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A few poems I want to share. JodyAnn

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My Price I Pay To Hope.

A poem by Jody

Hope is a nasty four letter verb.

It sets up my heart to be kicked to the curb.

Feeling a drop, then a drizzle, Hope's small gentle rain.

Then slippery, elusive, seeming to dissipate just to drive me insane!

Catch me a thimble full, a cup full, then next a bucket with a leak.

All washed away before me, that I thought was mine, whatever Hope made me seek.

Does a ruthless God laughingly stand back to enjoy all the tears that I cry?

Wicked Hope tricks me once again, rug pulled away, as I fall I just want to die.

Sleep, sweet eternal sleep, I so desire, escape from Hope at last, my trust to abide!

Or is this trickster Hope, tactically laying a new snare for me, just on the other side?

Thus I must wonder, who is this God I cling to with all of my pink beating heart?

The Author of Hope, a co-conspirator or a huckster, am I just his foolish Tart?

I abandon it all to Him, Hope be damned, I have no escape, I've slipped in love too deep.

The way God makes me feel so cared for, He just can't be unfaithful, a stalker or creep!

For all of my foolish desire to go and be with Him, God will come for me, I must wait.

Though with my small might, my wings won't lift me, Hope slays me on, is this my fate?

I will trade all Hope has to offer, to scrub the floors of Heaven with a smile on my face.

I can endure with my tears, that betraying Hope again, chance to lovingly gain my place.

Ó Copyright 2.5.2014 JodyAnnTaylor

The Pixie That Loves Me.

A poem by Jody

There is a pixie that lives in my brain.

She is a tiny sweet torrent. Love is her game.

Beautifully changing hues of pink, blue and purple too.

She's always batting her big blue eyes for shades of gray.

She steals my whiskers and paints my lips.

Always winking and smiling from the corner of my eye.

I long to see her sprightly beauty in every mirror I see.

She hides in my heart, odd guest reflections of her in the glass.

Teasing and tickling that beating heart in my expanding chest.

Peeking around vantages both so foreign and lovely fresh.

They look so intriguingly peculiar, but feel so at home for me.

When she enjoys me, she sprinkles my buds with sweet dewdrops.

I dress me up for her acceptance. Next I dress me down.

Just so a Lady can survive, living on the dangerous town.

She antagonizes relentlessly, no more drab glad rags of old.

The colors of a peacock unobtrusively condensed to a sparrow's mold.

She gives me back my youth. I want her sparkling charm.

Just to be loved as myself without any wayward harm.

Infatuation? Yes indeed, I love her so much I can't get away.

I want to be just like her and my own mirror someday.

One day soon, I earnestly hope and I pray.

To the God I so love. Please make me this way!

I wake today, to look in my mirror and what do I see?

Smiling brightly back, I'm the pixie I always longed to be!

Ó 01.26.2013 copyright JodyAnnTaylor

Mankind’s Mendacity Matures My Melancholy

A Bi-gender Poem By Jody

I am secure in my womanhood. God has set me free.

Yet so insecure in the black hearted world around me.

All harboring hurtful memories; he was never the man he appeared to be.

Why don’t I appear to the World as the lovely lady I am, so obvious to see?

Why do all those people have such beady staring small eyes?

Corridors to diremptious minds, with hearts embracing lies.

Do I also suffer that same smallness, judgmental affliction?

Even though I am born with my odd bi-gender contradiction.

I unchained my heart, hoping happy, joyous and free.

Just to be what I am to be, the woman deep inside of me

Served spite and scorn, murmur rumors all perverted dark.

Thus blocking out all the love given, just to leave me stark.

Crying oh God of my soul, my heart loving Lord,

Can’t this miracle you blessed me, give me afford?

Female yes indeed. Lady, Woman, Miss, Ma’am, She and Her,

All acknowledge my joy; yet too much for them to just concur.

Spike me to my cross with words such as He, Him, Mister and Sir.

Irrespective of ignorance, hatred or no malice, still driven with slur.

The truthful scribe in my hand flows sediments fly.

Waterfalls bleeding from my baby blue eyes as I cry!

I only want to be a girlish Angel, gowned beautifully in pure white.

How much boyish must I endure, before new wings give me flight?

Let my breasts stop heaving the breath of life, giving sunset to my rage

Please send my heart, being and energy to a magnificent bright new age.

May I leave it all to my sisters, as I have become far too weak?

My remaining desire is that for God, I am sufficiently meek!

Copyright 9.7.2014 JodyAnnTaylor

I hope you enjoy these, if you enjoy this sort of thing. Hug. JodyAnn

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Thank you Jody. I enjoyed each of them and will read them again. There is so much there to take in but each has a strong and expressive feeling.

Lots of hugs,


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Guest Jamie61

New wings!

I love that image!


