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42 Dozen Hot Cross Buns --

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This is Holy Week with its numerous church obligations and services, baking Hot Cross Buns that are being sold to support a battered women's shelter is not really in the official church liturgy, but I was there with 3 other women from the church, two of their husbands and our rector baking the seasonal baked goods. Hot Cross Buns have a history going back to the middle ages and are special "treats" to be eaten at Easter time. They are actually a small bread loaf with bitter-sweet dried fruits in them and a white frosting cross on the top of them. In theory, the buns are eaten after the First Communion of Easter, since the oldest tradition was for fasting from Friday noon to Sunday morning.

I had to take about 15 minutes out of the baking agenda to help one of the men repair a lock on the church office door, I had removed the lock the day before for him to take to a lock smith for a cleaning job needed because one of our church school children had shoved something other than a key into the key slot on the doorknob.

Quite a change from last Easter when I was still sore and uncertain of myself after my SRS just a short time before. At church I am never misgendered, and the youngest children and their parents have no fears or even questions about me. I have a position in the church I never had before as my male self because people no longer think I am hiding something (I was told that at the time I came out 3 years ago to them) and seem distant like I did for 20 years as a male. Saturday evening I will be using a "male" talent to help with a special church service where a fire is lit by flint and steel to relight candles in the church that were put out Thursday night. I can light fires using flint and steel!! I will also have a piece of scripture I will be reading that night, and prayers for the congregation that I will be reading on Easter morning. I think it is appropriate because my spirit itself has been resurrected from the depths to which it had descended when my dysphoria had been worst.

From now until Easter I will be keeping my brothers and sisters who do not have the loving spiritual experience and church family that I have in my prayers and heart that you too may find and be found by a Risen Lord and part of his loving family on earth that will accept you, nourish you spiritually and show you the love you deserve.

May The Peace that passes all understanding be upon you and give you hope for your journey.

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Guest Gregg Jameson

Hi Vicky!

Wow! So beautifully written! :D

It's nice to gain more understanding of an important source of joy, strength, inspiration, support, love and belongingness in your life.

You were an amazing person prior to your surgery. Since your surgery, I sense more peace in your writings. It seems to me, your wonderful qualities of compassion, insight, love and concern for others has only increased since your surgery. (In having been away a year, I feel I might observe some changes in members I may not have observed had I not been away for so long, as changes are often gradual and more difficult to see when we are in the midst of them daily or frequently. )

Thank you, Vicky, for sharing.

Thanks, too, for the intentions you have in prayer and in your heart for your sisters and brothers. That's Love. :wub:

As is often quoted, "God is Love." God's Love shines through you. :D

Simply beautiful, Vicky. :friends:

Peace and Love to All,


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Thank you for sharing your journey and your faith Vicky. I especially enjoyed the fact that the congregation always felt you were trying to hide something before. Your growth and honesty have made you a star both there and here.

Have a wonderful holiday(but don't eat too many buns).



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Thank you for sharing with us, Vicky. This is so wonderful to hear. Putting our faith in action does make a difference in someone's life. By the way, could I have one of those hot cross buns?


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Thank you for sharing that Vicky. Your faith is both beautiful and inspiring.

Your posts let people know the vocal haters are really the minority and many chirches embrace us with love and acceptance.

May your peace continue throughout the year in all the aspects of your life



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On this Holy Easter Day, may our Lord's Blessings flow over each and every one of you.

