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A few poems I want to share. JodyAnn

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My Price I Pay To Hope.

A poem by Jody

Hope is a nasty four letter verb.

It sets up my heart to be kicked to the curb.

Feeling a drop, then a drizzle, Hope's small gentle rain.

Then slippery, elusive, seeming to dissipate just to drive me insane!

Catch me a thimble full, a cup full, then next a bucket with a leak.

All washed away before me, that I thought was mine, whatever Hope made me seek.

Does a ruthless God laughingly stand back to enjoy all the tears that I cry?

Wicked Hope tricks me once again, rug pulled away, as I fall I just want to die.

Sleep, sweet eternal sleep, I so desire, escape from Hope at last, my trust to abide!

Or is this trickster Hope, tactically laying a new snare for me, just on the other side?

Thus I must wonder, who is this God I cling to with all of my pink beating heart?

The Author of Hope, a co-conspirator or a huckster, am I just his foolish Tart?

I abandon it all to Him, Hope be damned, I have no escape, I've slipped in love too deep.

The way God makes me feel so cared for, He just can't be unfaithful, a stalker or creep!

For all of my foolish desire to go and be with Him, God will come for me, I must wait.

Though with my small might, my wings won't lift me, Hope slays me on, is this my fate?

I will trade all Hope has to offer, to scrub the floors of Heaven with a smile on my face.

I can endure with my tears, that betraying Hope again, chance to lovingly gain my place.

Ó Copyright 2.5.2014 JodyAnnTaylor

The Pixie That Loves Me.

A poem by Jody

There is a pixie that lives in my brain.

She is a tiny sweet torrent. Love is her game.

Beautifully changing hues of pink, blue and purple too.

She's always batting her big blue eyes for shades of gray.

She steals my whiskers and paints my lips.

Always winking and smiling from the corner of my eye.

I long to see her sprightly beauty in every mirror I see.

She hides in my heart, odd guest reflections of her in the glass.

Teasing and tickling that beating heart in my expanding chest.

Peeking around vantages both so foreign and lovely fresh.

They look so intriguingly peculiar, but feel so at home for me.

When she enjoys me, she sprinkles my buds with sweet dewdrops.

I dress me up for her acceptance. Next I dress me down.

Just so a Lady can survive, living on the dangerous town.

She antagonizes relentlessly, no more drab glad rags of old.

The colors of a peacock unobtrusively condensed to a sparrow's mold.

She gives me back my youth. I want her sparkling charm.

Just to be loved as myself without any wayward harm.

Infatuation? Yes indeed, I love her so much I can't get away.

I want to be just like her and my own mirror someday.

One day soon, I earnestly hope and I pray.

To the God I so love. Please make me this way!

I wake today, to look in my mirror and what do I see?

Smiling brightly back, I'm the pixie I always longed to be!

Ó 01.26.2013 copyright JodyAnnTaylor

Mankind’s Mendacity Matures My Melancholy

A Bi-gender Poem By Jody

I am secure in my womanhood. God has set me free.

Yet so insecure in the black hearted world around me.

All harboring hurtful memories; he was never the man he appeared to be.

Why don’t I appear to the World as the lovely lady I am, so obvious to see?

Why do all those people have such beady staring small eyes?

Corridors to diremptious minds, with hearts embracing lies.

Do I also suffer that same smallness, judgmental affliction?

Even though I am born with my odd bi-gender contradiction.

I unchained my heart, hoping happy, joyous and free.

Just to be what I am to be, the woman deep inside of me

Served spite and scorn, murmur rumors all perverted dark.

Thus blocking out all the love given, just to leave me stark.

Crying oh God of my soul, my heart loving Lord,

Can’t this miracle you blessed me, give me afford?

Female yes indeed. Lady, Woman, Miss, Ma’am, She and Her,

All acknowledge my joy; yet too much for them to just concur.

Spike me to my cross with words such as He, Him, Mister and Sir.

Irrespective of ignorance, hatred or no malice, still driven with slur.

The truthful scribe in my hand flows sediments fly.

Waterfalls bleeding from my baby blue eyes as I cry!

I only want to be a girlish Angel, gowned beautifully in pure white.

How much boyish must I endure, before new wings give me flight?