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Very good read Jody


Cyndi -

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    • Mx.Drago
      https://www.vox.com/identities/21266301/lgbtq-people-queer-spaces-coronavirus-pandemic   Was an interesting article, had interesting stories about different people dealing with the pandemic.
    • VickySGV
      Thank you for the information. I have wondered what the financial picture for this really is. 
    • KathyLauren
      Welcome Katie.   I am glad that your wife considers herself a trans ally.  It is unfortunate that she is unable to deliver on that right now.   As I am sure you realize, being trans is not something that can be quashed.  We suppress it for as long as we can, and then it comes to the surface because it can no longer stay buried.  I hope that you and your wife are able to work things out so that you are able to express yourself however you need to.   Regards, Kathy
    • KathyLauren
      My wife went to check the mailbox today.  She got all excited when she saw a letter postmarked from Liecester, England.  But then she saw that it was addressed to her, not to me.  Just a notification that her spouse had been granted a Gender Recognition Certificate.  No sign of the actual certificate yet.
    • Carolyn Marie
      There are a lot of online resources for family and allies of trans folk.  Here's just a couple:   https://pflag.org/sites/default/files/Our Trans Loved Ones.pdf   https://www.gires.org.uk/information-and-support-for-families-of-adult-transgender-non-binary-and-non-gender-people/   https://www.glaad.org/transgender/allies   If he's willing to listen and learn, you're already far ahead on the road to understanding.  Good luck.   Carolyn Marie
    • Mx.Drago
      Makes me flinch and twitch uncontrollably, thinking bout the "those days" not so long ago but thankfully getting longer still aways enough. Like a really bad amusement park date. Best not try to repeat. Though it maybe hard if the park never closes and nobodies helpful, just stuck in the maze going in circles. Like a twilight zone episode. But so long as this refined muscle in my skull still functions, will always be thinking a ways out to greener pastures cuz everybody need just be. People do crazy cuz world ain't always for hire and it takes sanity as payment, if not always time, and has ways of somehow disappointing expectations if not constantly. Totally feeling that Sisyphus. But I'm still pushing cuz this ain't no fairytale land and "hook or by crook" I'm getting to my ways best hell with time I got left.
    • Ms Maddie
      Sorry about the loss of your coworker Emily Michelle It's afternoon.  My body clock has been off for a few days at least.  My latest HRT levels are beyond my Drs experience, and are a possible factor.   My daily coffee will be mostly decaf. Weather here is sunny and warm.  Shorts.
    • Mmindy
      Welcome Kathrynn, I'm new here as well and in therapy for a whole host of things, mostly to figure out my Transgender issues that have been in my life since a very young age. Everyone that I've encountered here have been very helpful and supportive.   Best wishes,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Mmindy
      NB Adult, About moving on, there's a quote that helps me. "When moving through life, remember there is a reason why your windshield is so large and the rear view mirror is so small." -Unknown Sometimes my windshield is fogged over, but fellowship with others in a similar experience, chaplain, or counselor helps me move on as well.   Best wishes, stay positive, and safe   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Mx.Drago
      👍May fortune favor the bold and willing spirit. Just be there like normal and grow with him. The best thing is to support eachother and take your time building the basic foundations you both will need to maintain that support and comfort in happiness. Might not always work out, but if you care, you do what you can, as best you can. Just be sure not to in all excitement forget he still there, still freaking out while trying to be stoic. I'm looking at my own example, and he gets stuck being stoic while freaking out, forgetting to solve the problem so he stops freaking out, so to move on to more important things. Freaking out is a part of the exceptence, in my opinion. It's not fun but necessary to let your minds explore important questions for both your sanities sake. It's ok to freak out just not over do it, there is always uncertainty when the questions pour in, slow, deep breathes forward together. Life gives no garrantee but offers possibilities, you just need to make it more probable. But by being there with him, in affirmation helps, just be patient. It's not always easy, probably won't ever be but I wish you both the best, and that your journey be easy and safe.  
    • Kaltia_Atlas
      Ive read that article. One of the biggest issues with doing a UTx in trans women is the transferance of the vaginal tissues. Some of the tissue is not viable from living donors. And the neovagina from the penile tissue has not been verified successful.    Gene therapy would come into play by deactivating Dmrt1 and allowing Foxl2 to activate to fill in those gaps that the neovagina cannot do on its own. Also, it would help to "reform" the vaginal area and help it heal into what the front/bottom area should be after surgery.   At the least, that is what ive gathered from my research
    • Mmindy
      That's good KayC, My wife still doesn't know all of the reasons I started therapy, however she was comforting when she realized I spent most of the day last Tuesday crying. She suspects it's because of a PTSD flare up, and business stress, I have a hot delivery deadline coming up. I'm currently in an online waiting room as I type this response. My wife and I always eat lunch together when I'm in town. Today I asked her not to come home for lunch so I could have a privet session with my counselor. I told her I don't mind is she sees me crying, I just don't want her to know why I'm crying just yet. Her response was Awwwa, okay I'll see you tonight.   >HUGS<   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • NB Adult
      Bottom line is that everyone has the choice of allowing all the abuse and failures of the past to continue to haunt them in the present or of moving on! I know, many like to continue to bathe in self pity but it only serves to put a shunt in the forward momentum of their current lives and fog up their vision of the future they are wishing for.   I was in a war once and took the lives of others, even one of our own. I could remain sad, depressed and bitter but instead opted to put that chapter in my rear view mirror and I'm better off for it.
    • Dearhart
      This is something I've thought of since puberty. I've long since wished I could "copy and paste" the whole ovary, uterus, vagina system into my body, cause not being able to bear children is really the sole source of my gender dysphoria comes from.    I'm not sure how gene therapy would play into it, but i know it's doable.    https://obgyn.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/1471-0528.15438
    • Mx.Drago
      Oh, also forgot to mention, I changed my keycaps, again. In the pictures above are part of my custom SA set I picked up after getting the board. The market for custom keycaps is oddly strangely similar to pogs, except far more expensive cuz they only are done in runs mostly through a group buys that are then sent to be made where ever factory be and some get really artsy.
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