Peace to all of my brothers and sisters


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    • Carolyn Marie
      "Meanwhile, my regular male life carried on.  I eventually met and married my wife.  Of course, the women's clothes had to go.  I was "fixed", and whatever was "wrong" with me was gone.  (or so I thought, hopefully.)  However, the urge to dress remained very strong, and gradually got stronger."   Yes, this sounds a lot like me; always hoping something would "cure" me.  If it wasn't falling in love and getting married, it was growing a mustache and doing something macho and dangerous.  But it never worked, and didn't for you, either.  We have all come to realize that being trans can't be cured, but there is a sure fire way of beating the dysphoria, and its name was transition!   Thanks for taking the time to tell us about yourself, KathyLauren.  I know that it can be a difficult thing to do.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      As someone who took insulin shots for 20 years, I have some familiarity with the problem.  The "good spot-bad spot" theory is pretty "spot" on 😜.  There are thousands of nerve endings in all your extremities, and hitting one by accident is fairly easy to do.  On top of that, hitting a capillary or blood vessel can also be painful.  I'm not entirely sure how to guarantee it won't happen (if that's even possible), but your best best is to talk with a nurse about it.  He or she should be able to give you some tips.  I would also suggest marking (with a marker pen or piece of tape) the spots that gave you pain so you can try and avoid them the next time.   Carolyn Marie
    • MetaLicious
      That's where my fantasy takes me.  I'd love to keep "my" body, but just with XX chromosomes, and an appropriate puberty.   When I find my jealous of some ot the women in media, I have to remind myself that 99% of ciswomen are jealous of those women for the same reason!
    • Tristantulaine
      I have recently begun the process of speaking out what I have been struggling with for a good many years internally without knowing how to put it into words.  In part this is due to transgender friends telling me their stories and hearing bits of myself in them. Last night I had a good cry with my wonderful spouse who told me that he doesnt see me any differently.   So now I feel my experiences can be discussed so much more openly.  First some background.   There is a joke in our family that the force is strong with my dads genetics and on my is it ever.  All three of my dads biological children look like him, and I have a different mom then the other two.  My birth grandfather and dad look alike and his half brother is the same.   In essence I look...like...my dad.  I was born female but have always had this face that could pass for male.  Once as a teen in the hospital I was told by staff that I looked like a cute boy with my hair slicked back.  Now...that is unsettling for a whole host of reasons that I really dont want to get into here but suffice it to say I thought for the first time, what if i was a boy?  Am i cute as a boy?    I didnt experience dysphoria as a child, I just ran around and played in the mud with boys and girls and made up elaborate stories where I fought dragons in skirts and everyone cheered for me, the victorious  knight. Then they showed up.  And they just kept growing and growing till they are large enough that my doctor has spoken to me about top surgery without gender entering the question.  I hate them. Literally I have so much anger towards them I sometimes want to lock myself up in my room and cry.  I look at my androgynous face that looks like my dads and think of the times people have seen just a head shot and thought I could be male or female,  a boy in skirts or a girl in armor or something in between.  Then I look at this silhouette that no amount of binding can reduce.     I am happy with the in betweeness of my face and I am not particularly distressed with any other part of my anatomy, but the thought of caring the things around on my chest for the rest of my life and always looking like I am smuggling watermelons out of a grocery store makes me sick.     So this is where I am now.  I suppose it is as good a place as any to be in as far as my identity is concerned.  I think I am somewhere in between and I want to make my body look the way I feel. And I am in this moment now with acceptance and love for that.
    • Tristantulaine
      I think since it seems there is an interest there that it would be a really great idea!  My adult friends and I took my adult friend to one for her birthday once because she had never gone before and it was absolutely the most fun we have ever had.  I think you see things from a different perspective as you get older and aquariums are a great place to recapture some of the fun and innocence of childhood. Also someone who has always been supportive and willing to listen is probably the kind of person who would enjoy doing something more unique. And you can always get a plushy from the gift shop to snuggle.    I hope all works out for you! 
    • A. Dillon
      Yes, I actually do! I don't write in it daily, but whenever something important happens, I always add to my voice diary of my laptop. That way, I will also be able to hear the progression of my voice over time. For now, I can gladly say that months of training my voice has definitely lowered it quite a bit, and while it might not be exactly what I want, you can't knock progress! It is also more helpful than writing because you just set a time limit and say whatever comes to mind. Hearing your own voice really gives you a better feeling of exactly what you were going through in that moment, and a clearer picture in the whole. I have started crying before, and that raw emotion while you are talking with just yourself and the microphone is something that you can really look back on. It can be a tad more stressful, sure, but I find that there is much less pressure as you are just doing and saying whatever you want.
    • ToniTone
      I'm sorry she compelled you to do that. It's not fair... 
    • ToniTone
      I'm not really good about maintaining a journal. But I consider my thread here, Toni's Tale, for that purpose.    ~Toni
    • Jani
      Thank you all for your kind comments.  I did lay low for the better part of the day and evening.  I just got up to get a bite to eat.  When I'm not well I do tend to "forget".  Not good.      Again, thank you.  I'm feeling better already!  Jani
    • secondlook
      I have started a journal within the past week, it's helping me sort through a lot of complex emotions and thoughts. Sometimes I get overly fixated on a single thought and writing it down seems to help. 
    • TammyAnne
      Aiden, that sounds like a good outing. Zoos are good to. Be aware that the penguins smell awful, and it's a smell that you continue to smell the whole time (unlike many things that stink but olfactory fatigue sets in so it doesn't smell so bad). I think most aquariums with dolphins or killer whales do a lot of splashing the audience, so I don't how you feel about that. Could be fun.
    • Susan R
      Sounds like a great first date.  Dining on the first date is nice as you have each other to focus on but if you don’t  know the person then it can feel sort of like an interview getting to know the other person.  Having something else as the focus is great to alleviate any awkward silences during your time together.  The worst first date IMHO is going to a movie where you’re both passive observers with little or no communication until after it’s over.   I think the aquarium idea is good.  If the date is into it, why not? Good Luck, Susan R🌷  
    • TammyAnne
      Jani, I'm sorry to read that you've been in a bad way. I truly hope the medicine kicks in and you better very soon. It's so awful to not feel well. TA
    • TammyAnne
      After an soon-to-be-ex-wife went through dozens of volumes of my private journals - most of which predated our relationship - and began berating me about what i wrote, I burned them all. Have not kept a functional journal since, although I have tried many times to get started again. I have at least 5 bound journals with only the first 4 or 5 pages used, the rest blank. I doubt I'll ever be able to journal again, no matter how hard I try. TA
    • Aidan5
      I was wondering if it would be too cheesy to go to the aquarium for a first date?    Sometime this week I want to ask him (The guy who has respected me as a man since the very moment we met, and has probably been the most supportive friend I have had at school.) We are really close and I feel like I could tell him anything, he is always dropping hints on the possibility that he might like me.I have already decided that I like him and I am going to take my chances, he talked about liking sea animals, and I love the ocean so I thought it would be pretty cool to take him to the aquarium. Since he is still somewhat new to the area he hasn't gone yet, from what he has told me. If this goes well I might actually have a valentine for the first time haha.
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