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The Mountain's Call

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I refered to this "epic" poem that i began over 40 years ago in this post http://www.lauras-playground.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61741&hl= that I made last month. Since then a couple of you have asked me to share it by PM, which I have done, and you have asked me to share it with the whole membership. This is a symbolic story of my life I offer it to yours --

The Mountain’s Call

Begun 1972 by R. Martin <ln> Completed 09/06/2011 by Vicky

I can even now recall the

day the mountain spoke to me.

Without a voice to which my ear

was tuned, still came the one word “come”.

Silently I hoisted my burden to my back

and placed my feet upon the path.

Ahead I looked and saw the

ramparts gray and sinister.

From off a snow-locked couloir

blew a wind as cold as forewarned death,

And the mighty chorus of Silence

and aloneness rang out a thunderous “Amen”.

No sooner though than dust first

rose from beneath my feet,

The stillness was shattered by a voice

soft and gentle-loud upon my dreams.

“Where go you my son? How

choose you this route of life?”

“I do not choose of my own, for to me

the mountain said ‘Come!’” I replied.

“So it always shall be” said the voice

as I turned to face its source.

Before me stood another such as I,

but one who started before I was.

He was bronzed and burned, dirty of

hand and immaculate of heart.

Gaunt and full, hungry,

but well fed by life.

As I looked deep within his eyes

I saw straight-forward to his heart.

A heart mighty and ongoing,

a tabernacle to a faith of child-like mien.

To me there was no doubt of

the burdens he had known and borne.

For each had left its mark

full upon his face.

Yet not at all could I divine a mark

of malice for those who had placed the burdens.

Nor, I then knew would there

ever be such scars upon him.

How old he was in years could not be known

but he was young as the ancient often are.

“Stop my son” said he. “Here, while you are

not yet too far from the cross road.”

“Look carefully, before you commit your

life, before you cannot go back.

The path ahead is not for all men

only for the mountain’s own

And those who would trespass recklessly

and heedlessly shall pay in blood.

Look back upon the path you did not take

and see what all you forsake.

As here you tread, you forsake a road

wide, easy and well-traveled.

You forsake the ready comfort of

fellow men frequent upon your path.

You forsake an easy grade and

mild and forceless storm.

Never shall your heart be tried

or lungs hot-burned and breathless.”

“Why” then said I, “do I hear a moan

and cry from those beside that path?

What shall become of those who lay

beside it in the stinking filth and slime?”

“Oh” said he, “they shall rise and walk

a ways before they fall again.

Always it has been that they shall fall

and moan and then be answered by the same.”

“Why then” asked I “should I not take

this road and forego the stink and moans?”

Slowly and then with force and speed

he turned and spoke to me.

“On this road you shall not moan,

instead you will cry out to un-answering silence.

Never shall your cries be answered,

even until your agony rings within your soul.

You shall not smell the odor

of the slime of the world

But the stench of the corruption within your

own soul shall be ever in the very winds about you.”

“I do not choose of my own, for to me

the mountain said ‘Come!’” I replied again.

“I would know why you then travel

this route, and have for your own ages.

I would know why I have seen

the ones beside the “easy trail” as I have.”

“To both” he replied “is one the same

answer for all time.

The mountain calls her own

and gives sight of what really is for all men.

For the mountain opens the sight

of those she calls to life upon her bosom.

You have seen the wayfaring of those upon

the easy path as it is, just as I too have seen.

But as you shall find here the reality

of those who truly see is in truth more harsh.

For to us who have been called

is the waking of those who live within dream.” To 09/06/2011

So for us good sir, I replied, reality as harsh as the

stones beneath our feet must be our lot and hope?

“Yeah, stones indeed, stones not yet broken free from

our pathways crust and seemingly impassible to

Those who would see us from afar, but needful footing to our

forward travel if we keep true to our lives ahead.”

True lives ahead? Asked I, “then I do not now know the truth

of my own life now and cannot keep un-truth?

“It is so,” he replied to me, “your life now is an untruth that must

be remade and retold to venture forward on your call.

In the silence of the path ahead you will forget the un truths told

by those who cannot and will not take this trail

You will hold yourself open to the elements that can remake you

And nurture you even in the harshest challenge it can give.

Neither soul or body will remain un-changed with your answer to

The call of the Mountain, but you will reach its summit

Showing forth a reality unknown before to those who would hold

you back from the journey and keep you ever as they would

Bind you in their reality of the common easy trail that would

in its time have lead you to your spirit’s death”

At that, he left me, leaving me to love and fear the road ahead

A road that would reshape body and spirit and would

In the days ahead lead me to a summit reachable only by those who

hear a call within themselves to a path they alone must take

To a destiny that is the reality of their lives and not to a destiny that is

pre-ordained by others for others purposes and dreams.

So today once more I hoist my load and look forward to a summit of

My own reality and beauty that no other can ascend.

UNFINISHED 09/06/2011

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Thank you Vicky. One reading is certainly not enough. Once more in the morning when i'm fresh.



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Guest Brenda Hailey

Wow Vicky what an awesome Poem.

I tightly cinch the straps of my pack

"Never shall your cries be answered,

even until your agony rings within your soul."

Thats why I was ignored for so long!!!!

