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Jacci's Fishing Adventures :)

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ehehehe. :3 looks like fun. I live in Hawaii but I am the farthest person from the sea X-D

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Well I'm impressed better fishing than you ever get in land locked fly fishing only Colorado....Plus all that summer sunshine...Indian Ocean I presume?

Glad you had such a great time.....Mia

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It's such a shame that you never have any fun!



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i haven't been fishing since i was little,

and the only thing i caught then was a cold :P

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I just watched that - pretty neat. That last fish still makes me go "WOW". I'd love to go fishing one time.

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Gee, Jacci.....

Real cool......

But the things that you all are catching look like what I pay big money for to put in my aquirium! They all look so exotic! Maybe that one catfish isn't too exotic...but the rest....Oh MY!

Lots of fun, know how to have a good time.....

And next time let someone else hold the camera for a bit and get yourself in the pic!....OK?

****BIG HUGG****

Donna Jean

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lol thanks! :)

That catfish looking thingy is a flathead, they are really nice eating but I like releasing my fish unless it is something really worth keeping.

Keep one real good one then let the others go ;)

I like practicing acts of conservation by releasing many of the fish I catch, every little bit helps :)

I'll try anf get myself in the vid next time k :D


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