing to go out and be who I am. I have been told that I dont have to be in a dress, or be wearing a wig to be myself, but I am a effeminate, female, a true PRISS and I love to be this. To be your self,  your true self is to be free. Anything less is a lie.   NOTE: I had done these entries on notepad over months over the past 2 years and to look back and see where I have come from really opens your eyes so you see what you have experienced and a glimpse at the near future. Now I am out to my clients, all of them and the most heart felt thing I have had is the most recent. Recently I was called in and yes I was reading the worse but it wasn't to be. The one client who I feared over my life actually sat me down and asked me that with all the job we do she asked if there was anything or anywhere I would feel uncomfortable going and doing. She was concerned about my safety and well being. I had never come out but I was dressing in a manner that eventually she had come to the conclusion there was something going on. When she said she was concerned because I was in transition and she was scared for me and Chris. It was a great day and the clouds had lifted and the day was the bright, brighter than it had been in a long time. I still deal with storms and demons but I have my foundation of people who love me and take care of me. I love all my RAINBOW FAMILY.   Kylara Ann Bagwell
    • KymmieL
      Willow, I would like to look forward to those changes. With just being on blockers I  only have that for reference.  Not many mood swings.  Hot flashes yeah.  I know that my face is clearer a good thing   Kymmie 
    • Luhleleri
      thank you so much, i really needed to hear that 
    • Shay
      Boston was Mother's Milk and Middle Earth are the two I remember.   Like Chicago was Chicago Transit Authority and before that The Next Big Thing.   Blue Oyster Cult originally used Soft White Underbelly   And I don't even want to tell you what Kiss considered using....oy...   2 other interesting things are what the names Steely Dan and 10cc actually mean. Not allowed by our rules to tell you here.
    • Jani
      I do know the City of Boston was called Tremontaine before being changed.  There is a major street named Tremont now that runs along Boston Common (city park).
    • Teri Anne
      The younger crowd have this need to be a part of something or a group of people just like them. I have worked with some younger trans teens and its all about belonging. Me personally have always just done my own thing and never worried about what others think. Back in high school I never felt the need to align myself to any clique or group.
    • MaryMary
      They don't understand their rules neither, lolll that's very funny
    • Jani
      You're probably correct Mary.  Its all in the eyes of the beholder.  I admit I don't understand the rules either.
    • Jani
      Generally we're raised not thinking about gender, its just thrust upon us.  As we in the TG community think about it a lot while others not so much.  
    • MaryMary
      that's why passing is such a mystery to me. I don't think I have control over that. Others kind of use rules I don't always understand. The only key is to focus on knowing myself and being myself and not really care about the spectrum... or at least as little as possible. My point system is me clumsily trying to understand with an algorythm because I'm a programmer, lolllll
    • Teri Anne
      Freehold I think it was
    • Jani
      Without cheating I do have to say I don't recall.  I guess the data bank does get clogged sometimes!    Thanks for the explanation of Half Speed Master Cyndee.  $20 was pricey back then.  
    • Teri Anne
      It is a very interesting subject indeed. So many feel they have to have fit a certain  slot along the gender spectrum and there are just so many slots that are different that it can be very confusing to new people dealing with gender issues. That spectrum is so vast you may never find that perfect place where you "fit" in.I think thats where many have so much trouble  dealing with gender issues.  
    • Shay
      I remember those half speed masters. Never had one though.Trivia question what band name or names did Boston use b4 Boston
    • Jani
      An interesting concept!  I am sure it is true in many situations as some women can pull off uber masculine looks and still be seen as feminine.
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