"As here you tread, you forsake a road

wide, easy and well-traveled.

You forsake the ready comfort of

fellow men frequent upon your path.

You forsake an easy grade and

mild and forceless storm."

The lure of such an easy path kin to the call of alcohol . Sublime in its promise,but lacking the fruit of truth,honesty,and vital experience of healed wounds.

"To a destiny that is the reality of their lives and not to a destiny that is

pre-ordained by others for others purposes and dreams.

So today once more I hoist my load and look forward to a summit of

My own reality and beauty that no other can ascend."

This summits reward... freedom!

Thanks for sharing Vicky it was certainly worth the wait to see finished such a fine understanding and portrayal of struggle, pain,and fortitude.

Brenda Hailey

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Guest miss kindheart

UNFINISHED 09/06/2011 :dunno:

Ended it me thinks you did :doh1:


:wub: vanna

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Vicky it took me a while to read it again. I am so glad i did and even more glad to share a path with people like you.



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    • Carrie
      Hi Sophie To my family and a few friends I told before I came out.  At work they had noticed the changes before I came out so about 9 months after being on HRT I changed my name legally and into work on Friday as I was then Monday came in a dress.  As they already knew about me and I would look exactly the same I wanted something to make an impact. It is different for many of us and we come out differently. As for the big picture when you first post the link it will come up like it has for you before  you post it look at the bottom and you will find an option to post as a link only. Take care  Carrie
    • Sophie Watson
      So I made a video about my worries about socially transitioning on Youtube. About easing my way into being a woman out in public not just in the comfort of my own home.    The more I spoke about it the more clueless I felt I was as to what would be most comfortable for me and for other people.    Like, it will be super scary going out dressed as ME. Not because I'll be uncomfortable but worried about how people will look at me and treat me.    What are your experiences? Did you ease yourself into it? Or did you just turn up to work one day with full make up and dress.    My video is here where I speak more on the topic -      I wish I knew how to stop link's I post from making a huge deal of it. How do I make it stop showing a giant pic of my ugly face? 
    • Carrie
      Hi Tracy  I like all of those.  My favourite Song of all time is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  There have been others but none like this. Carrie
    • Carrie
      I went into the city today this picture is of my in front of the Queen Victoria Building which is in the centre of the city and is very old as you might guess from the picture.  This was just before I met with my image consultant which went terribly well. 🙂 The other picture is of my at my local chess club.  
    • tracy_j
      It's a difficult one has it has changed over the years. I probably could not pick a single one but The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and The Ramones would have to be in the shortlist. Having said that lots more are coming to mind. Individuals like Carlos Santana and Chuck Berry. Such a variation!   Tracy
    • Carrie
      Hit Tori Glad you had a good day!   I know how hard it is to stop I have smoked since primary school.  You can smoke on the medication but it is not recommended though I always have.  My doctor told me at the beginning to had half an aspirin if I was going to smoke because it would help to stop the blood from thickening too much. I saw my psychiatrist for the first time to day and he told me I would not be seeing him again.  While that may sound bad it was wonderful.  He wrote me a letter of support form SRS surgery.  He said many of the doctors in Thailand know him so it is a great step.  LOL I just need to find a doctor now! 🙂 🙂 With lots of love Carrie
    • Carrie
      Hi Tori Sorry was talking to my dad to give him the news from today which was fantastic.  
    • Tori M
      I've had a good day, Carrie.  I just finished writing about it in my blog.  How about you?  It's after 11 here on the U.S. Pacific coast; almost time for bed.  Contemplating one more toke and a half a cigg before bed.  I'm trying to wean off the ciggs for good.  You would think if a person only smokes 5 a day, might as well quit, eh?  Not that easy; they're my friend when I need a break.  I'm pretty resolved on it now though.  Don't want to smoke and take E together.  I'm giving myself until my B-day.
    • Carrie
      Hi Kaltia I am so happy for you. We all are here to support each other that is why it is so wonderful here. Hugs 💖 Carrie
    • Kaltia_Atlas
      ❤️ I love all of you! Thank you so much for the support! @Shay so happy for you and proud of you! This was a very good day for both of us indeed!   Have a good night ladies!   Hugz ❤️ Kali
    • Carrie
      Thanks Dinaki Just got back home and made myself a coffee, it is 3:40 in the afternoon. How is everybody
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.jweekly.com/2020/07/01/becoming-a-rebbetzin-what-its-like-to-come-out-as-transgender-when-youre-married-to-the-rabbi/     Carolyn Marie
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      https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/07/02/886810648/what-happened-when-police-brutality-protests-and-pride-month-converged     Carolyn Marie
    • Susan R
      Congratulations @Shay & @Kaltia_Atlas . I know that you’re both very happy right about now. The thought of taking that very first dose is still as fresh in my mind as it was back then. I’m sure you‘ll both will have this memory for the rest of your life. Another huge milestone soon to be completed for the both of you ladies.   Best of luck on your next adventure! Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Welcome @Hammertime. I’m glad you found us. It’s nice to see another Washingtonian in the group. With a little hard work (emphasis on ‘little’), you’ll likely find many of the answers you're looking for and even make a few friends along the way.   If you feel comfortable doing so, maybe share with us a little about yourself and your journey here. I’m sure many would be interested.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
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