Let my breasts stop heaving the breath of life, giving sunset to my rage

Please send my heart, being and energy to a magnificent bright new age.

May I leave it all to my sisters, as I have become far too weak?

My remaining desire is that for God, I am sufficiently meek!

Copyright 9.7.2014 JodyAnnTaylor

I hope you enjoy these, if you enjoy this sort of thing. Hug. JodyAnn

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Thank you Jody. I enjoyed each of them and will read them again. There is so much there to take in but each has a strong and expressive feeling.

Lots of hugs,


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Guest Jamie61

New wings!

I love that image!


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Very good read Jody


Cyndi -

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    • Jackie C.
      Hrm. I tried three.   Kathe S. Perez from 30-Day Crash Course   Melanie Ann Phillips How to Develop a Female Voice   and Nina who has a last name, but I'm completely not remembering it Female Voice Club   First off, they all had good points and slightly different approaches. Cost wise How to Develop a Female Voice is the least expensive and provides about an hour of material. I personally didn't find her methods that useful, but she comes from an acting background and teaches like she would to other actors. If I was a more experienced actress, I might have gotten more out of it. 30-Day Crash Course had some advice that I'm still using. It's the next most expensive. Like I said, advice that I'm still using, but the instruction style didn't get me as far as I'd like. If I had a decent voice coach easily available I think it would have made great supplemental material. Female Voice Club made the most difference for me. Nina works on just one element at a time and goes in depth about what she's doing and why. You can also send her short voice clips for her to critique and she'll give you advice on what you should be working on. Unfortunately, it's the most expensive (and longest), but she's got options for a subscription to spread things out. You can, however, do the warm-up exercises in the car and she's got things you can do when you're alone at work at your desk.   I practice for about an hour a day and I'll work in extra tuning sessions when I'm in the car or doing something mindless.   I hope some of that helps!   Hugs!  
    • Nivegnal
      Per the wise advice I have received here I have reached out to my company mental health benefits department  I work for a Medical University, UVM.  They are very pro transgender and serious about all sorts of tolerance.   They just forwarded me a couple numbers for counseling with a gender specialist.  I’m hoping from there I can be referred to a psychologist or equivalent. Maybe even get past all this fear.   im just hoping my insurance covers this.   (fingers crossed) This is a major step for me.  Kinda scary admitting “things” to someone face to face.   I suppose you have to start somewhere.
    • Nivegnal
      I have always been a car vocalist.  From way back singing in the family car with my brothers and sister. I even can hit the high notes.  But it has to be loud.  I tend to blend my voice to mimic the artist but find it difficult to do so at lower music levels.  I don’t have a very low voice and, to me, listening to myself on tape it’s a little on the nasally side.  With the right pitch I think it might be cute.   I look forward to practicing but I need to find the right program to use while driving. I am looking into the suggestions here.    
    • Charlize
      I've always preferred the witch   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Maid In Bedlam
      You cannot beat a Bela lugosi Dracula  Movie. He was the real mould . For me anyway.   Not so good in plan Nine from outer space.   I have no idea why i have posted this but it had to be said.   That is all
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Well they did pave paradise. and put up a parking lot   Those meddling kids.       Well i get me bike back anyway. With a working ding a ling to
    • Jackie C.
      Tragically no, but my therapist is working on it. That means she's experienced and active in the LGBT+ community, but none of her three degrees are specifically for gender therapy. I'm not actually sure where the distinction is. Both Deena (my regular therapist) and my gender therapist, Sara are LMSWs. That's Licensed Master Social Workers.    For gender therapists I had to go outside BetterHelp.com to the UofM Health System. I love Sara but I wasn't up to driving that far every week to talk to her (I love my car, but she's an old girl. I try not to stress her too much.) Also, she's always super put together and it's a little intimidating. Deena and I have had (online) sessions where we were both in sweatpants.   So yeah, I went with Deena and BetterHelp for my regular therapy needs and went... well, go... to Sara at UofM for things that need that specific gender therapist seal of approval. She was the Letter of Recommendation I needed to get started on hormone therapy. For WPATH standards of care (If you're going for GRS anyway), you need two gender therapists from different programs, so I also saw... I'm blanking on her name now, but she's local to me so it doesn't matter at all for you. At least I don't THINK you want to come to Michigan for a therapist. Anyway, she was a full psychologist and wicked expensive. I liked talking to her and am forever grateful for her Letter of Recommendation but I'd go broke seeing her.   Hugs!
