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Guest Kayla Grace

A few Q's regarding facial hair, makeup, and electrolysis/laser

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Guest Kayla Grace

Hi all,

I've been pondering this for a while now, but Moom (and possibly my own mind's hormones) has reduced my hair growth rate to where I can't rip it out every week. If I have to suck up the razor, I'll do so, but I was wondering if there was any makeup out there that can hide facial hair?

Another closely related question is, is there a certain length that facial (or any other) hair has to be before it can be treated with electrolysis or laser?

God Bless

Kayla <3

(to the moderator approving this: I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. It's facial hair so I don't think it's wrong. delete these two lines regardless)

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Guest Kaylee

Hi Kayla,

To start, there was a post just a few days ago regarding some make-up tips.




I admit, getting it right is tricky, and what workes for me, may not for you. I have dark hair, and I find that a base, then concealer are too thick for daytime use (look cakey, and quite expensive) I also find even high quality Concealers can be too heavy if you try to cover the bluish hue with multiple coats. There is the red lipstick trick, but it still looks too thick to me.

Cancealer is made to cover red blemishes though, so I use a red lip pencil over the areas of heavy hair. The pencil will blend into the skin better (like a sun burn) , counteracting the blue hue thus requiring far less concealer. I was also able to use a less expensive one.

By no means am I an expert. I just got this resolved for myself a few days ago after doing it like 6 times back to back.

Laser removal... Works only for dark hair on fair skin. Tomorrow is episode 7 for me. It's spotty, but only remains in a few places. Shave before. It technically burns the hair, and more hair, more burning hair to smell.

I have not had electrolosis, but I understand that it only need be long enough for them to grab with the zappers? (I assume someone with experience will correct that if I'm wrong).

Anyhooo.. Practice practice practice :)


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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

Laser, it's advised you be as clean shaven as possible right before your treatment. Even still, your laser tech will most likely double check your face and have a razor on hand just in case you missed a spot.

Electrolysis, you should have some growth, like 1/8th-1/4th of an inch. The person doing the electrolysis has to be able to actually see the actual hair so it can be zapped with electricity. After being on HRT for almost 2 years now, I usually stop shaving a week before my appointment to give my hair enough time to grow out.

I don't know how light or dark your facial hair is so a qualified laser tech will be able to tell you if you're a good candidate for laser.

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Guest Kayla Grace

Thank you Kay. I'll definitely have a look, and sorry about the post a few days ago. I must not have seen it :s

After being on HRT for almost 2 years now, I usually stop shaving a week before my appointment to give my hair enough time to grow out.

I'll bet that drives you up the wall not shaving for a week. I know it certainly does me!

I remember my doctor telling me I was a good candidate for laser, because most of the hair I have is dark, but not overly. Call it a brown or something of the like.

I know that a common misconception is that HRT won't do anything for your facial hair .. are we sure? Has it done any impact on your facial hair growth? Legit curiousity because I'm trying to gather as much information and studies as possible. If there's anything transition has taught me so far, it's that the mind alone is capable of insane things. I know that one can't bank on the mind completely getting rid of ones facial hair; but hey, the more we know, right?

Kay, you are of course allowed and encouraged to answer what I asked Lizzie, as well :)

God Bless

Kayla <3

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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

It's certainly annoying and slightly embarrassing. HRT has slowed the growth of facial hair and body hair. It still grows, it just takes a little longer. But I'm far enough along that what does grow are the remaining white hairs and the occasional dark hair in random spots. I think they're probably more noticeable to me because I'm overly critical of my appearance than the person casually looking at me.

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      Hi, Aggam.  Welcome!   Like your therapist, I can't tell you if you are transgender or not.  I can tell you that dysphoria does not go away, and it tends to get more severe the longer it goes untreated.  Since your therapist is not experienced with gender issues you might want to ask her for a referral to someone who is.   Some cross-dressers do not consider themselves to be transgender; many do.  Sometimes, people's understanding of themselves changes over time.  I know one lady who initially considered herself "only" a cross-dresser.  Then she considered herself a transgender cross-dresser.  Then she considered herself to be gender-fluid.  Now, she considers herself to be bi-gender.  She has told me that there may be more changes ahead as she gets to know herself better.  It is a journey of discovery, and who you are is for you alone to decide.   At 33, you are far from old.  I figured out who I was at age 61 and started transitioning at 62.  Now, at 65, I am happy with who I am.  I don't recommend leaving it as long as I did, but age is not a barrier.   Regards, Kathy
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      My BA doc called it “Fat Grafting” using a liposuction technique but I’m sure there are other names for it..who knows. My doctor prefers doing this procedure over man made implants but I checked with my insurance and it turns out that my trans care benefits only allow for silicon or saline breast implants which is a much less expensive procedure. Oh well, it’s better than nothing.   Susan R🌷
    • Sally Stone
      Hi Aggam, welcome to our forums. Wow, what a loaded question, and it is a question everyone has asked ourselves.   Being trans can come in many forms, and since each of us is different, sometimes it is hard to classify ourselves one way or another.  Your feelings are very similar to mine.  It took a very long time sort my feelings, but I came to some conclusions based on a deep self-evaluation coupled with a lot of study.  I read everything I could get my hands on related to the subject of gender and gender identity.   Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that I am a part-time woman, a bi-gender person who needs to express both male and female personas to be happy and fulfilled.     It makes sense that your therapist won't tell you whether or not you are trans; I bet she is hoping you will discover that answer on your own.  I say take the time to explore your feelings and search for what really makes you happy.  There have been stresses and road bumps in my journey to self discovery, but mostly, it has been a very enjoyable ride.  To be true to our own personal needs I think it is important to choose our own path, instead of following the road someone ahead of us has taken.  I wish you all the best discovering who you are, and just know you have a lot of support here.
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