    • Steph1982
      Hey there!    I just read your post and can relate to some of it. I too wish I could see the girl inside but that would take much more time and steps in the right direction to get there. The porn thing I totally get too, and after doing a lot of reading and people's kind words on here it's really not as uncommon as I thought it would be. The reasons behind all of it though can vary which is why seeing a licensed therapist is so important and will likely be my next step as well. Maybe start there?    Jackie, does better help have licensed gender therapists? It was my understanding that they had licensed counseling and some have experience with gender issues but they are not specifically a gender therapist? 
    • tracy_j
      Hi, hello and welcome ☺️   I have missed the start on this but you have good experiences given above. I have a link here which gives an overview: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/gender-dysphoria/guidelines/   and https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/how-to-find-an-nhs-gender-identity-clinic/   plus there are support groups (probably variable / not regulated): https://www.transunite.co.uk/   In general, the NHS information seems to be good, although I have no real first hand experience. Waiting lists are long, as may be expected. Access via your Gp is the usual route but, if that is a problem, just push elsewhere. As mentioned, self referral may well be accepted.   Don't hesitate to ask further here as there is much experience and guidance to options.   Tracy        
    • Jackie C.
      What Jani said. Unfortunately there's no magic wand. I so wish, but wishing doesn't work either. Herbal products are a bad idea for a variety of reasons from, "It doesn't work and cost a mint," to "It doesn't work and gave me an exciting new health problem." The same goes for vacuum pumps. You do not want to throw a clot. Honestly all these products are looking to make a buck off of someone else's moment of desperation. Where you'll try ANYTHING to get just a little closer to your goal. The people who peddle such problems should be pecked by perturbed penguins until they repent.   Breast massage along with hormone therapy (under the supervision of an endocrinologist) helps a little. Your mileage may vary. It's pain free though.   I can't comment on hair removal though. I was "gifted" with alopecia universallis for my 39th birthday. I'm going to look on the bright side and say, "At least I don't have to shave anything." I have found that most SRS surgeons in the states won't touch you unless you've had electrolysis in the "target area" for at least a year though. Made scheduling my surgery a challenge.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Putting my fingers over an ear never occurred to me. I usually practice in front of the computer and use audio playback along with a pitch register. I speak on a G sharp now and it sounds pretty good. My wife's natural voice is now a little darker than mine.   It took a lot of practice to get here though.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      What Jani and Vicky said. It sounds like you really need to talk to a therapist. I've been where you are. It was a dark, unpleasant, no-good place. You don't have to be there. The first step is finding help. Your medical insurance might even cover it. Find a therapist and talk. They're paid to listen and help. It's very refreshing. I went with BetterHelp.com because they're cheap and I don't have to leave the house. I know that as a guy of a certain age you were trained with "guys don't need help" and the stigma of finding help for mental issues. Those are terrible, terrible lies. Find someone. It can get better.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      I started in the home and moved to a gym later. My first exercises were a cardio-dance routine for women* that I alternated with an hour on the treadmill. I lost eighty pounds doing that before I sought out a personal trainer once a week at the gym.   Part of that is because the treadmill broke...   Hugs and best of luck!   *That was fun. I still can't dance to save my life, but it was fun.
    • VickySGV
      You are describing some serious depression in your post there.  My recommendation is that you immediately if not sooner find a licensed therapist in your state who deals with Gender Dysphoria, or at least one who can help you really discover source of the depression first, actually though, Gender Therapists have all started out as the garden variety therapist who learned to treat depression.   On a darker note, yes, there are people who become addicted to pornography as well, but the therapist I recommended above can also help people get that addiction onto the road to recovery.  Attraction to porn does not exclude the possibility that you are Trans also.  It will take a while in therapy to work all of that out, but  in my experience you have a good chance of getting your life under control, even if it requires going in to full Gender Transition. 
    • Lilbitconfused97
      Thank you everyone! I think you have given me the motivation to maybe join a gym or just start exercising in my home.    I will be patient, and hopefully with counselling and taking care of my body I will begin to feel more like myself!      
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